Before and Afters of Rappers Who Lost Weight By Ditching GMOs


By John Vibes

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka has taken his health in a positive direction recently, and he says all he did was start eating organic. Flocka’s page is seen by millions of people, and many of his fans have commented that they are considering going organic as well.

The post below shows his stunning transition, before and after:

Big difference… All I did was cut all GMO products 👌🏾

A photo posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

In addition to the post about his weight loss, Flocka has been posting a number of other graphics and stories educating his fans about the dangers of GMO foods. For better or worse, people really look up to celebrities and put a lot of faith in the things that they say, so a situation like this is a big win for the organic food movement.

Other hip-hop artists have been inspired to share their organic success stories as well. Independent hip-hop artist PTP, who also has a song called GMOS, responded to Flocka’s post with a before/after shot of his own, and the following caption:

“Apparently the rapper Waka flocka posted a pic of his weight loss crediting it to cutting out GMO products. I am here to back that theory up and confirm this. For the past few years I dabbled in educating myself and slowly making the transition to less and less GMO. Well I cut out about 95% GMO products a year ago. Within months the health change was drastic.

This picture in particular was completely due to non GMO. I
am here are living walking proof of how unhealthy GMOs make Americans. Which leads to so much more that I won’t get into. Try the non GMO lifestyle, it works… ??. I’ll post wacka flocka in the comments.

Like I said before. The photo on the left was taken December 14’/January of 2015… And on the right was like March 2015. Proof is in the non GMO avocado based chemical free pudding”


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  • Joan Camara

    HaHa,,,that’s EXACTLY what I did to lose 50 pounds! After being 52, at 5″4, and at 175pds and rising? Things had to change so I had been reading this site and others, and one in It finally hit me….weight watchers, jenny craig, ALL those fat free foods…all of those are not going to help…they have MANY nasty chemicals in them. I learned sooo much from reading, that it finally dawned on me, what to do. I stopped diet sodas…stopped drinking milk, and that meant, skim, and fat free too….because what they shoot up cows with, the hormone shots, and the antibiotic shots? No thank you! That factory farmed animals are eating GMO grains too? Ugh. I’m sooo proud of anyone who stops eating 95% of all the nasty chemical filled products, with the gmo ingredients in them foods. It just takes a change of mind, to get that change of body! And I had nooo idea I would lose 50 pds! I just wanted to change my eating habits. One day I woke up at 125lbs and everyone was saying how thin I had gotten! And the happiest moment was not only did I look and feel better, but was to go buy a whole nother wardrobe! ..I just learned so much by reading. I stopped eating everything that was white, and changed it all over to organic. I stopped the white rice, the white bread, the white sugar, the white flour. I read that those were stripped of all nutrients, and wouldn’t do any good for the body. I read that the man made vitamins and minerals that were put into cereals…(how bad most of those were to start with) were man made, and your body can’t use them either,,,(and who wants petroleum dyes with their froot loops?) I could go on and on…but people will have to learn on their own, but I want to shout it to the world! Eat organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts…learn how to make your own “nut” milks, and so much more. There’ s healthy newsletters to teach about organics, and you can even learn who the companies are that are in bed with monsanto. Study..learn, watch videos, about Monsanto, and organics on youtube. Learning the new organic way of fixing foods, and watching yourself look and feel great, is sooo worth it! Them darn yummy smoothies are so excellent tooo! But I gotta end the deliciousness here! Everyone….get on the organics, cause as my motto goes? Pay the price for organics, or pay the doctor in the long run!

  • Joan, you are an inspiration to me – congratulations on your amazing health transformation!! Everything you just said would make a wonderful article. Would love to help you shout this to the world – it deserves a feature here. Please write to me at contact (at) – The Editor

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    amazing, i wish we all could afford to do it tho, keep up your hard work all

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