Can We Come to Understand We Are One Global Cosmic Interconnected Being? Highlights from recent webinar, Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future

Compiled by Kate Kheel and Stop 5G International

“Humanity’s current story is one of separation.” Amber Yang, Moderator

Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future is a webinar co-sponsored by Stop 5G International and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. The webinar brought together people from various fields and advocacy groups to share and cross fertilize minds and hearts, as we try to make sense of these seemingly disruptive and confusing times, and to feel into what may be manifesting on the horizon.

Once upon a time, we humans lived symbiotically within nature, much as all species on this planet do. Over time, we moved to an agricultural society which gave rise to property, production, and commerce, and set into motion the pursuit of gain – the “haves” and the “have nots”.

Nature, once our home, was demoted to a commodity to be used, sold, and traded. Global travel developed allowing for inter-fertilization between cultures. And thus began our centuries long escapade into more, bigger, and faster. All in the name of “progress”.

But now we’re at a juncture. Earth can no longer sustain our ever-expanding, extractive way of life.

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Is there a way that we humans can come to understand that although we appear to be trillions upon trillions of seemingly disparate organisms, we are One Global, Cosmic Interconnected Being? Can our global civilization learn to live with and within the natural world? And if so, what role can each of us play in this unfolding?

These are some of the questions explored in the recent webinar co-sponsored by Stop 5G International and the Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Following are some of the highlights from the seven panelists who presented on the webinar, Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future. We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of panelists, and to Kenn Burrows and Amber Yang who with insight and heart co-moderated the webinar.

A common thread weaving together all the presentations was that the root cause of most of societal ills is that we have lostthe understanding of our inherent interconnectedness withall life.

“This world view of separation is a worldview that’s past its expiration date.” Jeremy Lent

During his presentation, author, speaker, and visionary, Jeremy Lent, shared that to change course now and ensure our survival, we must shift our world view. Jeremy explained, “There is an alternative way of making sense of things that is actually much more in tune with what modern science tells us…” Jeremy continued, “We are not all separate individuals —we are actually life within all life.”

Jeremy explained that in nature, organisms cooperate with one another. “This doesn’t mean there’s no competition in nature, but it means there’s competition and cooperation… It’s cooperation that has led to this richness and abundance of our beautiful biodiverse earth.”

Professor Apffel-Marglin, Ph.D., offered a fascinating though brief history of the loss and re-emergence of Shamanism, and how Shamanism can help us better understand our interconnectedness with nature.

“With the invention of science,” Frédérique explained, “we have not only enacted strict rules to separate us from what we study, but we have determined that this separation is not only necessary for achieving truth, but in fact reflects our reality in the world.” Frédérique added that according to this misguided world view, “We – or more precisely our minds – are totally separate from the world around us.”

Frédérique spoke about Anima Mundi (literally, the soul of the world), and how this world view “saw the cosmos as being completely integrated. Plants, minerals, animals, humans, the planets, the stars, and more were all connected.”

She added, “If such an experience was common … we would know that we humans are entirely fluid with the universe, integral with it. Violently extracting things from the earth or pouring toxic materials into its atmosphere, waters, and soil becomes much more difficult to envisage…Shamanic experiences help us become aware of our being part of the fabric of this numinous universe.”

“We live in a world that is getting better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster, and it’s all happening at the same time. I believe there is a pathway through chaos.”
Julian Gresser

International attorney Julian Gresser is well-known in 5G circles for his strategic legal actions to restore balance in both satellite deployment and in the rollout of 5G.But for this webinar, Julian “donned another hat” and focused primarily on synchronicity.

Julian shared how opening to the wonders of synchronicity can help us find sense through these seemingly chaotic times.

“CSS [coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity] can be viewed as a communication system among human beings and all of nature; that is beyond our consensus notions of time and space; that not only Mind but Heart has a role in this process; and we can learn to understand and communicate individually and collectively with sources of CSS.”

By opening one’s mind and heart to synchronicity, one can find meaning, direction, and sense that can serve as a guiding light as we navigate the turbulent waters of our times.

Julian invited us to “pay it forward” by passing along the gift of [opening to] synchronicity to someone else to “lighten their burdens…Paying Forward is how we can Turn the Wheel.”

Henna Maria – activist, speaker, poet, and practitioner of ancestral healing arts – spoke of the modern warrior, referring to those who actively engage in trying to protect the world and all living beings.

“The warrior in the indigenous culture is someone who protects the innocent and especially those who cannot stand up for themselves including the plant and animal kingdom, the water, and the earth.” Henna Mariawent on to say, “The enemy now is not a legion of bloodthirsty brutes, but a mentality, a world view. It is the attempt to totally separate us from nature and thus from our inner nature. The battlefield is in the minds and hearts of humanity.”

In suggesting a direction, she quoted natural law teacher Mark Passio, who, “brilliantly explains the law of freedom: The more moral a society becomes, the freer it becomes also. For only immoral people require a violent control system.”

“If you do not bring forth your soul’s calling, your sacred dream, this unexpressed yearning will eat you inside and destroy you. But if you do bring forth your purpose, the beauty of your heart’s archives, this joy will save you.” …and presumably, will help bring forth a freer and less violent society.

Bruce Gagnon, who since 1992 has coordinated the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, focused his presentation on the darkness and violence that can result when we lose sight of our interconnectedness with all life.

“Recently we’ve heard of Elon Musk talking about wanting to nuke Mars to terraform the planet…to make it livable. Terraform means turning it green, like the Earth – the beautiful, bountiful Earth we live on. So instead of cleaning it up, these Mars afficionados are saying we need to move our civilization there because, quote, “The Earth is a rotting, dying stinking planet.”

Bruce pointed out that spiritual disconnection is the root cause as“capitalism looks forward to moving into the Heavens, to grab ahold of the planets, to make money off them, to sell the public on the notion of this grand idea of moving civilization into the Heavens.”

Kazuaki Tanahashi is an artist, writer, and worker for peace and the environment. In his talk, Kazuaki shared four wise, hopeful,and guiding principles:

No situation is impossible to change.
A communal vision, outstanding strategy, and sustained effort can bring forth positive changes.
Everyone can help make a difference.
No one is free of responsibility.

Kazuaki also called for a reduction in the huge US military budget, and that the excess funds be used to address a more sustainable future. He also called for campaign contributions and large-scale lobbying by big corporations and rich people to be curtailed, “so in democracy we can make this change possible, if many of us are awakened.”

Write your peace songs – Kazuaki Tanahashi

For many years, Jean Hudon has been at the forefront of the global movement to shift our world onto a sustainable, peaceful, healthier path.Jean shared a moving video presentation he made especially for this webinar, Knowing and Sensing Who We Truly Are Can Make a Whole World of Difference.

“Most of us know intuitively our current path of profit-seeking exploitation of the once bountiful resources of this planet is leading us into a bleak future, global environmental collapse, and even possible extinction of most complex life forms….We are the only species that can both create the purest, most enchanting forms of art, expressing the astounding wealth of intelligence and sensibility our souls are capable of, and the means of its own destruction out of a primal fear of being conquered and dominated by a perceived enemy.”

Jean offers a way out, a path that is reminiscent of what Henna Maria and Julian touched on in their talks:

“Once you feel, deep within, your Oneness with All That Is, how can you wish to hurt any living expression of Source, be it a tiny creature or another human vehicle for a soul made of the same cloth as your soul?”

“If there is so much suffering on Earth, so much mindless destruction, violence, hatred, it is because nearly every human being is caught in the throes of a powerful illusion and is utterly ignorant about Who he or she is. Dispelling this illusion requires time, reiteration, and patient Love. We are getting there. We will make it through. We are awakening!”

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