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Judge Says It’s Legally Okay to Deny an Organ Transplant to the Unvaccinated

By Thomas Lambert As reported by the Westphalian Times’s Marie Oakes, Belzil filed his decision on Tuesday in a case concerning Annette Lewis, who was essentially given the choice of ‘comply or die’ after doctors changed the rules surrounding organ transplant waitlists to require being fully vaccinated….

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“Self-boosting” Vaccines Could Soon Replace the Need for Multiple COVID Shots

By Study Finds A one-jab, self-boosting vaccine that provides patients with several doses at different times is currently under development. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the one-shot would provide multiple stages of vaccination thanks to microparticles that release payloads at different intervals….

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$3.2 Billon Taxpayer-Funded Deal With Pfizer Will “Enrich Shareholders of Most Profitable Industry in History”

By Megan Redshaw The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a $3.2 billion deal to purchase 105 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for a fall vaccination campaign, with options to buy up to 300 million doses The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a $3.2 billion deal to…

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