Creativity and the Evolution of the Soul


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

To begin for this week – I’ve been writing a lot about creativity’s role in the evolution of the soul, because it’s a topic that’s close to my heart. I’ve always enjoyed being creative; there’s an inherent sense of play involved that reconnects you with the inner child and reminds you of a time when life was all about play.

Can you remember a time in your childhood when things were simple and you could have fun all day long without worrying about anything at all? Overtime, this part of us seems to whither as society slowly chips away at it with no regard for what we’re losing.

We lose the sense of play that made life fun and exciting, and we swap joy for the stressful and tedious demands of adult life.

Most people forget all about play since their minds are concerned solely with work and survival, but thanks to creativity, some are reconnecting with the spirit of play and touching upon a higher consciousness in the process.

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Creativity can be anything that has to do with bringing something into form from nothing (often with the help of instruments such as the pen or guitar), and we recognize it in various forms today. Writing, music, painting; poetry; street art; there are countless forms of art that, when pursued wholeheartedly, gradually reconnect you with the spirit.

As I‘ve written before, creativity requires self-reliance. To create anything, you have to bring it into form in a way that requires you to rely more on the Formless, which lives within you, and less on the material world for what we define as success.

Writing, music, painting and poetry make this clear. Artists in each field start out with a vision in their minds and hearts that they work hard to bring into form, and they wouldn’t be able to create anything if they relied on the external world. They use external instruments, but the creative force that powers them comes solely from within.

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If, as in the case of writing, the vision, inspiration or creative energies don’t seem to be there, they simply create out of inspiration-less thin air until they find the muse; or maybe it finds them when they make an effort. I haven’t really figured it out, but when I have no inspiration or nothing to write about, I write anyway.

If I can’t do it well at the time due to a lack of inspiration (or lack of a topic), at least I still show up and apply myself.

The reason is that I’ve learned something incredibly important for anyone who wants to seriously pursue a creative outlet like writing or music, either as a career or something that feeds the soul on a daily basis: it has to become a way of life.

There’s no way around centering your life on it, because this is the only
way to get anything worthwhile out of it. This thing you love so much, as well as the spark of joy and creativity you hope for it to inspire, should be the most important thing in your life alongside family and other important things.

It should be in the top three things you’re willing to devote your time and energy to, because a halfhearted effort will produce disappointing results. If you throw all of yourself into it, however, the results will be far beyond what you thought possible.

These forms of art aren’t just here to entertain us, and the truly devoted and open-minded have realized that they bring our awareness to inner states of being and the intuitive ‘voice’ that attempts to guide us through the evolutionary process.

You can take the traditional path into a higher consciousness with meditation or other things that bring your awareness to this connection in a more direct way, or, you can connect with it while sharing the creative/spiritual wealth with others via creative work.

Personally, I prefer creative work as a form of meditation but I still recommend meditation or whatever helps you reach this flowing inner space.

In my eyes, creativity nourishes the mind, heart and soul by establishing a connection with God and introducing us to deeper states of being where we see life for what it truly is and shatter the illusion of spiritual incarceration.

We’re already free despite what the ‘elite’ banksters want us to think, and creativity provides a path out of the mental jail cell we’ve created and leads us to the vibrant inner landscape where we can communicate clearly with Source.

The best part is that we’ll be inspired to help others, and if you’re passionate about some form of art, my advice is to see how passionate you really are by challenging yourself to do it a lot more. If you’re
passionate enough, you’ll grow at a rapid pace and you’ll be glad you took the plunge. If you’re not, you’ll quickly give up.

I intend to challenge myself to utilize this creative connection more often, because now more than ever, the world needs the higher vibrations we can provide with works that inspire us.

Image: NB, Pixabay

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