More Evidence Proves Nutrition Beats Vaccines in Preventing Disease

vaccines-vs-nutritionBy Michelle Goldstein

Several doctors are beginning to speak out against the danger of vaccines. In her recently released bestselling book A Mind of Your Own, holistic, functional medicine trained psychiatrist Kelly Brogan explains why she opposes vaccinations.

Brogan shares a fascinating example of how the nutrient selenium was used to prevent and treat Keshan disease in China, replacing the vaccination proposed by Western researchers. Brogan also discusses how vitamin A can be used to treat and prevent measles, along with vitamin C to address tetanus, in place of toxic, dangerous vaccinations. [1]

Famous dentist Weston Price described the perfect health of indigenous groups of individuals who had natural immunity to tuberculosis from excellent nutrition, not from vaccinations, in his revered book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Comparative studies of unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals add to the argument that vaccines are not the answer to disease prevention. [2]

The Case of Keshan Disease in China

In a 2014 New England Journal of Medicine report, selenium deficiency is credited with causing Keshan disease. Brogan discusses how a group of Western research scientists brought to China had proposed the use of vaccinations to address the epidemic of Keshan disease, but how this proposal was stopped when an observant scientist noticed the lack of selenium in certain provinces where the disease was rampant, while individuals in other provinces with adequate supplies of selenium appeared to be protected from Keshan disease. [3]

Keshan disease was first discovered in the Keshan province of China in which deficiencies of the mineral selenium caused a life-threatening deterioration of the heart muscle. It has been found to also occur in New Zealand and Finland. Fifty-five micrograms of selenium are recommended on a daily basis to treat and prevent Keshan disease. [4]

Vitamin C Treats Tetanus

Vitamin C, given at one gram daily, was found to be 100% effective in preventing mortality in children, diagnosed with tetanus, aged 1-12, by a study reported in the Cochrane library and the National Institute of Health. In older individuals with tetanus, aged 13-30, vitamin C was found to reduce mortality by 45%. In rare cases of tetanus, this protocol makes more sense than dangerous, ineffective mass vaccination against tetanus. [5, 6]

Vitamin A Reduces Complications of Measles, a Normally Mild Childhood Disease

The National Institutes of Health reports on a study identifying vitamin A deficiencies as a risk factor for serious cases of measles. The World Health Organization recommends administering an oral dose of 200,000 IU of vitamin A to adults and 100,000 IU to infants for 2 days in areas with vitamin A deficiency. [7]

Measles is generally a very mild childhood disease, while the MMR vaccine is linked to serious health consequences. Using vitamin A to treat and prevent very rare cases of serious measles is a much safer health protocol than dangerous mass vaccination programs. [8]

Weston Price and Nutrition to Prevent Disease

Dentist Weston Price, in his landmark ten-year study of endemic groups around the globe, discovered that the groups who maintained high nutrition were naturally resistant to tuberculosis, the common disease at that time. When individuals broke away from their nutrient-dense foods, consuming modern, processed, vitamin-deficient diets, they became susceptible to tuberculosis and suffered immensely. [9]

Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated

If more evidence is required pointing to the importance of nutrition to prevent disease, in place of dangerous, ineffective vaccinations, one only needs to examine the comparative studies on vaccinated and unvaccinated children. In multiple studies, the outcome is unanimous that unvaccinated children enjoy far superior heath compared to those vaccinated.


Numerous diseases have been linked to vitamin deficiencies including measles, tetanus, tuberculosis and Keshan disease. Rather than vaccinate with dangerous, ineffective vaccines, never proven to be safe or effective, one should focus more on improving nutritional status as a safe, effective means to improve heath and prevent disease. [10]


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About the Author:

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, where this article first appeared, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page, Holistic Health to Go.

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