New Self-Amplifying Vaccines Present Crazy Unpredictable Dangers

By Michael McKay

It’s relentless… And this one had my head spinning.

The Latest Headline:

Self-Amplifying RNA Shots Are Coming: The Untold Danger

The next generation of RNA-based injections will contain self-amplifying RNA (saRNA). 

If the term “self-amplifying RNA” sounds frightening, it should.

It likely brings to mind images of scientific experiments run amok.

No kidding. Here’s the rest of the article. 

Sure, we should avoid all Clot Shots … (And please review my latest post, A for Anti-Vaxxers.)

But this is deeper.

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Where do we file this new vaccine innovation?

Answer: Same ole’ BS because CONFUSION helps those who wish to harm us.

Comment from Dr. Mark Bailey who along with his wife, Dr Sam Bailey, have fabulous resources at

“Anything to keep eyes off the UPSTREAM fraud!”

Here Dr. Mark points out that the upstream fraud is the fact that the entire field is virology is a fraud which makes taking any jab not only unnecessary but dangerous.

But, further … These constant fear porn articles bewilder and bewitch the public.

This is part of the never ending effort to keep us cowering in a corner with fresh new hair-on-fire-propaganda.

If you’re prepared you can keep calm.

Keep in mind that nothing bad can happen to you as long as you don’t take the bait … And the newest JAB.

But what about all those folks who just see this Fear Porn … And just … go along and get in line for their upteenth booster/shot?

Again, from Mark:

It’s constant noise for the average person and you can imagine how confused they must be.

The good news is that more people are waking up to the fraud and NOT taking the newest jabs … Thank God!

So how do we inoculate ourselves and our loved ones from this Never Ending Effort to make us afraid and keep us afraid?

A: Education.

Educate ourselves.

It’s simple. It takes time, though.

I encourage you to take your time and – every time you come up with an objection – look a little deeper.

The answers are there.

If you’re new to this topic please start HERE with this Beginners Study Guide.

If you’re a research scientist or a medical professional please start HERE with Dr Mark Bailey’s A Farewell to Virology and then continue your deep dive HERE with Mike Stone of

Educate Yourself. Protect Yourself.

There’s no need for the newest toxic jab innovation.

And No Need for fear.

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