This Artwork Is Probably The Most Accurate (And Scary) Portrayal Of Modern Life Ever

By Sophie McAdam

It’s not nice, but it’s certainly close to the mark…

Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator and animator who uses powerful images to criticize the sad state of society. Greed, environmental destruction, junk food and TV consumption, smartphone addiction and the exploitation of animals are all issues that have inspired his work.

Cutts worked in the corporate world before choosing to go freelance, and his vitriol for the rat race really shows (especially here…)

Cutts used to work at an advertising agency with global brand clients including Coca-Cola, Google, Reebok, Magners, Kellogg’s, Virgin, 3, Nokia, Sony, Bacardi and Toyota. It’s no surprise he was left with so many ideas for these thought-provoking images.

His illustrations capture all the stress, despair and frustration of our dog-eat-dog world, one in which we are persuaded to consume sh*t and destroy the planet in order to keep the corporate wheels turning.

It’s true that Cutts’s art is depressing, but only because his images are so close to the truth. Here is a selection of some of his best works:

Arrrgh! It’s Monday again

Jessica and Roger relax at home

The Fatcat


Dinner is served…

A bull provides the daily news through a cleverly designed toilet-TV

‘circle of life’

Just another day in the office…

This image in particular rings true for most of us

A very apt illustration of humanity’s ecocide

Santa’s real workshop

‘Scream Queen’

A critique of consumerism

‘The trap’

‘The final handshake’, from his short animation ‘MAN’.

‘The King’

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