The Food Revolution: What You Need to Know!

By Neenah Payne

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The 8th annual Food Revolution Summit with John and Ocean Robbins was free online from April 27 until May 5. Over 300,000 people registered for the summit. John Robbins’ father Irvine Robbins co-founded the Baskin-Robbins ice cream company. John was expected to join the firm and was heir to that fortune. However, he turned his back on that life to live on an island with his wife where they grew their own food and raised their son Ocean. John rocked the world in 1987 with his first book Diet for a New America: How Your Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness & the Future of Life on Earth. Several books followed including The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World in 2010.

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Video Interview With Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins is the founder of the Food Revolution Network. He is the author of The 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World. Wendell Berry said: “We have a food system that pays no attention to health and a healthcare system that pays no attention to food.” John and Ocean are working to help connect the dots between food and health for the nation and world.

Jonathan Hunsaker, founder of Organixx, and TeriAnn Trevenen, the Organixx CEO, interviewed Ocean in the Organixx podcast Episode 38: The Food Revolution: What You Need to Know About It. Ocean pulls NO punches in this informative interview!

Food Is Medicine – or Poison

Ocean described his background growing up. He explained that when his paternal grandfather, Irvine Robbins, the co-founder of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream company, was suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments, his cardiologist advised him to read John Robbins’ book Diet for a New America: How Your Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness & the Future of Life on Earth. When Irvine followed that advice and changed his lifestyle, he restored his health and lived 20 more healthy years.

Ocean founded Yes! and traveled the world for 20 years to see what people are eating and to empower young people to stand up for healthy lives. He pointed out that the Standard American Diet (SAD) leads to the Standard American Diseases which killed 672,000 Americans last year. We are literally digging our own graves with our forks! Ocean pointed out that our diet is killing more Americans than those who died in World War I, World War II, both Iraq wars, the Afghanistan war, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War — combined! Around the world, poor food choices kill over 11 million people each year.

In 2011, Ocean joined with his father to launch The Food Revolution Network to share information about the importance of food. He explained that healthy food choices slash the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and Type II diabetes. Good nutrition slashes the risk of Alzheimer’s by 90%.

Ocean said he wrote The 31-Day Food Revolution to make it easier for people to make better food choices and get healthier. He says that, in the long run, 31 steps to health will bring you more pleasure than the 31 flavors of ice cream for which is grandfather’s Baskin-Robbins firm was famous.

Ocean’s Recommendations

Ocean explained that every food choice is a vote – for or against your health and the health of the planet. You can vote for cancer and diabetes or you can vote for better health. Poison is bad for everything. Nourishment is good for everything.

Ocean recommended the following steps to help most people get healthier:

  1. Sugar: Eat less sugar and processed junk
  2. Meat: Eat fewer animal products – especially those from factory farms
  3. Vegetables: Eat a more whole plant food diet
  4. Source: Be conscious of where your food comes from and how it was produced.
    Avoid genetically-engineered foods – i.e., eat organic foods

TeriAnn pointed out that you not only vote with your foods, but with your dollars. Every dollar you spend on healthy foods impacts what farmers grow, and the prices of those foods. TeriAnn said that many people are deterred from eating organic and other healthy foods because they are more expensive. Ocean explained that the US government uses taxpayer money to subsidize junk foods – but does not subsidize organic foods. That policy should be reversed.

Ocean showed that, in the long run, eating cheaper foods costs more because it is extremely expensive to deal with the Standard American Diseases caused by the Standard American Diet.

Horrors of Factory Farming

Ocean discussed the many horrors of factory farming which is unbelievably cruel to animals and unhealthy in multiple ways for people who eat the meat from those animals. It is also destructive of the planet. Ocean says “No!” to factory farming because it is such an insanely unhealthy, inhumane system.

Meat From Organic Grass-Fed or Pasture-Raised Animals

Ocean recommended choosing meats that have the USDA Organic label. However, he explained that “organic” meat simply means the animal was given organic feed and was not given hormones or antibiotics. It does not mean the animal was raised humanely. So, the meat from the animal will be full of stress hormones that affect the health of people who consume the meat.

Ocean he said if you eat meat, make sure it comes from grass-fed or pasture-raised animals. With respect to chickens, “Grass-Fed” means the chicken was free outdoors where it ate grass (its natural food) rather than caged and fed grains and soybeans. He explained that many chickens have only 1 square foot of space.

The following terms indicate how much space chickens have:

  1. Caged Free Bird: 1.5 square feet
  2. Free-range: 5 square feet
  3. Pasture-raised: 108 square feet – meaning, the chickens ran around outdoors

Best Fish

Ocean recommends cutting down on eating fish – and to choose wild fish vs farmed fish if you do eat fish. Ocean explained that we are strip-mining and polluting our oceans. So, fish today are contaminated with large amounts of heavy metals, PCBs, and all kinds of contaminants and poisons. He said that sardines, anchovies, herring, and wild salmon have the lowest levels of heavy metal toxicity.

Ocean pointed out that a lot of our fish are coming from farms now which are just like the factory farms. Antibiotics are put into the water. Farmed salmon is gray rather than pink because it not fed its natural diet. So, pink dye is added to the water.

The Food Revolution

TeriAnn asked Ocean where the hope is now in the Food Revolution. Ocean pointed out that food is changing and we don’t have to be victims of the status quo. We can choose to eat more organic plant foods to ensure our own health and that of the planet.

Ocean explained that we are part of a radical change right now. Sales of organic foods are sky-rocketing. Community-Support Agriculture (CSA) programs and farmers’ markets are growing. More and more people care where their food comes from and how it was produced.  There are more and more community gardens, church gardens, and school gardens. Young people are starting to take an interest in growing food again. Over the last century, there was a steady decline in the number of farms in the US. However, that trend has started to tip back the other way in the last few years.

Shift in the Food Industry

Ocean explained that the food industry is changing as well. He has spent time over the last few years with major players in the food industry including Nestle, Coca Cola, Mars, and General Mills. These companies are scared. They have lost the trust of the consumer and their core brands are tanking. Sales of sugary cereals and sugary soft drinks are going down.

So, these companies are buying up the natural food industry to diversify. That means that the big companies are no longer fighting the Food Revolution. The big companies recognize that the smaller companies built companies based on integrity and value – and they don’t want to lose that market share

Trees For The Future

TeriAnn asked Ocean how he is giving back through the Food Revolution Network. Ocean explained that he partners with the program Trees For The Future. So, with every product he sells, including his book, he funds the planting of organic food trees or organic nut tree trees in low-income communities.

The Critical Importance of Good Supplements

Dr. Daniel Nuzum, the chief formulator of the Organixx supplements, explains that good nutrition is our front line of defense against toxins. Yet, the Standard American Diet (SAD) typically supplies only 17 of the 73-90 essential nutrients the body needs every day. For that reason, 20% of American children now suffer from an autoimmune disorder.

Everywhere you are missing a nutrient, you spring a leak in the “dam” and toxins seep into your body. The dam is not going to function correctly until you plug up all the holes. So, it’s important to get consistent doses of all 90 nutrients.

Even organic foods supply only about 17% of the nutrients they did in the early 20th century. Around 100 years ago, the US had 3-4 feet of topsoil. Now, the US has just 4-8 inches of top soil! Since plants extract nutrition from the topsoil, even organic plants cannot provide the nutrition we need because the nutrients aren’t concentrated enough in the soil.

The 2017 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements shows that 76% of Americans are taking dietary supplements, up from 64% in 2008. Women and men report similar reasons for taking supplements, with overall health/wellness benefits at the top of the list for both. More males (33%) cite energy while more females (28%) cite bone health. Vitamins/minerals are the most commonly consumed supplement category, consistent with previous surveys.

Do you know what to look for in supplements? Are you taking supplements that are not bio-available – ones your body doesn’t know how to use? Are you taking synthetic supplements that rob your body of much-needed nutrients?

See the following articles for more information:

  1. What’s In Your Supplements?
  2. What To Demand In Your Supplements!
  3. The Fascinating History of Supplements!
  4. Why Good Supplements Are So Important!

 Organixx Cricket Super Fuel

The article “Are You Vitamin B12 Deficient? Why It Matters So Much!” explains that B12 deficiency mimics many degenerative diseases -– including ADHD, Diabetes, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, postpartum depression, psychosis, heart disease, mental retardation, etc. Symptoms such as poor memory, seizures, balance problems, nerve pain, numbness or tingling, etc. can also be caused by a lack of Vitamin B12.

If illnesses or symptoms are due to B12 deficiency, they can be completely reversed inexpensively and easily – if caught in time. However, few doctors check for Vitamin B12 deficiency. This is an especially important issue for vegetarians and for people who consume low levels of meat since Vitamin B12 is not available in a plant-based diet.

Jonathan explained that the Organixx Cricket Super Fuel has 30 times more Vitamin B-12 than beef and twice its amino acids. It is up to 70% pure protein. The additional Cricket Super Fuel site includes eight videos. When you purchase the supplement, you receive The Breakthrough Nutritional Secret for Optimal Health ebook.

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