10 Reasons Wheat Is Toxic Whether You are Gluten Sensitive or Not


By Heather Callaghan, Editor

More and more studies are showing why wheat products – at least in America – are terribly unhealthy whether you have a sensitivity to gluten or not. There are more components of wheat than gluten. Let’s think beyond gluten, which is made up of two proteins: gliadin and glutenin. Gliadin is the one that gives a lot of people trouble and can exacerbate ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Americans get a lot more gliadin from the same amount of wheat than they did in 1960.

Try this. Explain on your social media page that you have a gluten or wheat sensitivity. A bevy of your friends will be quick to parrot the corporate-run news reports that only a certain number of of people have any issues with American wheat products. This is simply untrue and more studies are showing that it’s not just the gluten or pesticides like Roundup that are plaguing the Western world with digestive issues, depression and brain fog.

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Allow me to summarize 10 issues plaguing modern American wheat. Organic wheat and so-called “whole-grain” wheat are not excused from this list!

  • Our bread, noodles and other flour products are stripped of their parts and nutrients, bleached (yum! yum!) and then fortified with synthetic vitamins that are harsh on the liver. Don’t forget the dough conditioners and other additives.
  • We have nearly completely switched to and bred out old wheat varieties in favor of quick-growing convenience varieties like dwarf wheat. The ancient, tall “amber waves of grain” are almost a thing of the past. Trading our diverse crop practices for convenient monoculture spells disaster.
  • Desiccating (drying) wheat before harvest with toxic Roundup or glyphosate causing us to literally eat a pesticide that causes breast cancer in parts per trillion. Glyphosate has been heavily detected in beer and other wheat products as well as other crops that are desiccated with glyphosate such as oats.
  • Cereal is so processed it’s not even funny. Seriously. And don’t even get me started on the shockingly toxic packaging.
  • Problems with wheat are exacerbated by the dramatic rise in digestive issues like Leaky Gut Syndrome, i.e intestinal permeability, which allow wheat proteins to escape the intestines and trigger the body’s immune response. Or, is it the pesticide-soaked wheat causing holes in the intestines?
  • Radiation and chemical mutagenesis. This is genetic engineering but is not the same as a GMO which includes gene splicing another organism into the plant. Chemicals and gamma and x-ray radiation are used on seeds and plant embryos to induce mutations.
  • Modern commercial baking methods leave way more gluten in the finished bread than people have ever tried to digest in the past. Bread-making use to be a time-consuming art that would eradicate a large portion of gluten by finish time.
  • We don’t soak grains in an acidic medium (i.e. buttermilk, water with lemon juice) anymore. Our ancestors always soaked grains, beans and legumes intuitively knowing that this practice rid the plants of their natural toxicity and made them more digestible and nutrient-dense. [1]
  • Another issue facing the bloated, top-heavy food system is the proliferation of mold toxicity in wheat storage units. It must be quite the shock to the system to try and digest all the non-wheat materials that wind up in our food. Mycotoxicity, is harsh to the sensitive eater – it is a big reason a lot of people are sensitive to coffee as well. Wheat stores are “gassed” in bins to get rid of pests.

Do you still think only a small number of people are sensitive to wheat products and that wheat has no effect whatsoever on the rest of the population? Guess again!

  • A study – although small – showed that indeed, gluten caused intestinal damage to perfectly healthy volunteers. Perhaps the majority of people don’t realize the potential damage because they don’t notice a red flag immune response – their amazing bodies are working overtime to clean the mess! [2] (On the other hand, some researchers surmise that gluten “improves” the immune system by increasing natural killer cell activity.)

Many of us would never slather Roundup on our bread or sprinkle it in our children’s cereal – but that is the unfortunate equivalent of what we do when we consume commercial wheat. Remember when I mentioned depression and brain fog in correlation with wheat consumption? Consider that the majority of serotonin – for what it’s worth – is created/found in the gut. Ninety-five percent, in fact. We are only just beginning to understand the gut-brain connection – our food and the pesticides/fumigants should be considered a factor of that and studied as a factor in depression.

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Have I left anything out? Share this article the next time someone pooh-poohs your concerns – it just might be that they are sensitive to their food, but don’t know it yet.

Let’s make a commitment to clear out the toxic clutter from our plates – it’s easy! Just join us and our colleagues in this event. We can all do something small to improve our families’ lives!

[1] Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats, by Sally Fallon

[2] A Mind of Your Own, by Dr. Kelly Brogan

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