Cooking & Eating Real Food Can Make All The Difference


Cooking & Eating Real Food Can Make All The Difference

Trimming and toning your waistline requires a lot of discipline and sweat, but even if you’re not keeping track of calories or powering through the aerobics class, you can see those pounds drop by following a natural diet.

While natural eating may seem obvious to individuals who are trying to lose weight, it is overlooked too often. Being neglectful about this way of eating is a mistake because there are plenty of natural recipes and remedies that can help you reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

Include natural in recipes

When you’re making pizza or a similar dish, options like Olli Salami and similar products will enable you to enjoy the same great taste while still being healthy. These type of options ensure the use of most natural ingredients, saving you from the guilt of eating your favorite food that is 100% completely processed.

Why natural eating works?

While nutrients that make the immune system strong are found in semi-processed and processed foods, they are often accompanied by chemicals and other toxins that result from food processing. While you burn total calories with exercise and other physical activities, the number of fat calories burned is quite low.

In case of natural eating, however, you get to intake protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in their natural state, so there are minimum to no chances of chemical/toxin intake. Natural eating, as a result, strengthens your immune system and speeds up your metabolism, which is why you’re able to burn fat calories.

Moreover, you benefit from the reduction in the consumption of preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings. This not only speeds up fat loss but also reduces sensitivities and chemical allergies. Another advantage of choosing natural foods is the reduced impact on the environment; choosing natural food products helps in reducing crop soil nutrient depletion and preventing water and air pollution.

Also, dietary fiber and nutrients from fruits and vegetables helps in lower heart disease and lower blood cholesterol levels. Fiber also helps in reducing diverticulosis and constipation while promoting proper-bowel function. When the stomach doesn’t suffer from these problems, it’s in an ideal state to burn body fat (when the body draws on stored fat cells for energy production, which makes these cells shrink).

Now when attempting to lose weight we’re supposed to eat veggies and fruits for their health benefits and powerful disease-fighting abilities. But healthy nutrition isn’t always alluring, which is why only a small percentage of Americans eat five servings of veggies and fruits each day. So perhaps it’s time to turn the tables and incorporate more natural foods in our diet.

Ways to include natural foods in your diet

As our lifestyle exposes us to toxins and environmental stresses, natural eating can help offset the damage and provide a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, etc.

Be label smart

Buying natural means buying often. But you won’t always be able to pick up fresh farm produce. So if you’re visiting the grocery store, your best bet would be to look for all-natural labels. The healthiest food choices are the ones that include the “all-natural” label; these are the foods that the body can better absorb nutrients from.

While taking this route may seem daunting, jumping into more meaningful natural eating is the key to long-term weight loss and keeping it off.

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