The More You Know – Upcoming Medical Cannabis Education Forum


By Emily McSherry

It’s been 80 years since the release of Reefer Madness. Ah, yes. The cautionary tale of that dangerous marijuana, or as I like to call it by its scientific name: cannabis. The film claimed that cannabis made you want to go out and kill people or listen to Satan’s music, aka Jazz.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Yes, this actually happened, and while most people are smart enough now to no longer buy into that propaganda there is still a costly stigma associated with cannabis use. A stigma that seems to be falling away one state at a time. So, South Carolina, are we next?

That is certainly my goal, but in order for that to happen education needs to take place. Last year I founded Cannabis Forward to fill that very need. Our first Medical Cannabis Education Forum took place in March and was attended by over 100 people. We are hosting our next forum on September 25th at Larkin’s Sawmill and we expect the attendance to be twice as many. Cannabis industry and healthcare professionals will share with you scientific facts about a simple plant with a bad reputation.

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The forum is open to the public. Doctors, legislators, and caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend. Since we are a 501c3 nonprofit, we do suggest a $5 donation to attend the event.

The forum will begin at 2:30 with an introduction to Cannabis by Sebastien Cotte. Mr. Cotte serves on the board of the Flowering Hope Foundation located in Denver, Co. Next you will learn about the endocannabinoid system from our Cannabinoid Educator, Joann Collins. State Representative Jonathan Hill will offer us a glimpse at what medical cannabis legislation will look like for South Carolina, and then Dr. Uma Dhanabalan will close out the day. Dr. Uma is a Cannabis Physician for Uplifting Wellness in Boston. She will be offering insight into the opiate epidemic and how cannabis can be utilized in adjunctive and conjunctive therapies. Attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of cannabis as medicine and will feel confident in sharing this science to further reduce the stigma associated with cannabis.

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I personally invite you to attend. We might even play some jazz music for you.

Medical Cannabis Educational Forum

September 25, 2016

2:30 until 4:30 pm

Larkin’s Sawmill

22 Graves St

Greenville SC 29609

Sponsored by:

Fete, Smoke N Brew, and The Ianuario Law Firm

More information at

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