Bright Greens, Red-Pilled & Blue-Pilled Big Picture View of Earth

By Sarah Aminoff of Safe Tech International

Charles Eisenstein, author of Climate – A New Story, shares in his Substack, “A central theme of my book on climate is that if we are to focus our attention on a single substance, it should be not carbon dioxide but water. Beyond greenhouse effects, water is crucial in the ways the world maintains conditions for life to thrive.” Questioning official climate narratives, Charles asks:

“Would the environmental movement be more successful if it put less emphasis on the abstract problem of carbon dioxide — a problem that lends itself to ‘technocratic solutions and geoengineering’ — and focused instead on, ‘How do we want to live here on Earth?’”

In a recent blog, Daniel Pinchbeck critiqued Eisenstein for not calling for the reduction of C02.  Although Pinchbeck is sympathetic to Eisenstein’s position and agrees with the problem of en mass consumption, Pinchbeck’s critique is that carbon emissions constitute an emergency and as such must be addressed immediately and directly. Eisenstein feels that the core of our planetary crisis is not warming, but rather ecocide—the killing of ecosystems and life—while Pinchbeck argues its due to global warming –  these two perspectives reflect vast differences in paradigms, and may explain in part why the environmental movement is so divided. Both agree about unpredictable weather patterns, yet one approach sees solutions that focus more on Earth as a living planet, the other toward net zero gas emissions as the imperative intervention. Eisenstein shares in his substack,

“Earth is best understood as a living being with a complex physiology… Her organs are the forests, the wetlands, the grasslands, the estuaries, the reefs, the apex predators, the keystone species, the soil, the insects, and indeed every intact ecosystem and every species on earth.”

Pixabay: Joshua Woroniecki

Eisenstein’s main point in The Story of Climate is, “Even if we cut carbon emissions to zero overnight, if we continue to degrade the organs and tissues, the planet will still die a death of a million cuts.”

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Death by a million cuts is a view of Earth that can be seen from outer space. Commune Magazine offers a view from space of what that looks like here.

“From space, the Bayan Obo mine in China, where 70 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals are extracted and refined,” – Commune Magazine.


Can divides over world issues be linked to the right brain/left brain hemisphere?  

Harold Hutchinson sees great relevance in the work of Iain McGilchrist when it comes to the response to global warming. McGilchrist’s 2009 book, The Master and his Emissary, examined the relationship between our two brain-hemispheres. “ The Scottish neuroscientist believed that with left-brain thinking, “…we see a world that is narrow and linear. But when the right-side view is permitted, we see things we might otherwise miss, an enlarged panoramic view.” Hutchinson believes we need to focus beyond net zero approaches. Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Journalist agrees: “Debates about environmental policy need to begin with honoring and protecting, not the desires of the human species, but the sanctity of the Earth itself.”

Restoring right relationship with nature

Eisenstein asks:

“From what state of being do we extinguish other species, ruin earth and sea, and treat nature as a collection of resources to be allocated for maximum short-term benefit?”

He observes a 75% decline in flying insect biomass over the last 30 years and reminds us that insects are “crucial to every terrestrial food web,” adding facetiously, “And they must be declining because of climate change, right?”


“Conspirituality,” is the latest buzzword now applied to those questioning the Green Economy.  Conspirituality is a study of converging right-wing conspiracy theories and faux-progressive wellness utopianism.  Beres, Remski, and Walker have coauthored a book: Conspirituality: How New Age Conspiracy Theories Became a Health Threat and Charles Eisenstein is a primary focus in the book as well as the podcast.

If Silent Spring author Rachel Carson 60 years ago put forth her work today would she be considered peddling faux-progressive wellness and conspiracy theory?

Red pilled blue pilled & bright green lies Are we collectively being red pilled or blue pilled with our energy transition? According to Wikipedia, “The red pill and blue pill represent a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in the contented experience of ordinary reality with the blue pill. The terms originate from the 1999 film The Matrix.”… set in a dystopian future where people (are) oblivious to being in a simulated reality controlled by artificial intelligence.  The protagonist is offered a choice. “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe,” Morpheus says. “You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Image Courtesy of:

Skip the History Lesson – Safe Until Proven Otherwise. Doubt is our Product. According to Union of Concerned Scientists, a ” now-infamous memorandum from a tobacco executive in 1969 captured this strategy well: “Doubt is our product, since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the minds of the general public.” Doubt Is Our Product: How Industry Threatens our Health by David Michaels was named one of the best Sci-Tech books of 2008 by Library Journal.

Many buy an electric car without awareness of environmental impact. People might want their internet, and purchase Starlink 5G internet without realizing the effect of burning rocket fuel on climate change, ozone depletion from satellite re-entry.

Many don’t realize that Satellite collisions generate space debris, increased surveillance and data mining, and the use of child labor in the mining of the rare minerals needed to make satellite and 5G infrastructure. See Project Censored article here: Is the Green Economy a win-win for the fossil fuels?

According to Wildancestors blogspot, “Richard York, a University of Oregon, found that for every unit of ‘green’ power brought online, only one-tenth as much fossil fuel was taken offline….fossil fuel is functionally irreplaceable.’  Electric cars can’t be made without it.  Nor can wind turbines, solar panels, planes, ships, concrete, cell phones.”

We also can’t solve the climate crisis and ignore 5G.  See video

Project Censored writes: “In December 2021, Koohan Paik-Mander reported…despite the US military’s commitments to electric vehicles and transitioning to biofuels to mitigate its role in the climate crisis, these plans ignore “the Pentagon’s continuing role in the annihilation of whales,” which play a “miraculous role” in delaying climate catastrophe., …

in Paik-Mander’s words, whales enable the oceans to sequester “a whopping 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.” Instead…“smart ocean” technology will hurtle Earth’s creatures to an even quicker demise than already forecast.”

July 9th 2023 was a turning point for the deep sea mining

The International Seabed Authority missed a deadline on July 9 to enact regulations to allow the mining of deep-sea ecosystems for metals used in e-vehicle batteries, wind turbines and solar panel. Deep sea ecosystems are not restorable. “Nodules take millions of years to form,” according to François Mosnier, head of Oceans Programme at Planet Tracker in this Reuters article “Biodiversity loss could be permanent.” Reuters reports the future of deep-sea mining still hangs in balance.Greenpeace USA asks to stop deep sea mining.  “All life on Earth depends on our oceans.”  Are we falling down the sustainable rabbit hole?

Source: SafeTechInternational

Top Image courtesy of Flo Freshman

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