7 Daily Habits That Are Making You Fat


Many of the things we do on a daily basis may seem harmless. But a lot of these things are probably adding to your health problems and, in conclusion, may perhaps be causing you to gain weight. Let’s list a few habits to watch out for:

1. Low-fat food

Lots of us try to cut back on our “fat” consumption by eating low-fat foods. But the concept of fatty substances making you fat is not very accurate. It’s not fat, but the calories that make you fat, and many of these non-fat products contain the same amount of calories as their fatty and greasier alternative. The low-performing, easily digestible carbohydrates in them can cause you to feel hungrier. As a result, even if you are storing less body fat, you will be eating more food later on and gaining weight anyways.

2. Sleeping inconsistencies

Not sleeping the right amount of time can also cause you to gain weight. Lack of sleep can cause your metabolism to fall. This tricks your body into using less energy and fewer calories are burned in the process, while most gets stored up in your body. So all-nighters may not be the best way to proceed with work after all.

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3. Routine diet

It is of utmost importance to eat on time. Skipping meals is never a good approach for someone trying to lose weight. Many of us often skip a meal, especially breakfast. Whereas, each meal especially breakfast, is an important part of our daily routine. Your breakfast is supposed to provide you with required energy to sustain till lunch. If you eat a proper breakfast, your body will use it for your daytime labor and you will also be less hungry during lunch. Consuming too much lunch or dinner can also cause you to store calories, as excess consumptions during these times are seldom invested behind physical or mental labor.

4. Drinking habits

Water is essential in maintaining your body weight. It clears out all the waste and helps you burn fat. This is because the body can’t burn fat if it is dehydrated. Drinking water is essential to maintain your body’s fat burning system. On the other hand, drinking carbonated drinks like Coke will do the exact opposite – the amount of sugar, even in diet coke, is enough to help you gain significant weight, even if you are regularly working out and eating right.

5. Using cars

Driving cars may seem to be completely harmless but studies have shown that every 30 minutes of driving a car increases the risks of obesity by 3%. The results varied for different demographic groups. If you live near the city, you probably don’t need to use the car very often and so take a stroll to your workplace instead. The amount of time spent in a car depends on where you live and your destination. Walking can counter this issue of idle-sitting when you drive a car.

6. Eating in front of the TV/computer

It’s a common practice among many. Remember how our parents put us in front of a TV so we stayed distracted while finishing our meal? That is a problem. Eating while watching TV makes us lazy and ignorant regarding what we are eating. Fried snacks while watching the match late at night will lead to no good whatsoever. Remaining sedentary is never a good idea.

7. Working out

Let’s be honest. No matter how many times we have promised ourselves to lose those extra pounds, we never quite settle into the routine and slack off after two or three days at the gym. It’s important that you keep finding motivation by surfing through YouTube or fitness sites like adamantgear and Yogadork. Working out not only stops your body from storing fat but also keeps you healthy and revitalizes your metabolism. Daily morning walks or evening jogs will have a significant amount of difference to your body weight. Looking good as well as being healthy never hurt anyone either.

These basic tips would improve your body structure and help you live a healthier life if followed properly.

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