New Lawsuit Accuses Chipotle Of Lying About Not Having Any GMO Ingredients

By John Vibes

In a lawsuit filed this week against Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., a California woman is accusing the restaurant of serving GMO ingredients while advertising that they are GMO-free.

According to the lawsuit, although Chipotle claims to use only GMO-free ingredients, they still continue to serve meat from animals that are fed with GMOs. The suit also alleges that Chipotle’s sour cream and cheese come from dairy farms that feed animals with GMOs.

Lawrence King, one of the lawyers bringing the lawsuit, said in a statement that Chipotle mislead their customers with false advertising.

“Consumers today are very concerned about what they eat and restaurants know that consumers place a premium on food that is considered to be healthy or natural. As a result, Chipotle’s advertising in its stores should have accurately informed customers about the source and quality of its ingredients and should not mislead consumers that they are serving food without GMOs when, in fact, they are,” Lawrence said.

According to the lawsuit, Chipotle “takes no meaningful steps to clarify consumer misconceptions in its advertisements and its billboards, both in stores and in print, which instead say ‘all’ of the ingredients used in its food products are ‘non-GMO. A Chipotle meal was, and remains, the very definition of a GMO meal.”

The lawsuit is seeking financial damages for every single person in the state of California who ate Chipotle in the time that the company was advertising that they were GMO-free.

Although the company does advertise that they serve GMO-free food, their website and the fine print of their promotions do plainly admit that their animals are fed with GMO feed.

Represantives with Chipotle would not comment on pending litigation, but did say that they planned to fight the lawsuit.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war.

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