Using a Far Infrared Heating Pad to Help Treat Cancer


By Dr. Mark Sircus

Here is someone who is taking infrared radiation to its fullest potential. Though not to be used at night like this, during the day one can make a sandwich out of oneself by using a big infrared mat and a smaller one. Together they concentrate the heat and because the rays penetrate deeply all the tissues sandwiched in between are effected. This technique raises temperatures to levels that cancer cells do not enjoy.

I am not suggesting that infrared heat therapy is a cure for cancer. Oncologists, if they were honest, would not say that radiation or chemotherapy cures cancer either. Both radiation and chemotherapy cause cancer meaning they increase the chances of getting more cancer in the future, besides bringing a whole range of serious side effects that are tough to live with.

There is no doubt that infrared heat therapy increases core body temperature if used aggressively enough. There is no doubt that increased body temperature is correlated mathematically with increased immune system strength. Draw your own conclusions. Medical scientists and pharmaceutical companies believe enough in the immune system to have patients spend a hundred thousand dollars or more to use drugs to treat cancer to do what infrared heat therapy can do. These are all cancer facts!

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Infrared light therapy will alleviate pain, detoxify the body, strengthen cardiovascular system, devitalize, and clear pathogens from the body. Infrared therapy produces potent antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers. Infrared therapy helps regulate muscle tone of the arteries and prevents arteriosclerosis and is anti-inflammatory preventing injury to vessel walls and normalizing blood pressure in the process.

Infrared mats are a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use means of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health, wellness and more efficient, natural regeneration and rejuvenation. They provide “noticeable” and “comprehensive” health benefits to make your body feel well and be the best it can be.

Death Star Medicine

Some people just cannot get themselves away from the deadly nature of modern medicine.

Radiation therapy is taken to an extreme with focused proton beams that deliver precisely targeted blasts of radiation. The particle beams are delivered by 500-ton machines in facilities that cost from $100 million to $200 million, and can require a football- field sized building to house. A typical treatment costs about $50,000, twice as much as traditional radiation therapy.

“Proton-beam therapy is like the death star of American medical technology; nothing so big and complicated has ever been confronted by the system,” said Amitabh Chandra, a health economist at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. “It’s a metaphor for all the problems we have in American medicine.”

One machine can generate as much as $50 million in annual revenue and new facilities are sprouting up around the country. “It’s like a nuclear arms race now, everyone wants one,” said Anthony Zietman, a radiation oncologist at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, which has had a proton-beam accelerator since 2001.

Data suggest only a small population of men with intermediate-risk of prostate cancer will benefit in terms of cost effectiveness using proton therapy.[2] Even when based on the unproven assumption that protons will permit a 10-GY escalation of prostate dose compared with IMRT photons, proton beam therapy is not cost effective for most patients with prostate cancer says research published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

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A report posted in Cancer Today states:

A study of nearly 13,000 men published in the April 18, 2012,Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that prostate cancer patients treated with proton therapy were more likely to face gastrointestinal side effects than those treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)—a form of X-ray radiotherapy. Results published in the Jan. 2 Journal of the National Cancer Institute “found no difference [in these side effects] between proton radiation and IMRT.”


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[2] Is Proton Beam Therapy Cost Effective in the Treatment of Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate?

Andre Konski et al; 2007 by American Society of Clinical Oncology;

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