5G/EMF/RF News Update, Tighter Standards Needed For Humans and Bees: Updates from Italy, Australia, the European Union, and Shacktown

Complied by Patricia Burke

In August of 2021, a court in the US ruled that the FCC decision not to review its radio frequency exposure guidelines was “arbitrary, capricious, and not evidence-based.”

In October of 2021, the EU ruled that citizen concern about 5G was “not manifestly abusive, frivolous or vexatious.”

Now, Italian researchers have studied the link between pesticides and EMFs and bee deaths.

Industry and media ridicule and dismissal of EMF concerns are on the wrong side of history.

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From Italy

New Study: Pesticides Together With Electromagnetic Fields Can Stress Bees Leading To Colony Collapse Disorder

A 2021 study entitled, “Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure” published in the journal Insects (affiliated with the American Association of Professional Apiculturists) by scientists of the University of Milan Italy and Instituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia ed Emilia Romagna “Bruno Ubertini” found the combined effects pesticides and non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on bees potentiated several effects including disease, higher mortality, behavioral alterations (queen changes, excess of both drone-brood deposition and honey storage) and biochemical anomalies.

Bee colonies were set up in a field trial under different conditions.  The multi-stress site showed the worst health condition of the bee colonies, with only one alive at the end of the experimentation out of the four ones present at the beginning.

The study concludes that, “the overall results clearly indicate that the multi-stress conditions were able to induce biochemical, physiological and behavioral alterations which severely threatened bee colony survival.”In regards to colony collapse disorder (CCD), the researchers conclude that, “overall, the loss of three out of four families in the multi-stress site confirmed the role of the multi-stress conditions as the mechanism able to cause the phenomena of hive depopulation (CCD). – Environmental Health Trust

5G Effects, Cell Towers, Trees, Climate, Birds, Bees and Trees

Increasingly, with the forced imposition of increased RF exposures, citizens worldwide are concerned that earth itself is becoming a “multi-stress site” affecting human health and the environment.

From Australia:

Do current standards for wireless radiation adequately protect our families?

By Lynn McLean, EMR Australia

Not according to Uloma Igara Uche and Olga Naidenko, writing in the July issue of the journal Environmental Health.

‘Radiofrequency radiation can elicit carcinogenic, genotoxic, reproductive, developmental, neurological, and cognitive effects,’ the authors said. ‘Continuously increasing exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication devices and sources brings urgency to the question of health-protective limits for such exposures.’

In their paper, the authors analysed data from two large, long-term animal experiments—one by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the other by Italy’s Ramazzini Institute. The NTP study found that rodents exposed to wireless radiation prenatally and long-term (for two years) had increased rates of cardiac, genetic and cancerous damage. The Ramazzini study found that rats exposed for their entire lifetime (prenatally and to death) had higher rates of schwannomas of the heart.

Using this data, the authors calculated the exposure dose at which these problems developed. They applied the ten-fold safety factory that is usually applied to translate data from animals to humans; another ten-fold safety factor to account for differences in the human population, and a 5-fold safety factory to apply the data to children, who are generally thought be more sensitive to environmental stresses than adults.

The results showed that current US standards are not sufficiently protective.

The limits Uche and Olga V Naidenko derived are very much lower and are given as Specific Absorption Rates (SARs), i.e., how much radiation is absorbed by tissues.

For adults, they arrived at a limit of 2 to 4 milliWatts per kg (mW/kg), 20 to 40 times lower than the existing US limit and less than international limits of the International Commission on NonIonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), followed by Australia.

For children, they arrived at a limit of 0.2—0.4 mW/kg.

‘Both technology changes and behavior chances may be necessary to achieve these lower exposure levels. Simple actions, such as keeping the wireless devices farther away from the body, offer an immediate way to decrease RFR [radiofrequency radiation] exposure for the user.’

Uloma Igara Uche and Olga V. Naidenko, ’Development of health-based exposure limits for radiofrequency radiation from wireless devices using a benchmark dose approach ‘, Environ Health (2021) 20:84 https://doi.org/10.1186/s12940-021-00768-1;  https://ehjournal.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12940-021-00768-1.pdf

Warm regards, Lyn McLean, Director, www.emraustralia.com.au

From the European Union:

European Commission Registers European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) entitled ‘Stop 5G- Stay Connected but Protected’

Commission Decides To Register New European Citizens’ Initiative

Press Release, European Commission (Brussels), Oct 7, 2021

Today, the European Commission decided to register a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) entitled ‘Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected’. The organisers of the initiative call on the Commission to propose legislation to better protect all forms of life from certain alleged risks of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation, to protect against certain other alleged environmental impacts of 5G and related digitalisation, and to ensure effective protection, including against cybercrime, of personal data processed with these new forms of communication technology.

Source: https://europa.eu/citizens-initiative/initiatives/details/2021/000009_en

Campaign Website: https://www.signstop5g.eu/

Following today’s registration, the organisers can start the process of collecting signatures. If an ECI receives 1 million statements of support within 1 year from at least 7 different Member States, the Commission will have to examine its content in detail and react. The Commission could decide either to follow the request or not, and in both instances would be required to explain its reasoning.

(Background: The European Citizens’ Initiative was introduced with the Lisbon Treaty as an agenda-setting tool in the hands of citizens. It was officially launched in April 2012. Once formally registered, a European Citizens’ Initiative allows 1 million citizens from at least seven EU Member States to invite the European Commission to propose legal acts in areas where it has the power to act. The conditions for admissibility are: (1) the proposed action does not manifestly fall outside the framework of the Commission’s powers to submit a proposal for a legal act, (2) it is not manifestly abusive, frivolous or vexatious and (3) it is not manifestly contrary to the values of the Union.)

Objectives of the Petition

5G deployment is putting our rights to a healthy environment, freedom and privacy at stake.

We call on the Commission to propose legislation to protect citizens and the environment from these threats:

  1. Humans, fauna and flora are being harmed by radiation. Current exposure limits provide insufficient protection — especially for vulnerable people (like children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly), animals, pollinating insects and plants

— Enact regulation to protect all life from radio frequency and microwave radiation *

  1. With 5G the amount of connected electronic devices, antennas and satellites will explode. Unsustainable energy consumption, radiation emissions, harmful mining and pollution will follow, which will endanger biodiversity and natural habitats

— Enact stronger regulation to protect the environment from all the impacts of 5G and digitalization*

  1. 5G enables massive data collection and surveillance by connected objects. This will increase the risk of cybercrime, data leak, theft, resale and misuse of artificial intelligence

— Enact effective data protection to safeguard our privacy, security and freedom *

Campaigning website: https://www.signstop5g.eu

Annex: Enact Regulation To Protect All Life From Radio Frequency And Microwave Radiation

Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies independent from industry including the most recent research prove radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) have harmful bioeffects at intensities millions of times lower than current limits. We demand the application of the precautionary principle to RF EMF in order to protect against risks to the environment and human health

Ten proposals to implement in EU law

  1. Enact RF EMF exposure limits based on all health and biological effects, not only those related to temperature, to protect humans – above all children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly, the infirm, electrohypersensitive people (EHS), those injured by this radiation and those using electromedical devices or implants; apply the precautionary principle
  2. Update Recommendation 1999/519/EC and Workplace Directive 2013/35/EU. These “should be regularly reviewed and reassessed”
  3. Recommendation 1999/519/EC and Workplace Directive 2013/35/EU “must be based on the best available scientific data”. We demand limits are set to the MOST PROTECTIVE AMONG ALL scientific and empirical guidelines available, including
  • Council of Europe Resolution 1815
  • Bioinitiative 2012
  • Building biology evaluation guidelines
  • EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016
  1. Ensure additional exposure guidelines are made by scientists with biomedical expertise and who are free from conflicts of interest: appoint a new panel or expand SCHEER’s activities to assess RF EMF’s bioactive parameters
  2. Ensure the testing of wireless devices, antennas and their operation assesses all biologically active parameters of RF EMF
  3. Replace wireless connections with cables. Do so immediately in places such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, all public buildings
  4. Educate the public on the hazards associated with wireless connections and how to minimize exposure (e.g. using cables)
  5. Advise member states to provide low/no radiation zones in municipalities. Declare all nature reserves and parks low/no radiation zones
  6. In order to protect human health and bio-integrity, ask EU citizens for informed consent before exposing them to RF EMF
  7. On the basis of the precautionary principle, enact a directive regarding RF EMF exposure limits for the protection of fauna and flora

For More Information; https://europa.eu/citizens-initiative/initiatives/details/2021/000009_en

Listen to Learn:

“Traction On 5G Cell Tower Fight- Shacktown Neighborhood, Pittsfield, MA”  –  the tower that sprung up in a neighborhood during covid


(42 minute video)

Gaining traction on achieving healthier standards for cell tower sitings: progress in Shacktown to move the cell tower casting a shadow on a residential neighborhood, taking a pause on a project at the Curtis building In Lenox. Dr. Kent Chamberlin talks about his work for a commission making recommendations for state legislation in New Hampshire, and how it is becoming a model for other states, Courtney Gilardi updates on the recent meetings with the Pittsfield Board of Health and talks with Verizon. Let’s move that tower.

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