Things You Didn’t Know About Vitamin C

By Heather Callaghan

Suzanne Humphries is a specialist in internal medicine and kidney disease and is also known for speaking out about vaccines after having had a lucrative career in nephrology. Few people know that she gave a brilliant lecture on the crucial role of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) over in Sweden this year.

You won’t typically hear this type of info from your doctors unless they made great efforts to further study nutrition, anatomy and orthomolecular medicine. Mainstream thoughts on this life-giving vitamin don’t often go further than “enough to keep us from Scurvy.” But this dismisses that there are other reasons for vitamin C and that disease starts sooner than seeing the effects of a full-blown disorder like Scurvy.

Here, Humphries shines light on the confusion surrounding vitamin C, its best sources and supplementation. This lecture isn’t just about the liver (towards the beginning), but a whole array of human functions that few knew had anything to do with vitamin C requirements – fascinating!

Did you know that sugar competes with vitamin C on the cells? Do you know what foods are best to digest vitamin C? Hint: not just citrus. And that it’s virtually impossible to overdose? A human being can survive ingesting over 200 GRAMS – it takes 1,000mg to make one gram. Vitamin C has been shown to reverse or help serious diseases like whooping cough, Ebola and tetanus. Especially tetanus!

She answers the following questions (from the description):

But should you take extra vitamin C? How much and in what quantity and shape? Are there dangers and problems with this? Can you get kidney stones from vitamin C? We all need vitamin C and it is most famous for its importance in the immune system. It is important as part of the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. A common perception is that a rich foods contain enough vitamin C, but is it really? How much do we need? In what form should it be used? Is it good to take in higher doses in different diseases? Can it be combined with conventional medicine? It may be important to you and your health? Dr. Humphries has a historical perspective on vitamin C and its importance in various diseases, but also describes its role in health in general. Source:…

Dr. Suzanne Humphries takes this form of vitamin C every day and also discusses Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, the best packet form, among other forms.

How do you think vitamin C has affected your life?

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Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at Like at Facebook.

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