Your Consciousness and Their Arrests

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Op-ed by Exopolitics

Do you know that YOUR consciousness is millions of times stronger than the nuclear force?

So, why the hell aren’t you using it right now to bring on the arrests of the psychopathic criminals destroying our world?

Why aren’t we all?

It’s not hard.  In fact it’s merely dependent on our imagining those arrests in as much detail as possible and having the feelings that generates in us.

And what would those feelings be?  For most of us, we’d feel unbelievable joy!

Read this and watch the videos before you go further.

How To Change Reality Through A Special Kind of Prayer

Once you really understand that consciousness is what creates our reality, you’ll understand why the psychopaths are flooding us in every form possible of miserable images and words and music the world they dream of – with our doom, financially, environmentally, personally.  The more details of that doom – through movies so we see it, through TV so we are bombarded with horrors and crimes and injustice all day, and through video games so we even participate in it – the better.

They are using the astounding power of your imagination and feelings (the two combined are the key) to create a huge force to generate the world THEY want.  And you are the clueless engine of your own destruction, you nincompoop.

They’ve got your consciousness by the balls.

But then again, it ain’t just you.  We all are participating in the insanity they have crafted for us, and lending them our emotional force to make it happen.

Well, damn.  I mean, damn.  That’s like burning down our house to please an arsonist.

Why don’t we get the picture and cut out being useful fools?   We have this astronomically powerful thing about us –  our consciousness – being used against us and we can just take it the hell back.

Forget the endless sordid, heartbreaking or enraging dramas they keep serving us to keep our consciousness and emotion focused right where they want.  Is Hillary sick?  A clone?  Will Trump’s toupee fall off?  Will Obama do more stuff that’s the exact opposite of what he says?  Will money inflate, disappear, collapse, be stolen, and end up on Mars?

Screw it.  Stay in their story line and we can’t stop them because we make the story go.

Instead, we can just say “Kiss Off, you Satanic jerks,”  and start using our consciousness in the millions to help make real what we all, in every part of the world, actually dream of – imprisoning the nuts who are wrecking our world.  And – as Gregg Braden says in the first video in the link above … what the universe needs to feel from us is our joy that those arrests have already happened.

There are lots of things we could imagine but arrests of criminals would probably please billions tremendously.  And we don’t even have to get specific around what categories of crimes or who did them.  Just imagine arrests happening and enjoy yourself tremendously, because it is your feelings – your joy – that puts this huge energy out into the field and raises the vibration so high that the Satanic Schmucks can’t stand it.  They need the low vibrations of fear and hatred and greed and terror to function.  They feed off those feelings, and terror is their special dessert.

So, how about starve them of dinner?  How about we feel our own intense joy and fill the consciousness field we all share field with enormously high vibrations and let’s be done with them.  Swamp the field with joy they can’t bear.

Worrying s what they want.  Laughter is not.  Many times a day, on your own, picture arrests  in your mind and feel your delighted reaction to them in your powerful heart,

But whatever you do, don’t hate, don’t picture cruelty to them, don’t lower your vibration to their level.  Don’t make it about Democrats or Republicans or be nitpicking.  You’re reaching the universe, not stuck in some political argument or filling out an order form.  Just picture arrests of criminals and a wonderful world afterward, and let the universe do the rest.

No more moaning and complaining and being angry or scared.
Screw helping them like that.  Instead, every time the media reaches out to grab your consciousness, slap it away.  Stop in that moment and fill your imagination with criminals being taken away and take time to fully feel your own joy.

Get busy.  We need the vibrations on this planet to be exponentially higher right now  And YOU are the means.  Are you strong enough to not get distracted?   Can you stay focused on joy for your country and the world?  Because it is a high
vibrational field that has to be generated and maintained.  It is the best offense and defense against those who have been intent in hurting our world.  And we stop them with our joy at their arrests.

This post (Your Consciousness and Their Arrests) by Exopolitics, where it originally appeared and appears on with permission.

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