Public School “Child Nutrition Supervisor” Served Students Reeking, Six-Year-Old Pork

By Melissa Dykes, Nutritional Anarchy

Stories continually coming out of public schools illustrate time and again that our school lunches are “bad,” but this story makes Michelle Obama’s school lunch program look like a fancy dinner at a four-star restaurant.

After a determination made by someone given the title “Child Nutrition Supervisor” and the school’s cafeteria managers who performed “tests,” a decision was made to serve school children six-year-old pork in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

First of all… if you have to perform tests before you serve something obviously questionable enough to warrant tests to hundreds of trusting, innocent children…

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Here’s an actual quote about the meat from local news outlet WBIR:

“The actual woman making a stink about it said it smelled so bad they made gravy to put over the meat to give it a smell and give it a better taste,” said [Hawkins County Commissioner Michael] Herrell.


The pork found in the school’s freezer was dated all the way back to 2009. USDA guidelines require that all frozen meat be used within a 12-month period.

However, most brain dead morons know better than to eat six-year-old meat, especially pork. And these are school officials at a place that is supposed to be educating our children.

These are the nutritional “officials” running things at our public schools in a world where some parents are being penalized for packing what are deemed improperly balanced lunches for their own children.

People who would look at reeking six-year-old pig meat and go, “Yeah, go ahead and heat that up and throw it on a tray…”

Food used to be considered medicine by traditional cultures. These days, it’s a gimmick. Children in school are taught as much about healthy eating as our medical doctors in this country (read: very little). Only 25% of medical schools in this country even have a required nutrition course, and the average doctor only receives about 20 hours of nutrition education in med school.

Most nutrition researchers will tell you straight away that the “food pyramid” eating guide that has been traditionally taught to kids at our nation’s schools doesn’t make any logical sense (except to agriculture industry bottom lines) and has actually been deemed harmful to health, but it’s still printed on food packaging in this country and propaganda coloring sheets are still handed out to our youngers in classrooms across America.

Harvard Nutritionist Dr. Walter Willett, a leading U.S. nutrition researcher and author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating, wrote, “The thing to keep in mind about the USDA Pyramid is that it comes from the Department of Agriculture, the agency responsible for promoting American agriculture… And there’s the root of the problem — what’s good for some agricultural interests isn’t necessarily good for the people who eat their products.”

And there you go. The food pyramid they indoctrinate our school children on is not a guideline for healthy eating! It’s a sales gimmick for mega food corporations, nothing more. If you visit the USDA’s “Choose My Plate” website, what the food pyramid has evolved into (another brainchild of Michelle Obama… since when did she become the paragon of eating virtue anyway??), you are told this right up front where they break out the age groups under the heading “for consumers.”

To the government and the mega corporations it serves, you are a consumer, nothing more.

Perhaps that’s why they are still pushing a lot of (derisive air quotes) “calcium-rich” dairy (even though, without the proper magnesium balance, all that calcium will not get properly absorbed, and too much dairy can lead to chronic inflammation and the acids to calcium deposit build up and long-term inflammation just for starters) and “whole grains” (even though science shows that the human body was never designed to function on grains and they contain phytic acid which blocks the absorption of many minerals including all that calcium you probably aren’t really getting from all that inflammatory dairy).

Dr. Willett sums it up, “At best, the USDA Pyramid offers indecisive, scientifically unfounded advice on an absolutely vital topic — what to eat. At worst, the misinformation it offers contributes to overweight, poor health, and unnecessary early deaths.”

Public schools are government indoctrination camps; that much has come out on record. But most would not think the indoctrination and propaganda extends to the cafeteria as well. It absolutely does.

And while this six-year-old pork situation (shudder) may have occurred at one school district in one state, it does make one wonder at how many other schools are disgusting decisions like this one made all the time and no one speaks up about it. Lines like “serving safe, quality food is our number one priority” sound good coming out of a school spokeswoman’s mouth, but how true is it really? In 2012, for example, cafeterias at nearly half of all the public schools in New Orleans were, “cited as having critical violations of state health code.” Schools were cited for dirty food prep surfaces, improperly heated/cooled food being served to kids, and everything from flies to roaches to rat feces in the cafeteria. In fact, out of 82 schools, only a mere eight received no violations (critical or non-critical) at all.

And that’s just one example of one city.

This is a symptom of a bigger issue. We already live in a country where we are not allowed to know whether or not our food has been genetically modified (unlike 64 other countries all over the globe). All the time at Nutritional Anarchy, we are writing about dangerous and sometimes deadly industrial food recalls, even in the large organic food producers.

This is an issue of taking back control over what you are putting into your body and into your children’s bodies for their nutrition. What sustains you and your family’s life. Doing the research to realize that our food really is our medicine. To break the social engineering that would see food as a product, and the systematic nutritional issues that have led to a society plagued with disability and disease.

Simply put, your health and well-being do not serve a system based on industrial complexes which are in turn based on human suffering. There’s a reason they haven’t “found” that cure for cancer, people… We’ve got to take back control of what we are eating from bureaucrats and businesses who don’t have our best interests at heart.

The bottom line here is that the system is not going to be a watch dog for your health, well-being or nutrition. Not for you, not for your family. Only YOU can do that. And in a nation where food allergies, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, and cancer are all skyrocketing off the charts with no cure in sight (let alone the truth about the cause), we have to.

But don’t worry though, school officials in Hawkins County have vowed to follow USDA guidelines for meat from now on.

From now on???


Gee. Great.

MELISSA DYKES is a researcher and writer on anything that will help people make better decisions regarding what they are putting in their bodies to get healthier in this toxic soup we’re all living in. She co-founded Nutritional Anarchy, where this article first appeared.

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