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New Health Alert Issued For BPA Alternative: BPS “Hinders Heart Function Within Minutes”

By Jason Erickson We’ve been among those who have reported for years about the horrible effects of BPA exposure, from hormone disruption to obesity, infertility and reproductive disorders in both genders, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, behavioral problems, brain impairment, hypertension and more. Obviously, alternatives to this dangerous chemical are…

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Cellphones in Yoga Class? 5G, Second Hand Exposures, the Cost of Addiction, The Question of Fires, and How We Can Actually Re-Sanctify Earth

By Patricia Burke Whistling Jugs: Pitchers vs. Whistles vs. Energy Healers A few years back, a “discovery” was made about ancient Peruvian pottery vessels.  They were thought to be water vessels, until someone blew into one, and it was discovered that the water vessels were…

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