Effective Home Remedies for Myopia

Myopia is another word for short sightedness where you can’t see close objects. If your child frequently complains of not being able to see the blackboard or if you can’t recognize a person from across the street then you are most likely to be suffering from myopia. Myopia is really a common eye condition caused due to refractive conditions of light.

Myopia is first seen in children and it goes to your adolescence as well and eventually stabilizes in adulthood. But myopia can worsen if not retreated. It may even degenerate the eye. The reason myopia is so common is because of the advent of modernization where we are all surrounded by gadgets( laptops, Smartphones, television, etc) making life comfortable but at the same time having detrimental effects on health.

There are some healthy practices that can keep myopia away and they are some pretty effective ways to at least control it.

  1. Outdoor time: Children are advised to spend quality time outdoors in the greenery rather than staying indoors and watching television or being glued to their phones. Nature provides a soothing effect to the eye.
  2. Watching sunrise: Watching the sunrise is a good practice as it has a healing effect on your eye. Going for treks or walks to watch the sunrise is really a good practice.
  3. Exercise: We exercise to maintain general health, similarly, eye exercises are also beneficial. Doing the eyeball movements from up, down, sideways, clockwise and anticlockwise and making these small exercises a regular practice can really control myopia conditions.
  4. Warming the eye: Applying warmth to the eye with your palms is a good habit. It releases stress and relaxes your eyes for some time.
  5. Your reading habits: Reading is a really nice and addictive practice but at the same time you should really take care of your reading habits. You should never read under dim lights or in moving vehicles on in a sleeping posture. They provide strain to your eyes and can have bad effects I the future.
  6. Food habits: Your good food habits can also control myopia. Consuming milk, protein rich food, vegetables rich in vitamin A(carrots, spinach, peas, etc) keeps your eye problems away.
  7. Using natural products: Indian Gooseberry or Amla, Black Currents, Grape seed extracts, etc, are natural remedies to your eye conditions and can greatly reduce myopia. Also coconut, almond, anise seed or sugar powder, if consumed are effective treatments. These are some of the best natural remedies .
  8. Eye drops and treatment: Using natural eye drops like chamomile can greatly reduce myopia but do consult a physician before treating your eyes with them. Also eye bath with nettle in water and soaked in towels can help treat myopia conditions and delay it as well.

These are some of the natural remedies for a drug free Myopia treatment. Since myopia is seen at a very small age in children, prevention of this condition can be done from home itself without having to acquire medical aid. There are some natural remedies which are really effective and they all start with good habits like exercise, healthy diet, relaxation, good reading habits, among others.

And it’s always good to keep your eye problems miles away from a small age!

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