The Emotions and Consciousness Hiding Behind Headaches and Migraines


By Dr. Scott Graves

Pathological emotional consciousness of migraines and headaches

If you have searched for answers for your headache or migraine and haven’t found much relief, they please pay serious attention to what is said next.   Most people never explore the mind as the source of their health problem, when in my estimation it is the most powerful contributor. The idea that negative emotions held inside is the main cause of disease (or a primary factor) is a new one for many people.  I wouldn’t have believe it myself until I healed from 11 years of heavy depression just simply by letting my negative emotions go.  Since then, I have helped many people heal from headaches and migraines just by simply addressing and letting go of emotions.  Let me share a few stories.

  1. A woman who has suffered with migraines for 10 years. In my very first session with her, she said at that moment she had had a tension headache for over 11 days.  Can you imagine having a headache for 11 days straight?  After letting go of frustration, anger and some fear due to a relational conflict, the headache literally disappeared on the spot using a technique that she learned in 15 minutes.
  2. A man with chronic, throbbing tensions headaches on the left temple area and occiput was able to find relief over the confusion and anger of losing a child, aggression towards a co-worker and the stress of taking care of animals.  He found instant relief many times after dealing with these emotions and over time the frequency and intensity of the headaches diminished.
  3. A woman who suffered emotionally due to not feeling worthy and useless in her relationship with her mother and who felt angry about not being able to get pregnant got relief from letting go of the negative emotions related to these things.  

The body is controlled by the mind and the mind is controlled by consciousness.  Physical health problems can literally arise from the mind projecting emotions into the physical body that one has held onto for years.  

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What is an emotion?  Most answer this question by saying it is a feeling.  What is a feeling?  A feeling is the subjective experience of emotion, which by definition is felt in the physical body.  Behind the pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, aura and sensitivity is emotion.  Many times, a headache or migraine is nature’s way of getting us to pay attention to our inward reality of emotions, so that we can grow.  This is not to blame ourselves, but simply to take responsibility for what we are holding onto emotionally and making the commitment to let it go.  

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In the clinic we use various techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), The Sedona Method and Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender to help people navigate through their experience and to let go.  Letting go is different than talk therapy.  You can talk and talk and never let go.  I did this for 11 years before I discovered this.  Every disease including cluster and migraine headache have pathological consciousness associated with them.  In other words, there are specific emotions and beliefs that accompany most people’s experiences of this problem.  Please be open and ask if any of these things may apply to you (not all may apply).  These ideas come from a very intuitive woman named Inna Segal in her book The Secret Language of the Body.   

Headache—Stress, tiredness, seriousness, too much going on. Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, overcrowded, frustrated, undermined. Self-criticism, self-sabotage, invalidation of self, judgment of self and others. Too much thinking and analysis.

Cluster Headache—Frustrated, critical, angry. Suspecting people are backstabbing you. Guarded. Disappointed in yourself and others. Thinking too much. Wanting to stand up for yourself but not knowing how. Feeling attacked and criticized from all directions. Too much going on. Not knowing when to stop. Lack of self-belief.

Migraine—Control, pressure, seriousness, perfectionism. Overcommitting yourself. Great need for love and approval. Ignoring your own needs. Putting other people before you. Extreme guilt and anxiety. Conflict with self and other people. Self-punishment. Feeling angry and annoyed with others. Saying, “You are giving me a headache.”

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Do any of these apply to you if you are really honest with yourself?  Think about what was happening emotionally in your life around or before the time they manifested.  At times, memories and the emotions still stuck in those memories within us after all these years need to be addressed and many times the root cause can be in events from childhood.  On the surface it may not appear that a connection may occur between the headache and the past, but then we dig deeper and find triggers that we were never aware of.  

If you would like to learn these techniques that you can use at anytime to powerfully help you to let go of the emotional triggers that may be contributing to why you have headaches or migraines, we can schedule a visit and they can be learned even over the phone. You don’t have to come to the clinic in Orlando/Altamonte Springs in order to finding healing today.  You can find healing and relief with a simple phone call (407-255-0314).

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Dr. Scott Graves ND, MA is a Florida-based Naturopath and Intuitive who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, NAET, EFT, and Psychokinesiology. He offers free 15 minute phone consultations and is available for radio and TV interviews. Read his Blog here. Like him on Facebook.

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