Sowing Your Wild Oats


By Chris Veritas

By now it should be no surprise to the readers of this website that glyphosate was found in Quaker Oats cereal, or that Quaker Oats claims this is no big deal, even though said oats are supposed to be all-natural. I guess it’s just too much to ask that an American company admit wrongdoing or error nowadays. In any case, they’re being sued in several states for selling tainted food while claiming perfect purity. How distinctly American!

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This is swift on the heels of the Dupont case in West Virginia (which has actually been going on for twenty years, but is now coming to a head), where damages are being awarded for that company’s dumping of the deadly PFOA into public water. Records show Dupont knew well the danger to individuals, but chose money over human life. Nevertheless, despite being caught red handed, Dupont will not confess.

But I digress. Quaker Oats and Monsanto represent themselves to the world with cartoon characters. The former, of course, draws upon the image of a smiling quaker, who looks so pure and honest!; while the latter employs commercials filled with happy stick figures and fluffy white clouds to sell RoundUp. (Monsanto must think we’re really stupid.)

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Now the EPA and its European counterpart, as well as Quaker Oats, all tell us that glyphosate is non-carcinogenic. I’d just like to point out that said product is used to murder bugs. Are you seriously going to tell me there is no danger? Give me a break. Seriously, you’re killing me.

Those who are educated on the topic know glyphosate tends to get into pesky things like the water supply, the soil, the beer and wine, and the urine of 93% of those tested. Meanwhile the WHO has said it’s “probably carcinogenic”.  But hey, maybe Quaker Oats didn’t get the memo.

A picture is emerging that’s more realistic than the cartoon smiley faced nonsense the poison companies are bringing forth. The picture is this: the chemical solution is not working. And the corporate solution is not working. And the government solution is not working. Using poison to save things from dying is not working. And denying poison is dangerous is definitely not working, but the propaganda being used certainly is.

And why is this? Because the public is lulled to sleep by advertising agencies, those mercenary units that don’t seem to care one bit about the public they prey upon.

Quaker Oats argues glyphosate is safe in certain amounts. Apparently it only exists in the cereal in a few parts per billion, which ought to make us accept that their brand statement is still true. Note to Quaker Oats:  glyphosate is a pesticide. That means your serial is tainted. If you come clean and admit it, then I might respect you again.

Any further pretense and you’ve lost me forever.

The article (Sowing Your Wild Oats) is an original piece produced for Natural Blaze by Chris Veritas. It can be republished with attribution in part or in full under a share-alike non-commercial Creative Commons with no content modifications, keeping internal links and bio intact. Get your free eBook on Apple Cider Vinegar!

Chris Veritas is the author of Wisdom Trilogy and New Poems and writes at Veritas Gazettehis blog, and humorous satire news at Some Cry Wolf

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