Russia Confirms Presence of Mysterious Cloud of Extremely High Radiation

radiation cloud

By Heather CallaghanEditor

A Russian region is literally experiencing radiation nearly 1,000x the norm – but from where? What about the cloud over Europe in October?

About a month ago, a “mysterious radiation cloud” was witnessed over Europe, but the source remains unknown, despite speculation that there could have been a “nuclear accident” in Russia or Kazakhstan, Zero Hedge reports.

Today, Russian officials confirmed the previous reports of radiation spikes over the Ural mountains. Additionally, the Russian Meteorological Service said noted a release of Ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals before October and it was classified as “extremely high contamination.”

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Zero Hedge adds:

…France’s nuclear safety agency earlier this month said that it recorded a spike in radioactivity, and said that “the most plausible zone of release” of this radioactive material “lies between the Volga and the Urals” from a suspected accident involving nuclear fuel or the production of radioactive material. The agency noted, however, that it is impossible to determine the exact point of release given the available data. Luckily, it said the release of the isotope Ruthenium-106 posed no health or environmental risks to European countries.

The nearby nuclear plants or processing plants have denied any contributions to the mysterious spikes in radiation. However, it was not lost on people that Rosatom – a government-controlled corporation was also implicated in the Uranium One scandal.

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Likewise, the Russian meteorological service detected levels of radiation in Ural villages that were nearly 1,000 times the norm and they were near the Mayak processing plant.

Mayak was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history in 1957. Tens of thousands of people were contaminated when a radiation storage tank leaked, but the Soviet Union concealed the discovery.

Zero Hedge explains:

The Mayak nuclear processing plant, located in the Urals, has also come out with a statement saying that “atmospheric pollution with ruthenium-106 that was found by Rosgidromet is not connected to the work of Mayak,” since the work on the separation of ruthenium-106 from spent nuclear fuel (and the production of ionizing radiation sources on its basis) has not been carried out for many years at the facility.

Earlier, Rosgidromet confirmed that the the monitoring systems have detected an increase in the concentration of ruthenium over several parts of Russia. However, according to the press release, the concentration does not exceed the maximum permissible concentrations. The head of Rosgidromet, however, said that the automatic monitoring system detected an increase in the concentration of Ru-106 not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. According to him, the concentration in Romania was 1.5-2 times higher than the concentration in Russia.

Interestingly – and perhaps disturbingly – a Rosatom rep told Sputnik News that there were “no incidents or accidents at nuclear facilities in Russia.”

Greenpeace is demanding a probe into Mayak.

Even though the IRSN suggested that the cause might be an accident, no one really knows for sure where the spiked levels are coming from.

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ImageFrance’s Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety published this graphic 
to show radiation levels.

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