Guard Against Gardasil

By Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.” —Goethe

With all the focus on COVID inoculation injuries and sudden deaths, it is wise to revisit the history of other dangerous jabs so we do not repeat, reuse, and recycle old patterns.

Since its beginnings in 2006, the media has continued to tout the HPV vaccine, GARDASIL, to be a “cure-all” for cervical cancer. Proponents urged states to mandate girls as young as 9 years old to use the experimental vaccine to prevent an infection that cannot be transmitted in the school setting.

Spurred on by the media and lobbied by pharmaceutical maker Merck, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, attempted to mandate GARDASIL for all young girls in 2007, but failed when the public rebuked his authority to do so.

If you paid attention to the dialogue, you would have noted that the editor of JAMA opposed requiring girls to get vaccinated against the virus in his article, “Don’t Mandate Cancer Vaccine.” When Merck’s original 2007 advertising blitz was unsuccessful in its goal for a universal mandate for girls, it set its sights on school-aged boys.

Would pets be next?

Over the last seventeen years, much of the information needed to make an informed decision about GARDASIL has been scrubbed from the internet. Likewise, do not depend on your medical doctor to make you aware of the pros and cons.  Informed consent no longer exists. It is now called implied consent. Here are some basic facts you should know before plunging the needle into your, or your child’s, arm:


HPV is considered a sexually transmitted disease and nearly 100 percent avoidable by modifying lifestyle habits. The vast majority of HPV infections are transient because the host’s immune response rapidly eliminates the virus. So, if you eat right, exercise, and control stress, your immune system should be robust enough to eliminate HPV.  Any dysplasia or abnormal cervical cells can be remedied with natural modalities that boost the immune system.

According to the medical community, about 90 percent of all HPV infections clear up on their own within two years.

In fact, since the 1950’s, cervical cancer had declined by more than 74 percent in the US due to pap smear programs and in 2009, it was less than one percent of all cancers diagnosed in the US and fewer than one percent of all cancer deaths in the US. So why push a cancer vaccine for a nonexistent cause? The more questions asked, the more questions arise.

HPV Cannot Be Cultured Says CDC

Image by <a href="">Tumisu</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Similar to Coronavirus (see p.40), no HPV virus has ever been isolated. According to the CDC. “HPV cannot be cultured.”  HPV identification typically use nucleic acid amplification using PCR methods, a test which is not valid with any virus.  Thus there is no proof of a causal relationship between HPV and cancer. This pattern has been repeated for every virus-disease association every made in medical science. Think HIV-AIDS.

If HPV is sold as a “common sexually transmitted disease” then why did the media promote one women’s claim that she got the disease after a visit to the nail salon? Could it be that the woman had a weak immune system? Warts are caused by a weakened immune system.

If 2023 research claims that some HPV infections carry more of a cervical cancer risk then why did they target young boys, who do not have a cervix?

ACS recommends cervical cancer screening with an HPV test alone every 5 years for everyone with a cervix from age 25 until age 65.  –National Cancer Institute.

This is where discernment must play a role. Do you believe the official narrative or do you question inconsistencies and contradictions? Do you stop repeating a nonsensical pattern?

In 2007, the government turned the fear of cancer into a vaccine for the Human papilloma virus (HPV). Before anyone could question the use of a vaccine for cancer, the GARDASIL vaccine for cervical cancer in girls and women was deployed. Later, the same vaccine was marketed to boys and men for genital warts, and penile and anal cancer.

The Nature of Healing: Heal the Body, Heal the Planet

by Rosanne Lindsay, N.D., M.A.

Even though scientists knew infections of HPV disappear without treatment, just like the seasonal flu, they promoted fear around the world. Scientists later found that “the incidence of invasive cancers increased sharply, sometimes exceeding 100%, in vaccinated groups” in countries with mass HPV vaccination. Further, HPV vaccines have been linked to tens of thousands of reported adverse events globally, including disabling autoimmune conditions and deaths.

Official Narrative vs. Truth

The medical narrative states that of the more than 60 strains of HPV, about 15 are thought to lead to cervical cancer. GARDASIL targets four strains; 6, 11, 16 and 18, with protection against strains associated with HPV16 and HPV18 precancerous cervical lesions. Anyone who has contracted one of the viruses prior to receiving the vaccine will not be protected. Further, Merck’s 2006 research showed that exposure to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to receipt of GARDASIL vaccine, could increase your risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6 percent. However, the information is now difficult to find unless you have the original journals.

A February 2007 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), showed the prevalence rate of infection for females aged 14 to 24 to be 24.5% percent, much lower than the 50% figure cited on Merck’s website, with rates dropping off substantially as women age.

Image by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=2614569">Engin Akyurt</a> from <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=2614569">Pixabay</a>

The rates for HPV 16 and 18 – the two types of viruses responsible for 70 percent of all cervical cancers – are significantly lower: only 1.5 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively.

Vaccine trials, conducted in women aged 15-55, were not tested in 9 year olds even through they are recommended at this age.

The trials were designed to measure whether the HPV vaccine prevented precancerous changes in the cervix, and were not designed to measure how effective it was in preventing tumors. The vaccine only reduced the incidence of cervical cancer precursors by 17 percent.

The FDA allowed Merck to use a reactive aluminum containing placebo as a control for most trial participants, rather than a non-reactive saline solution placebo. A reactive placebo artificially increases the appearance of safety of an experimental drug or vaccine in a clinical trial. Unfortunately, most vaccine studies use reactive aluminum adjuvants in the control groups, or an earlier version of the vaccine.

Adverse Events and Dangers

A new review published in the 2014 Autoimmunity Reviews links the HPV vaccine to autoimmune disease. The study stated:

Along with the introduction of the HPV vaccines, several cases of onset or exacerbations of autoimmune diseases following the vaccine shot have been reported in the literature and pharmacovigilance databases, triggering concerns about its safety.

The federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), continued to receive reports of young girls experiencing serious reactions to GARDASIL Adverse reactions include unconsciousness, seizures and facial paralysis, Bells Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, speech and vision problems, arthritis, and lupus, among others, after being injected. Less than 1% of adverse events are reported.

As of May 11, 2007, the VAERS data base showed 1,637 adverse reaction reports. Of 42 women who were vaccinated with Gardasil while pregnant, 18 experienced complications, ranging from miscarriages to fetal abnormalities. Many reports were ignored.

In 2011, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) produced a report, Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality. In this report, they concluded that some who receive HPV vaccine experience syncope (fainting), and anaphylaxis.

Records from the Department of Health and Human Services showed only 49 of the 200 claims filed for vaccine injury or death from the HPV vaccine have be compensated. The amount awarded to the 49 claims compensated totaled $5,877,710 dollars. This amounts to approximately $120,000 per claim.

As of Dec. 13, 2013, there were a total of 29,918 vaccine reaction reports made to the VAERS associated with GARDASIL vaccinations, including 140 deaths.

On December 16, 2013 the CDC recalled one lot (lot J007354) of the vaccine due to glass particles present. Several European countries experienced HPV vaccination declines due to severe side effects, including premature menopause and neurological damage.

In 2013, Denmark HPV vaccine uptake dropped more than 50%. In 2015, Denmark began studying chronic symptoms of the HPV vaccine. In 2022, Denmark was also the first country to halt its COVID inoculation program.

In 2016, Japan stopped using the HPV vaccine and began a lawsuit against drugmakers.

In 2017, more than 600 hundred girls in Ireland needed medical help after taking the medical vaccine solution for HPV. In August 2017, the HPV Vaccination Alliance launched as a propaganda campaign to increase acceptance of the vaccine series after vaccine safety crisis. Politicians and NGOs jointed forces to help turn the tide. By 2019, HPV vaccine uptake increased by 70%, based on increased media campaigns …. and short memories.

Court Protects Merck

Baum Hedlund Aristeli &Goldman represents victims who have sustained injuries after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine. In November 2020, the attorneys filed the Gardasil HPV vaccine lawsuit against New Jersey-based Merck & Co. Inc. and its subsidiary Merck Sharp & Do.

The lawsuit (case no. 3:20-cv-01048) included allegations of negligence, failure to warn,  manufacturing defects, disease mongering, false advertising to enhance sales, among other charges. According to the complaint, Merck knew or had reason to know Gardasil is defective and ineffective.

Instead of warning consumer about the dangers, the company wrongfully concealed information and further made false statements concerning the safety and efficacy of Gardasil, including the development of POTS. The motion to sue was denied in the district court of Wisconsin in 2022.

rDNA Vaccine Dangers

Image by <a href="">Clker-Free-Vector-Images</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>The HPV DNA in Gardasil not only contains an aluminum adjuvant, but it is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) – genetically engineered – to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production.

Synthetic rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. Dr. Lee, pathologist at Milford Hospital, well known for his cutting-edge DNA sequencing for molecular diagnosis, said, “Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

Dr. Lee confirmed the presence of vaccine DNA fragments (HPV-16 L1)  in the postmortem blood of a girl who had died shortly after receiving the Gardasil vaccine, noting the vaccine has the ability to provoke an exaggerated immune response. He also points out that the rate of anaphylaxis in girls receiving Gardasil is far higher than normal—reportedly five to 20 times higher than any other school-based vaccination program.

In 2015, a new vaccine, Gardasil 9, was deployed to cover 7 additional presumed HPV strains– five of which were not covered by the previously available HPV vaccines—and two types that cause genital warts.

HPV Vaccine Efficacy Questioned

Early on, a May 2007 editorial “HPV Vaccinations — More Answers, More Questions” in the New England Journal of Medicine questioned the vaccine’s “overall vaccine effectiveness, duration of protection, and adverse effects that may emerge over time,” as the clinical trials did not provide these answers.

Initially, in 2006, The American Cancer Society (ACS) did not recommend universal vaccination among women between 18 and 26 years of age, citing probable diminished vaccine efficacy as the number of lifetime sexual partners increases. [link no longer found]. Then suddenly, it changed its stance. In 2016, the ACS changed its narrative to endorse the vaccine for 11 and 12 year children.  The ACS updated its narrative once again in 2021 to increase vaccine uptake to 90%.

In 2009, lead researcher Dr. Diane Harper, spoke out about the risks of the HPV vaccine:

…young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer… there is no data showing that it remains effective beyond five years. If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn’t last… we’ve put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit. Parents and women must know that deaths occurred.

In 2016, The American College of Physicians questioned the efficacy of the HPV vaccine:

What most physicians don’t realize is they have unknowingly been recruited by big pharma to assist in shutting down the vaccination debate. This suppression of vaccine opposition even among academics, is becoming more commonplace and will lead down a slippery slope that will silence opposition science, and the dangers that come with this. Those who question vaccine safety have been ostracized, misquoted and even made to appear mentally ill by those who hold the majority opinion on the issue. Physicians who question vaccine safety have had their licenses threatened or have been fired from positions. Those who question vaccine safety have been ostracized, misquoted and even made to appear mentally ill by those who hold the majority opinion on the issue. Physicians who question vaccine safety have had their licenses threatened or have been fired from positions.


In 2009, the three-shot HPV vaccine series was $460. Then, the GARDASIL vaccine was the most expensive vaccine on the market. However, shortly after its debut, the recommendation for three shots dropped to two, after the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) noted vaccine coverage rates were waning.

Were two doses enough to cause the neurological side-effects that prevent anyone from ever going back?

Today, the AAP says two doses are sufficient. The AAP also uses a script to convince vaccine hesitant parents to inject.

Due to the unknown effectiveness of the vaccine, women are still urged to undergo periodic pap smears. Therefore, the vaccine, is not intended to save health care dollars spent for screenings and pap smears.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Cervical cancer is not the serious issue it was made up to be. It was not the epidemic the media portrayed it to be. The best cure for HPV is prevention by:1) limiting the number of sexual partners, which also limits other transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and herpes,  2) improved nutrition, 3) no smoking, and 4) pap smears, if you see a medical doctor.

During the pre-COVIDian Age, many studies reported that women who consumed high vitamin C-rich foods, folic acid, and antioxidants were less likely to experience persistent HPV infections. A 1981 study showed women with the less than 50% of the RDA for vitamin C yielded a 10-fold increase in the risk of cervical dysplasia. A 2007 study in Eur J Gynaecol Oncol showed the same results with low folate and vitamin B levels. These numbers exceeded the overall effectiveness of vaccines, while offering broader protection.

In 2006, A Diet and Cancer study concluded, It has been estimated that 30-40% of all kinds of cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and dietary measures. However, today, you will find fewer studies on the importance of nutrition, and more language like this:, “there isn’t anything specific you can do to help your body clear the virus, staying healthy and maintaining a strong immune system may help.” You can avoid oral contraceptives, too.

Future of GARDASIL?

The future of GARDASIL is up to you, based on your response to the media propaganda campaigns, even as past studies disappear off the internet. People have a choice to trust government officials as the Gatekeeper of their health, or trust their own immune systems.

In 2007, an alarming federal health report assailed the FDA on its lack of oversight of clinical trials, with less than 1% of trials audited to ensure the health and safety of human subjects. Now the lack of oversight is commonly known and accepted by officials.

If the vaccine were valid, then vaccinating both genders offers little benefit over vaccinating one gender, alone, for a heterosexually transmittable disease. Since Merck was caught manipulating the science for its drug VIOXX, and responsible for thousands of preventable deaths, could the drug company be marketing to children purely for market gain?

The unorthodox marketing of Merck’s HPV vaccine is a clear example of how powerful the drug industry has become. Merck’s influence prevented a lead researcher, Dr. Diane Harper, of the HPV vaccine from warning the public about her concerns that young girls who receive the vaccine may not be protected.

When the American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians and the editor of JAMA question mandatory vaccination, there is nothing wrong with opting out of this questionable vaccine, or any vaccine, that doesn’t appear to be safe nor effective for any human on the planet.

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Updated from my 2014 article.

Source: Nature of Healing

Rosanne Lindsay is a Traditional Naturopath, Herbalist, Writer, and Author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Consult with her remotely at Listen to her archived podcasts at Subscribe to receive blog posts via email using the form at the bottom of this page.

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