12 Must Eat Colon Cleansing Foods: Rid and Recover (w/ Infograph)

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By Brock Ingham

Your colon plays an important part in maintaining a healthy body. Not only does it house all the unwanted waste your body is trying to get rid of, but it also plays host to some 100 trillion beneficial bacteria. These bacteria aid in absorbing nutrients and will even affect your mood if they are not enjoying what you’ve served for dinner. Most people rarely think about their colon but it is actually one of the most common places diseases develop. Luckily an unhealthy gut speaks louder than words resulting in a sluggish physique leaving you feeling heavy and lethargic.

Some overwhelming research is being made in the realm of colon health leading researchers to gain a better understanding as to what drives a healthy colon and what hinders an unhealthy one. This research is pointing to gut bacteria as being the most influential factor in disease prevention with what you eat fueling their livelihood.

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But what if your microbiome is off balance?

This guide by yoururbanalchemy.com breaks down the steps you can take to cleanse your colon, restoring peace within your gut. These can be broken down into 4 major steps. First you will need to rid the bad bacteria away with cleansing plants. This may be tough for some so the second step supports this with soothing herbs and plants that protect yourself from an unpleasant experience. The third group moves into recovery where the stage is set for fourth and final stage of probiotics.

Our article 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic was featured as a source for this infograph.

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