Which Path Will You Choose in 2023?

By Neenah Payne

As we face the Sixth Mass Extinction, there are growing calls for us to “Think Different” and to choose a different path. Since there are just six inches of top soil left now — enough to grow food for only 60 more years — we have no options but to evolve now if we want to survive!

Eckhart Tolle is the author of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Oneness With All Life, and Stillness Speaks. He says:

Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns Doing and is secondary. Your inner purpose is to awaken. You share this purpose with every other person on the planet because it is the purpose of humanity.

However, Tolle doesn’t say what we are to awaken to or how to do it! Luckily, humanity has some very wonderful guides to help us now as shown further below.

Eckhart Tolle: We Need Wisdom Now

Tolle explains in the video below that we are going through a period of insanity, a collective illness. He says we need wisdom now. He predicts that as we move past the ego, there will be a very different Great Reset from the one the globalists are planning!

Video: “A Great Reset Will Happen…” Eckhart Tolle

Why Joe Rogan’s Interviews on Mass Psychosis “Broke The Internet” explains that Belgian psychologist Professor Mattias Desmet, author The Psychology of Totalitarianism, says the world is going through a “Mass Formation” (psychosis). Desmet is a psychologist, statistician, and professor at Ghent University in Belgium. His book helps explain why so many people accepted the COVID narrative without question.

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

In the video below, Prof. Desmet says the challenge now is to find the solution to the psychological crisis of alienation that led so many people to accept the totalitarian COVID policies. He points out that in addressing that malaise, we can come out of COVID better off than we were before. Prof. Desmet says, “That’s the REAL revolution that has to happen. The old mechanistic view of humanity is replaced by a new view. Ultimately, we are dealing with an ideological problem. It’s this view of man in the world that is the real problem in this situation.” He says this is an incredible moment of evolution.

Prof. Desmet emphasizes that speaking out in defense of truth is the best protection against the insanity of a totalitarian regime. He says non-violent resistance is the only viable strategy. He explains that totalitarian systems always destroy themselves but become particularly vicious if the opposition falls silent. He points out that it’s important to build “parallel structures” — just as Vaclav Havel said in his book The Power of The Powerless and did in Czechoslovakia, finally becoming president twice!

The Power of the Powerless

Mattias Desmet on Our Grave Situation

In his interview below with Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, Prof. Desmet explained that the problem is not just the globalists — but that many people accepted the false ideology. He says when science first challenged the orthodoxy of the Roman Catholic Church, it was revolutionary and raised important questions. However, now that science is established, it has become an orthodoxy that resists questions. That’s why Fauci could claim he is “science” and, therefore, is not to be questioned.

Everything begins with a new spirit and devolves into a dead form. That’s why the US Founding Fathers said it’s good to have periodic revolutions. However, Prof. Desmet warns against any violence because that would be used to justify annihilation of anyone who questions the establishment. Instead, he encourages us to question our own beliefs and to “think different” as Apple advises us!


Prof. Desmet says in the video below that 95% of people are now hypnotized by the official COVID narrative. At about 54 minutes, the interviewer (Aubrey Marcus) introduces “A Third Way” of thinking rather than the polarization which has divided the nation.

Psychological Tricks That Make People WILLINGLY Give Up Their Freedom W/ Prof. Mattias Desmet| AMP

In Mattias Desmet about Mass Formation and modern society, Tucker Carlson explained that Dr. Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA technology used in the COVID shots, introduced Prof. Desmet’s theory of “Mass Formation” (psychosis) during his interview with Joe Rogan in December 2021. Desmet says loneliness is the root cause of group think because it gives people a sense of belonging. He explains that the West got off on the wrong track during the Enlightenment when science became based solely on the physical and ignored the spiritual reality.

Evolution: The Real Revolution Now

Why Joe Rogan’s Interviews on Mass Psychosis “Broke The Internet” explains that on the Highwire show EPISODE 249: BREAKING MASS PSYCHOSIS on 1/7/22, host Del Bigtree said that Dr. Peter McCullough on 12/18/21 and Dr. Malone on 1/3/22 discussed Prof. Desmet’s concept of “Mass Psychosis” on the Joe Rogan show. That sent lots of people searching for information on how COVID was used to drive Americans crazy with fear.

See COVID Mass Psychosis: Causes and Solutions and MASS PSYCHOSIS – DR PETER MCCULLOUGH.

Dr. McCullough gave credit to Prof. Desmet and Dr. Mark McDonald. Dr. McDonald’s book is United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis.

In WHAT IS MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS? IS THE PUBLIC BEING GASLIT?, Kim Iversen showed on 1/5/21 that the term “Mass Formation Psychosis” trended on so many searches that it “broke the internet”! When Google censored the information, she went to DuckDuckGo and found that the term came from Joe Rogan’s December 31 interview with Dr. Malone. See Why Doesn’t Google Want You to Know About ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’?

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

By Chris Martenson

“Just over seven months ago, I helped introduce the world to Mattias Desmet and the concept of “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis). Nearly half a million people watched our video…. Prominent voices like Dr. Robert Malone, Joe Rogan, and many others quoted the show and Mattias, and the idea of a mass psychosis taking over our world became common knowledge. I found profound relief at finally having a framework for understanding – and even having compassion for – my fellow citizens who seemed to be going, well, crazy. A light on a very dark path began to shine.”

In his newest book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, Mattias helps us understand how those we supposedly trusted are still trying to create a world in which they have full control.”

The video shows the connection between the burning of 6-9 million women during the Inquisition and the COVID totalitarianism. Martenson explains that the narrative behind totalitarianism is that we will get to a utopia if we kill enough people. Prof. Desmet says, “Totalitarianism begins with the belief that a reshaping of society is needed to save the world. It starts from a blind ideological conviction. The ideology has a grip both on the elite and on the masses.

He explains that all the ideologies, including Transhumanism, boil down to a mechanistic view of humanity. The idea is that the universe is a dead, material machine that can be understood and controlled in a rational way. That’s the core problem we are facing and that ideology ultimately leads to concentration camps. Martenson  points out that we have two paths before us now. One leads to mass atrocities.

Prof. Desmet explains that all top scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries discovered that the essence of life is beyond rational understanding which requires another way of knowing the world. That understanding puts you in touch with the eternal principles of life which are ethical principles. Prof. Desmet points out, “If you are convinced that everything around you can be reduced to the categories of your logical understanding, you constantly destroy your connection to life. You destroy your awareness of the mystery of life.” He explains that relying just on a rational understanding of life builds a wall that isolates us from the vibration of life.

Prof. Desmet explains,

Religion at the end of the 15th century was estranged, alienated from its origins. The seminal, original religious experience was not dogmatic in nature. It was a personal, authentic encounter with something that escapes all rational understanding and all logical understanding and something which is the core of life. Religion regressed from this fresh, seminal experience….to an institutionalized, dogmatic practice that, indeed, became very problematic itself.

In the beginning, science represented a fresh, new way to look at the world, to experience nature in the world. But now, on the one hand, we have what I call “small science”. It’s a theology which has nothing to do anymore with open mindedness. Science became dogmatic itself. On the other hand, we have the seminal scientists — the real scientists for me — and these guys actually show us the way. They show us that if you follow rationality as far as possible, you will arrive at a new kind of knowing the world — the true encounter with the essence of life, with the core of life. That is the charge for our society now, I think. We have to transcend rational understanding. In this way, we will rediscover the land that transcends rationality.

We will see that when the technocratic system manifests in the open, it will prove itself to be wrong and incapable of delivering a fruitful basis for human living together. That’s where this other kind of knowledge will take over, I think, and will show that the true human living together can only be based on the eternal principles of humanity — on ethical principles — and not so much on rational understanding which is only the preliminary phase for true knowledge.

Martenson explains:

We’re living through the Salem witch trials again….There was a period of time right around the Enlightenment where the masculine attributes of rationality, determinism, and mechanism really got brought out and explored — and maybe overdone.  However, the feminine was completely violated — just driven out burned at the stake, literally, for daring to talk with plants and gather plant knowledge and doing something other than what at that time the Church wanted.

So, you look at the old temples and there’s Zeus and Athena. There was always this balance. That got ripped out of the system. This unknowing, the Feminine, being comfortable with not only not knowing but knowing that you will never know. We have to bring that balance back in. Anything in excess is bad. So, what you’re talking about is a great rebalancing that needs to happen.

My concern is that if we don’t raise ourselves out of this ideology trance in time, Nature will solve that for us. Nature bats last and She’s shed more species than we even know about. What role can the people who are listening to this play to snap us out of this in time so we can get back to the process of rebalancing and living in a way that would be nourishing and fulfilling for us?”

Prof. Desmet: “The most important advice I could give — and that’s also in my book — is that we all have to stick to the first and foremost ethical rule for a human being. We should try to articulate the words that seem sincere and honest. We should continue to speak out in our own way….

We all fall prey to this rationalist idea that we should try to understand what is happening around us and then on the basis of this rational analysis, should make our decisions. That’s good. We all have to try to rationally analyze what happens around us to a certain extent, but I don’t think that our rational analysis will ever be capable of really telling us what to do. In the nearby future things will become so chaotic, things will change so fast that we will never be able to predict what will happen and we will never be able to base our actions on rational understanding.

Instead, we better focus on our own principles. We better think about what it means to be a human being. If we stick to these principles, all these things that are now out of balance will slowly become more balanced. I think that as a human being, we have to be aware of the fact that it’s not up to us to control everything. It’s not up to us to make change happen. It’s up to us to live up to the principles of humanity. That’s up to us and the rest will be done for us.

All balances now disturbed will be restored. I try to analyze in a rational way. I try to understand in a rational way, but the more I try to be rational, the longer I become aware of the fact that the essence of life is not situated at the level of rationality. It’s not there. What makes you live a life worthy of a human being is not your rational understanding. It’s your courage and your energy to stick to the principle of humanity. To be clear, it’s very difficult for me as well to stay true to my principles, but I’m sure that that is what really gives me a feeling of human satisfaction every time I do it. If you are prepared to lose a lot in order to be able to stay close to your principles, that is what will be rewarding in the longer term, I think.

That is what, in the end, will bring you the most important thing that a human being can experience — namely just a feeling of humanity and satisfaction, feeling existence as a human subject, feeling that you are less dependent on your ego, on what others think about you, and feeling that you are closer to the real, to the eternal spirit that trembles in everything around us and that we can only encounter every time we are humble enough to admit that our own rational understanding is only the very beginning of knowing the world and is never capable of grasping the essence of our life.”

Martenson concludes: “These are the best of times and the worst of times. For me, the best of this is that these times have revealed for me who’s standing tall and who are the intellectual giants and the moral, courageous warriors of our time because they stand up and they’re counted — Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, and Paul Merrick. People that just stood up and got attacked and lost their jobs. They didn’t waiver. They just said, ‘This is what I know to be true’ and like you said, their power to me is that they talk what they know to be true in their own words.

I think that’s what these times are really calling for — asking us, if we choose, to stand up and it’s not without risk. So, these are the times that are really calling for us to stand up. I love what you’ve done in this book to ground us. It was not what I was expecting. I thought we were going to get a thicker treatise on totalitarianism and mass formation.

You delighted me. You started with the Enlightenment and finished with what Big Science really needs to be which is the best of what the rational can offer — but you didn’t stop there. You went further and said, ‘By the way, that’s always only going to be half the story. We have to invite the other half of the story back in — and it’s time for that. That’s our path and our salvation.’

Thank you for writing that. It’s just wonderful to read — delightful. I can’t recommend it highly enough. So, for anybody thinking of getting it, it’s just full of gems.

Ancient Wisdom From Native America

My Articles About Native America in my Urban Gardens Revolutions site shows that a growing number of Native Americans are helping guide humanity from the brink now. We just have to be wise enough now to learn and follow.

Native American cultures held onto the “Original Instructions” on how to live on Earth. See Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future.

So, they have been a “keystone species” for thousands of years — protecting the earth, water, plants, and animals for the next seven generations.  This worldview and connectedness to the Earth provides people with a sense of purpose, identity, and collaboration which can heal the existential loneliness that fueled the “Mass Formation” (psychosis). Native Americans held onto the ancient wisdom the West lost during the Inquisition which is needed now to guide us from the brink of destruction.

This series of articles will be updated periodically because there are so many wonderful Native American authors, professors, lawyers, scientists, etc. guiding the world back to sanity now. This depth of healing wisdom is no longer found now outside indigenous cultures.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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