This Salad Vegetable Has 5 Times the Vitamin C as Oranges

By Jeffrey Green

Vitamin C is crucial to our health on multiple levels. It has even shown to have strong anti-cancer properties. Yet most Americans don’t get enough from their diet or supplements, according to a recent study.

These days it’s difficult to trust off-the-self supplements. Almost all chewable vitamins now have sucralose (artificial sweetener) in them. So it’s best to get as much of your essential vitamins as possible through your food.

Quick: name five foods that are high in Vitamin C. Don’t cheat by Googling it. Your mental list probably starts and ends with citrus fruits or dark leafy greens. Well, there’s one common salad item that you may be overlooking that blows them all away.

I called it a vegetable in the title but it’s technically a fruit. I’m talking about sweet or bell peppers. Bell peppers are super rich in Vitamin C with yellow varieties packing nearly five times the amount contained in oranges.

Image credit: Luc Viatour

One yellow sweet pepper contains 341 milligrams of Vitamin C, or about 569% of recommended daily intake. In contrast one orange has 69.7 milligrams, or around 116% of daily recommendations.

Even green and red sweet peppers outperform oranges coming in at 220% and 349% in daily value, respectively.

Peppers also have significantly less sugar than citrus fruits making them a healthier option for getting your Vitamin C.

So what are you waiting for? Get some seeds and plant them this Spring. Use them in salads, salsa, fajitas, over your steaks, in your omelets and in anything else that tastes awesome.

Stats source: Healthaliciousness
Salad image: National Cancer Institute

  • SteveF

    Thats a insanely low dose of vitamin C. A goat produces 3000 to 13000 mg of vit c a day and that thing is much smaller than man, why would it produce that much if it wasn't needed. Only people and guinie pigs can't produce their own C.

  • walcon

    Nobody knows.

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  • EmmettGrogan

    Which is why people juice. IMO Linus Pauling had it right. He lived to be in his late 90s and took 10,000 mg vit C every single day for decades. If you ate 30 yellow bell peppers per day you'd get 10,000 mg vit c everyday. If you juice it, it's manageable. You'd have to grow your own peppers probably but I do that anyway. I slice and freeze them for during the winter.

  • Michael Green

    Thousands of bottles of ascorbic acid are purchased everyday under the misguided assumption that ascorbic acid is the same as Vitamin C. In reality, ascorbic acid is an isolated nutrient that is part of Vitamin C but it is not the whole Vitamin C.

    So you are getting cheated if you buy ascorbic acid thinking it is Vitamin C. But that might be the least of the consequences you may suffer.Studies over the last several years have demonstrated that people who take high doses of ascorbic acid actually put themselves at risk for a number of health challenges. One study demonstrated that doses of 500 mg a day or more of ascorbic acid increase the incidence of arterial plaque buildup. Another study indicated that gallstones are more likely to appear in those taking ascorbic acid. Are these backlash studies against the health food industry? No, they are legtimate studies.

  • Michael Green

    Ascorbic Acid is Usually from Genetically Modified Corn

    What’s worse is that ascorbic acid is not just synthetic. It is also usually derived from genetically modified corn! More on that travesty fooling millions of consumers every single day in this article.

    Talk about adding insult to injury!

  • Michael Green

    Three Studies Suggest Caution with High Dose Ascorbic Acid

    The Winter 2009 edition of Wise Traditions cites 3 studies which give pause about large doses of vitamin C. The first study (from the Jun 15, 2001 issue of Science) showed that “synthetic vitamin C may contribute to the formation of genotoxins that can lead to cancer”.

    A second study presented to the American Heart Association showed a link between consumption of only 500mg of vitamin C per day and a greater propensity toward thickening of the arteries (Los Angeles Times, March 3, 2000).

    Even more recently, athletes taking 1000mg of vitamin C per day showed reduced endurance capacity from interference with antioxidant enzymes (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Jan 2008).

  • Absolutely – much better to get Vit C from foods if possible

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