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More Food Shortages? Phytophthora Fungus Infects Vegetable Gardens Across the Country

By Jayne Rising Shortages seem to be the theme of 2020 and 2021. Everything from meat to commodities and even semi-conductors made the list of possible or definite shortages. Now, the early onset of a fungus that attacks vegetables could leave us with no pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and no Jack-o-Lantern’s…

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“I haven’t seen anything like this”: U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes, Decimated Corn Crops, no Feed for Livestock — What Will We Eat?

By Cap Allon Wavy jet streams are throwing farmers something of a curve ball in 2021, as global temperatures continue to fall in line with the ever-intensifying Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)… Prepare. U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes Short stalks, thin rows and small bushels; Washington wheat…

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