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Woke Virus: COVID is Sustainable, Equitable, Inclusive, Racially Unbiased and Climate Aware

By Makia Freeman THE STORY: The woke ideology is spreading everywhere throughout Big Government and the Corporatocracy, functioning as a clever cover for a nefarious agenda. THE IMPLICATIONS: Wokeology relies on noble-sounding, insubstantial, feel-good buzzwords and virtue signalling with the aim of modifying human behavior….

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U.S. Smart Meters and Wireless, No Anti-Nuke Space Treaty, No Nuremberg Code, But Let’s Do Paris in Spring?

By Patricia Burke When a portion of the population became injured and/or disabled by the imposition of “smart” utility meters within the last decade, many advocacy groups began calling for decision-makers to adhere to the Nuremberg Code. The question of the Code is arising again…

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Timepeace: Political Narratives and “Urgent” Decision-Making — Covid, Climate, Censorship, and Domestic Terror (Part 6)

By Patricia Burke Barreling down the highway, suddenly there is road construction ahead…. This is a place where drivers merge and change lanes, where conflict and stress can build, and where accidents can occur. Is humanity at a similar juncture? Are life choices being contracted…

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Broke Down 42,000 Years Ago and Caused Massive Sudden Climate Change

By Chris Fogwill, Keele University; Alan Hogg, University of Waikato; Chris Turney, UNSW, and Zoë Thomas, UNSW The world experienced a few centuries of apocalyptic conditions 42,000 years ago, triggered by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles combined with changes in the Sun’s behaviour….

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