Art is Proven To Reduce Cortisol Stress – 12 Ideas to Get Started


By Heather Callaghan

Recently we reported the good news that the so-called stress hormone – cortisol – lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation. Attention: that includes any kind of art creation at any age or level of skill.

Cortisol is a protective hormone released during “fight or flight” situations. Unfortunately, the modern life promotes “cortisol moments” all the time and this leads to grievous wear and tear on the body, obesity, lowered immune response as well as hampered recovery. Some people have past trauma that runs in the background of their lives like open browser windows, triggering fight or flight throughout the day. Even low blood sugar can produce a cortisol stress event. Too often, people turn to television to escape, but this makes the problem much worse because it is nearly always a stressful ordeal and we often just keep sitting through the adrenaline rushes.

But wouldn’t it be great to “get away from it all” including the stress response every now and then and have 45 minutes of peace as you get lost in art? That’s exactly what happens when you engage the right side of your brain – the world fades away until you re-emerge. That’s according to Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain (I highly recommend both her book and the workbook because you learn how to draw easier by engaging your right brain).

Do you want to learn more about recovery through art and ideas to give that gift to others (I do!) – you can learn more at The American Art Therapy Association.

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Here are 12 ideas to engage in your favorite form of art – regardless of skill level

Honestly, don’t worry about skill level when it comes to art – just do it! Many people are turning to Adult Coloring books so that they can get lost in the coloring and do not have to think about creating a drawing first. Do whatever you can – those little breaks from flight or fight are helpful to your immune system and give you a much needed rest. The next time you go to click on the news, skip the stress break and relax with your favorite art project.

Water color


Oil Canvas


Anime, manga, comic, web comic, memes, pencil dawings


Zen water colors and Zen Gardens


Stained Glass, Mosaics


Collage, Postcards, Stationary, Journals


Street Art, Chalk


Rock Out With Rock Painting, Paint Pumpkins Too


Pottery and clay


Wall Art, Graffiti, Wall Murals


Costume, Cozplay, Fashion Creation, Re-enactment, Renaissance Festivals


Make Up and Hair Artistry – Don’t forget to check the ingredients!


Bonus: “Artivism” – Use your art for a higher cause! See the article on artivism.

Heck, you can even use drywall!

What is your favorite way to art it up? Comment below and share!

This article (Art is Proven To Reduce Cortisol Stress – 12 Ideas to Get Started) can be republished with attribution to Heather Callaghan and Natural

Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at Like at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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