Disturbing Link Discovered Between Popular Weed Killers and Child Brain Dysfunction

By Study Finds

Significant findings from the study include:

  • Glyphosate, used extensively in crops like corn and soy and for managing unwanted plants in residential areas, was found in a whopping 98 percent of the participants.
  • 2,4-D, another herbicide used in various settings such as lawns, water bodies, and farmlands, was detected in 66 percent of the participants.
  • Higher concentrations of 2,4-D were linked with poorer performance in areas of attention, memory, and language.
  • Glyphosate showed a negative impact on the teenagers’ ability to recognize emotions.
  • DEET, the insect repellent, was not found to affect cognitive performance.

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“Hundreds of new chemicals are released into the market each year, and more than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use today,” says Dr. Suarez. “Sadly, very little is known about the safety and long-term effects on humans for most of these chemicals. Additional research is needed to truly understand the impact.”

This particular research is a segment of ESPINA: The Study of Secondary Exposures to Pesticides Among Children and Adolescents, which seeks to understand the effects of pesticide exposure on human development from childhood to adulthood. This extensive research is funded by various organizations, including the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Dr. Suarez and his team are planning to continue their research to see if the observed effects persist as the study participants transition into early adulthood.

The study is published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

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Source: Study Finds

Image: Pexels

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