What to Demand in Your Supplements!

By Neenah Payne

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What’s In Your Supplements? explains the critical importance of taking quality supplements. It discusses the difference between synthetic and natural supplements. Also see Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins and How to Spot Them.

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In the Organixx podcast Episode 25 Top 5 Things to Demand in Your Supplements seen below, Jonathan Hunsaker, founder of Organixx, pointed out that the first thing to look for in a supplement is whether it is a synthetic or whole food supplement.

#5: Whole Food Supplements vs Synthetic Vitamins

Jonathan explained that 95% of the “one a day” vitamin supplements advertised on TV, online, and in the print media or in Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. are synthetic. They are byproducts of petroleum. The vitamins and minerals were extracted from oil and put in a capsule. Your body sees those synthetic ingredients as foreign substances and eliminates them. Even worse, because synthetic vitamins contain no trace minerals, they draw on your body’s own mineral reserves – leaving you more depleted! Yet, the purpose of buying and taking supplements is to add to your reserves!

Organixx CEO TeriAnn Trevenen explained that whole food supplements include naturally-occurring vitamins from one or more nutrient-rich plants. The water and fiber are removed and the vitamins are packaged for stability. Real vitamins contain the essential trace minerals necessary for the operation of the vitamins.

Jonathan pointed out that whole food supplements are more bioavailable because your body recognizes them as food. He said if the list of ingredients doesn’t show the foods from which the vitamins and minerals were obtained, it’s a synthetic supplement.

TeriAnn warned about fillers like magnesium stearate, monosodium glutamate, carnauba wax, and titanium dioxide. She explained that car wax and shoe polish are used as fillers in some synthetic supplements!

#4: Bioavailability of Supplement

Jonathan explained that it’s important that the supplement be bioavailable – which means that the body can extract the nutrients from the supplement and deliver them to your cells. Since synthetic supplements are not very bioavailable, they pass right through your body. Bioavailability is essential because otherwise, you are just paying for something your body can’t use and are wasting your money.

Organixx uses sprouting and fermentation to make its supplements bioavailable – to make the nutrients easier for the body to absorb. TeriAnn chose the Organixx Collagen supplement as an example. It is fermented (pre-digested) to make it easier for your body to take up all the nutrients.

TeriAnn used the Organixx Turmeric 3D as another example. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, is a very large and sticky molecule that can’t get through the gut wall. However,  in Turmeric 3D, the Curcumin is triple fermented in Organixx’s propriety process to allow the microbes to break the Curcumin down into smaller molecules so it can be absorbed more easily.

Sprouting and Fermentation

Organixx uses sprouting and fermentation — unusual steps not common to other supplements. Jonathan explained that when seeds are sprouted, that unlocks a lot more nutrients. He pointed out that some people recommend using black pepper to make the Curcumin more bioavailable. However, over time, black pepper causes inflammation. So, using it is since turmeric supplements are taken to help reduce inflammation!

Jonathan said one of the biggest challenges for Organixx was finding a manufacturer who knew how to work with fermented ingredients. Fermentation matters because it starts the breakdown process of the food and releases the enzymes so your body’s enzymes don’t have to work as hard.

#3: Labels: “Natural”, “Naturally-Occurring”, and “Organic”

The claim of “natural” on a label may be deceptive because it may also contain synthetic ingredients.  Jonathan pointed out because the word “natural” is being abused now on many products including foods, clothes, cosmetics, etc., it has little meaning now. The podcast notes explain that supplements can be labeled “natural” if they contain as little as 10% of the natural form of the vitamin. So, “natural” supplements could contain 90% synthetically-produced chemicals!

However, “naturally occurring” is more trustworthy because it usually means a vitamin or nutrient is completely derived from plants. TeriAnn warned to be especially leery of the claim of “natural flavoring” on any product. “Organic” is the most reliable label.

#2: Publishing Third-Party Test Results

Jonathan explained that it’s important to know how supplements are tested. He wants to see independent third-party test results for any supplement he takes. He wants to know what the heavy metal levels are in the supplement and whether it has glyphosate or other things that are harmful. Organixx has third-party testing and is planning to publish those results online when the legal details are resolved. Jonathan believes that could be a game changer in the supplement industry.

Few supplement companies are committed to third-party testing and publishing the test results, but Organixx is passionate about it and is pursuing publishing its results now. TeriAnn said Organixx has gotten permission to publish the test results for its Collagen supplement which came back completely clean. Organixx is planning to publish the test results online for all their products. That takes special permission and is expensive, but Organixx is proud to do it. That doesn’t happen a lot in the supplement industry.

TeriAnn pointed out that when she and Jonathan were at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim this year, the company that does the testing for Organixx products and a lot of products in the supplement industry said Organixx products are among the cleanest, if not THE cleanest they have tested. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to have products that clean and to have them properly tested. TeriAnn said Organixx is using the cleanest and most powerful ingredients in their supplements in the industry.  She cited the Ashwagandha Root in their Turmeric product.

TeriAnn explained that whether you use an Organixx supplement or one from another company, you should ask for the test results. She said Organixx has several industry standards it uses including the California Prop 65 which was covered in podcast Episode 8 Prop 65: What You Need To Know, seen below:

TeriAnn said that if Organixx finds a spike in any heavy metal or toxin, it goes back to the manufacturer to find out how to get the results down. Even though Organixx is one of the cleanest supplement companies, it has these conversations with manufacturers on an almost weekly basis to do even better.

Jonathan pointed out that there are trends in the industry and “collagen” was a big buzz word about a year ago. Organixx was six to eight months late on that trend because it took the time to source clean ingredients they were willing to put their name on. There was also a bone broth trend. Jonathan explained that a lot of their competitors are getting bone broth from China, but it can’t test clean. Organixx sells USDA-certified organic Bone Broth whose test results are as clean as a whistle.

Jonathan explained that another trend at Expo West was CBD supplements. Many people want Organixx to create a CBD product, but there are very few clean sources of CBD right now. Organixx will have a CBD product when it can be properly sourced and tested.

#1: Organic Non-GMO Supplements

Jonathan explained that the #1 thing to look for is an organic, non-GMO supplement. The plants are dehydrated and put into a capsule. So, if the plant is not organic, that means you are getting all the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides that were sprayed on the plant! So, if the supplement is not organic, you are taking high concentrations of those toxins!

That means that the supplements many people are paying lots of money for and taking to be healthier are instead dramatically undermining their health! Given the documented connection between the introduction of GMO foods in the 1990s and the rapid escalation of chronic diseases, that kind of supplement is a particularly cruel hoax. Yet, millions of Americans are being deceived. That’s why these informative weekly podcasts from Organixx are potentially life-saving.

Jonathan explained that although the ingredients in the Organixx supplements are all organic, it can’t put the USDA Organic label on its supplements because the capsules are not yet organic. The capsules, which are about 7% of the supplement, keep it from meeting the 95% organic required to use the label. However, Organixx is trying to find organic capsules now.

Organixx was founded in 2016 in response to requests by viewers of The Truth About Cancer docuseries which Jonathan produced in 2014. People wanted to know which supplements to take. Since there were none Jonathan could recommend, he founded Organixx to provide supplements that meet his high standards.

Organixx is pioneering an unprecedented level of supplements and information through its podcasts and the videos on its site. The Organixx Mission Statement is “Empowering You Organically” which is also the name of its podcasts. Organixx is helping people get informed about how to get healthy and stay healthy based on the Organixx INSPIRED8 Pillars of Health” discussed in its INSPIRED Health Library. These are an understanding of Inflammation, Nutrition, Supplements, Physical (Exercise), the Immune System, Rest, Emotions, and Detoxification.

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