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Israel Imposes Gag Order On Probe Into Oil Spill Dubbed “Most Serious Ecological Disaster” In Years

By Tyler Durden Israeli authorities have closed down miles of beaches as the county is in the midst of its “most serious ecological disaster in recent years” after an oil spill from an unknown origin occurred some dozens of miles off the coast into the Mediterranean Sea….

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Broke Down 42,000 Years Ago and Caused Massive Sudden Climate Change

By Chris Fogwill, Keele University; Alan Hogg, University of Waikato; Chris Turney, UNSW, and Zoë Thomas, UNSW The world experienced a few centuries of apocalyptic conditions 42,000 years ago, triggered by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles combined with changes in the Sun’s behaviour….

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Timepeace: Not A Race To 5G — A Race To Healing and Health Care Integrity (Part 4)

By Patricia Burke “Standard of Care” Yields Increased Harm, Pain, Suffering, and Danger in the Age of Covid and “EHS” Microwave Poisoning *Words with multiple layers of meaning, when translated from Chinese, are capitalized, to distinguish them from common use. This week, humanity welcomed the…

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Timepeace: Not A Race To 5G — A Race To Healing And Science Integrity: Revering Connectivity to Artificiality vs. Deep Planetary Presence (Part 3)

By Patricia Burke Part 3 of a Commentary on Paradigm Shifts in Telecommunications, Environmental Pollutants, Ecosystems, Human Health, Health Care Delivery, and the Human Capacity for Consciousness, Against the Backdrop of the Concurrent Challenges of Covid-19 and Microwave Poisoning *Words with multiple layers of meaning,…

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