Organic Farming Knowledge Grows Across Africa

By Jeffery Green

Perhaps no place in the world typifies the ravages of mass starvation and generalized food shortages than Africa. It also is a continent that has been consistently targeted by biotech and agribusiness conglomerates to receive their poisonous products as a supposed solution. However, it has been revealed that the Gates Foundation, working in tandem with USAID, strategized about how to privatize African markets in secret meetings that omitted African stakeholders from the discussion.

The obvious question always looms – why would products that encourage health and productivity for the vast majority of people not be openly offered for debate and discussion, but forcibly implemented in the shadows?

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Perhaps because the many benefits of GMOs and their attendant chemical brethren have been exposed time and again as a myth. And specifically in Africa where a 200+ page study entitled “Organic Agriculture: African Experiences in Resilience and Sustainability” thoroughly documented the amazing transformation in health, economic activity and even basic human rights that took place after embracing organic farming. It is of course to be expected that a system which teaches self-empowerment and engenders care for one’s land and people is what will offer true prosperity.

Bad news for dealers of synthetic chemicals and exploitation – slowly but surely people across Africa are overcoming imposition and are regaining their connection to their land and their families; they are now protesting the secret meetings, legislative intrusion, and non-sustainable seed systems.

And it doesn’t stop in Africa – it is happening globally.

A recent report by CNBCAfrica from the video below highlights how a growing knowledge of healthful organic practices is manifesting through grassroots communication and demonstrations. The “Food for Life” festival, and the individual voices participating, collectively exemplify what is needed to turn the tide and eradicate that which never should have been permitted to ever take root.

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