It’s Over — Time To End The Pandemic Charade! (Part 1)

By Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just announced it is relaxing its mask requirements, but alas they are “a day late and a dollar short” since the vaccines are failing all over the world. They simply don’t work as intended and promised, while in high degree maiming and killing people.

This has brought the powers-that-be under increasingly heavy attack by thousands of physicians and scientists around the globe. So, to shift gracefully, the world is now moving the center stage from COVID fear to potential Russian nuclear annihilation. Should that resolve, we will not be surprised to learn of another viral threat, such as HIV uptick already in conversation since its rise among the COVID jabbed. In anticipation of the next attempt at world control through viral fear we need to expose this pandemic charade.

The increasingly bizarre and inconsistent 1984-style autocratic COVID19 dictates we have been victim to, have been shattering any belief that world health agencies, government leaders, global elites, and the international corporations they run, know what they are doing. They are not being driven by concern for citizen welfare. This is seen ever more clearly through recent powerful events pertaining to the COVID Plandemic, including the Defeat the Mandates DC rally; the Ron Johnson senate hearing COVID19: A Second Opinion; the Joe Rogan/Spotify debacle; and finally… the Canadian truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 followed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s disgusting speeches.

As Sharyl Attkisson Tweeted on 2/2/22,

“If the scientists who promoted lockdowns were so wrong, and the scientists who knew it from the start were so right [like Jay Bhattacharya, MD], why are the scientists who were right called ‘fringe,’ and the scientists who were wrong still in charge?”

Good question!

As my colleague and friend Dr. Sherri Tenpenny asks, “How many of you realized 2 years ago that “2 weeks to flatten the curve” was actually a cover story for the 3-year plan to flatten humanity?”

If there had been REAL health concern, COVID would have been long gone from our rear-view mirror by simply following worldwide expert frontline physicians, nurses, scientists, and researchers who’ve been bitterly attacked for sharing their knowledge of prevention strategies and resoundingly successful early treatment since the beginning of this awful collection of symptoms we call COVID-19.

Senator Ron Johnson has held enlightening senate hearings on COVID-19 featuring medical professionals and stories of the “vaccine” injured and killed. On 1/24/22 Ron Johnson held the most recent of these hearings entitled, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. It detailed amazing reveals of what can only be named “corruption.” We learn why loved ones, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens are still, not only dying, but also being killed by greedy or naïve agents of our Medical/PharmCon Industrial complex with our medical insurance company-captured and controlled “healthcare” system, more correctly labeled as a symptom-suppressing, disease care system.

The following are some shocking quotes from these high-profile, prestigious, multi-credentialed and well-published frontline physicians, as well as from academics, researchers, and attorneys that have spoken out recently and in Washington DC.

Attorney Tom Renz passionately cited whistleblower documentation among the COVID-vaccinated highlighting their astounding dangers and damage with more than 300% rise in miscarriages with almost 300% rise in cancer over the previous 5-year averages. Neurological damage [which can affect pilots] was up over 1000% from 82,000/year to a whopping 863,000 in one year!

“Corruption, corruption, corruption and lies, lies, and more lies”, are the cries of both Tom Renz and another activist attorney, Leigh Dundas, who spoke at the Ron Johnson hearing recounting data from Department of Defense (DOD) Project Salas whistleblowers that demands investigation. What a shocker!;

and this for more details:

One data point, which CDC director Walensky and NIAID director Fauci possessed, shows 71% of cases, and 60% of hospitalizations, are in the fully vaccinated yet these agency heads continue to state, “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

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Professor Paul Marik, MD details government malfeasance while passionately remarking at one hour:41 minutes below that “850,000 poor souls died… unnecessary and needless deaths. On hospital admission, almost every COVID patient in this country is treated with remdesivir and dexamethasone. Remdesivir increased the risk of death and renal failure. This is a toxic drug. NIH treatment guidelines include Remdesivir, despite termination of an Ebola study where its use markedly increased death.[①]  The federal Gov’t gives 20% money bonus on the entire hospital bill including on top of $3000 per treatment course for prescribing remdesivir to Medicare patients. Almost every single patient in this country is treated with Remdesivir.” Putting aside its awful toxicity, Remdesivir is reported to have little to no value past initial viral phase.

Christina Parks, Ph.D. asks, “we know the spike protein is toxic—why are we having our bodies’ make it?” [1:28] Dr. Parks also raises the question of why they are working so hard to gain approval to vaccinate children for a disease they don’t die from and are little affected by? She answers by explaining,

Injury liability goes away [lawsuit protection as per the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act] if the pharmaceutical companies can get the COVID vaccines for kids onto the CDC children’s vaccine schedule.”

Robert Kennedy Jr., on the Jimmy Dore show, attacked the COVID vaccinating of children as criminal. Roughly halfway through the video Kennedy states, “The Lancet just published a study by Johns Hopkins where the researchers could not find a single healthy child in our country that died from COVID so why are we giving these vaccines to children?”  The existing damage to children is horrific enough, but now Big Pharma is coming after our infants as young as 6 months![②]

“Natural immunity is FAR superior to vaccine immunity. Officials knew they were misleading the public by not acknowledging the T-cell response they all knew of.” (Paul Alexander, Ph.D.)

He presented research demonstrating vaccines given to those recovered from disease carry extra risk, rendering these vaccines potentially dangerous to the COVID recovered. [2:32]

“I will tell you as a cardiologist, it is crystal clear that these vaccines cause myocarditis (heart damage) far in excess of what the CDC ever imagined. It is clear the risks of the vaccines are far greater than the risks of COVID-19. Under NO circumstances, under ANY circumstances, should a young person ever receive one of these vaccines, let alone ever be pressured, let alone ever be mandated. When they do MRIs on suspected myocarditis, 100% have heart damage.” (Peter McCullough, MD, MPH) [5:05]

“A respiratory infection is not spread by asymptomatic people. It is not spread by surface contamination. Not from hands, boxes, papers…but by aerosol through air.” (McCullough). Despite wide acknowledgement by epidemiologists of this reality, CDC continued this non-sensical, unscientific guidance.

“FDA has engaged in the biggest fraud of all time!

Studies show game changing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) benefit! 50% reduced risk of hospitalization and 75% reduced risk of mortality(dying), with similar results for ivermectin (IVM). Scientific proof of benefit was short-circuited and blocked by FDA and BARDA [Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority] to allow emergency use authorization.” (Harvey Risch, MD) [1:02]

We learn that currently over 17,000 doctors around the world are working together to oppose the current COVID management, reveal truth, and end the emergency powers. Two COVID shots more than double the COVID infections. This is a massive worldwide scientific fraud…likely to kill or create life-altering injury in numbers many professionals believe will be greater than the NAZI Holocaust!

As early as spring of 2020, frontline doctors Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko, and Didier Raoult were already successfully treating COVID patients by the thousands and publishing their treatment protocols to help other physicians around the world. Countless physicians used these early treatments, and still others joined in to share additional successful treatments. One by one, and pretty much immediately, they were vigorously attacked personally. Their safe, decades used, medications and nutrients that were yielding amazing benefit in restoring health to COVID-19 patients were also undergoing a discrediting campaign.

Why were these outstanding professionals attacked? Why would early treatments be suppressed and maligned; and why would the doctors who championed such treatments and raised concerns about these new experimental technology COVID shots be denigrated and even threatened with loss of license for disagreement with “official” COVID policies?

The endgame pivots around the United Nations Agenda 21 and its upgrade 2030 Agenda along with global elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other global organizations and groups that have been working for decades to radically transform world systems in what they’ve called a New World Order (NWO). They either created or seized onto COVID19 as their current vehicle through their “Build Back Better” and “The Great Reset” utopian dream/dystopian nightmare scheme. Learn more about the background agendas from the Curtis Bowers documentary, Agenda 21: Grinding America Down and from WEF at The latter requires some reading behind the utopian lines to envision the dystopia of autocratic tyrannical rule that such efforts will require.

Sidestepping Agenda 21 and WEF goals that are ostensibly for your “best” interest, some answers on the censoring and maligning of concerned professionals begin with “emergency use authorizations” (EUA). An EUA, by law, can ONLY be granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a new product or treatment that has not completed an FDA approval process and for which there is no effective alternative in addressing a declared emergency health situation.

Declaring a public health emergency under section 319 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act[③]  inures benefit to certain U.S. stakeholders, just as global health emergencies inure benefit to international stakeholders through a complex system of international laws and regulations embodied in the International Health Regulations (2005) or IHRs.[④]  Issuing EUAs during such emergencies benefit a wide variety of stakeholders—especially the pharmaceutical COVID “vaccine” producers, and all who are beholden to their dollars. It’s the old story of “follow the money.” Figure out who benefits from the EUAs and the emergency declarations, and you’ve figured out who’ll be attacking you and why.

Specific agendas motivate various global stakeholders whose goals are served by these COVID emergency declarations and EUAs. Many of those stakeholders benefitted by broadening the definition of “pandemic”—to make COVID more frightening, and by altering the definition of “vaccine”—to allow products that don’t provide immunity to be called vaccines and to operate under the category of biologics, which is far less stringent than the drugs regulatory category. So, they have done that for an infection from which 99.93% of the world population have not died! Put simply, things don’t add up. When governments appear to care SOOO much about your health and life while they scream about earth’s overpopulation and man as a destroyer of the planet, you know something is fishy!

Dr. Robert Malone, MD, and many other highly credentialed physicians, are being smeared and silenced to suppress dissenting views that run contrary to prevailing COVID guidance and offer nothing except highly experimental inoculations. The powers-that-be are well served and empowered by declared health emergencies and the ability to widely distribute or mandate their products and services. This video of newscaster Kim Iversen of “The Hill” details the Fauci and Collin’s collusion attack emails and alleged NIH and CDC effort to discredit COVID-19 experts’ opinions.

In the first week of October 2020 three professors from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford Universities, headed up by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya MD, PhD, out of grave concern for misdirected COVID policies, created the Great Barrington Declaration. They and their forty (40) co-signatory physicians and scientists are among the most accomplished academics and medical professionals in the world. The Declaration, released to the public is approaching one-million signatures. You can read their “focused protection” guidance and even sign on yourself if you agree. Despite a bizarre attack on the three professors as “three fringe epidemiologists” by NIH director Francis Collins in communication with NIAID director Tony Fauci, time and circumstance have demonstrated the Great Barrington Declaration of “focused protection” to be sound policy.

Using inappropriate and costly treatments, like the highly toxic, expensive drug Remdesivir, too late in the disease process to have any benefit… are being called by some “murder for money.” For those who may still be unaware, there is a revolving employment door between pharmaceutical companies and “healthcare” regulatory agencies such as CDC, FDA, and NIH. What we have here are major conflicts of interest where the fox is guarding the henhouse. We need regulatory solutions to fix that. These alarming realities have been exposed by highly prestigious physicians and researchers in various books.[⑤]

So okay, it’s over…the COVID narratives are crumbling everywhere. The shots don’t work as promised and are failing in countries all over the world. Multiple around-the-world data sources demonstrate increasing negative efficacy with each COVID shot, meaning the more shots and boosters per 100,000 people, the higher the COVID infection rates! These are NOT infections of the unvaccinated. U.S. data is virtually the only one saying different, but its data is highly manipulated as the U.S. registers all who’ve been previously jabbed as unvaccinated unless being 14-days after the latest recommended booster.

To add to the insanity, our global elites through controlled legacy media have worked hard to leave citizens helpless by censoring public knowledge of prevention and early treatment, while the masks the public are relying upon don’t do s#+t except make the wearers sick! They can’t prevent viral spread as viral particles are aerosolized and much too small to be trapped in masks. Countless physicians and OSHA experts have come forward saying these masks have essentially no value for preventing viral spread. Worse yet, CDC actually knew that masks and hand sanitizing had no effect on viral transmission even as they continued pushing these mandates on the public![⑥]  What dark forces are behind such evil behavior?

Mask wearing can be used to block bacterial infections due to their much larger particle size but requires mask changing every 1-1.5 hours as they are worse than useless after 2-2.5 hours actually spreading bacteria,[⑦]  and exposing the wearer to various skin and respiratory bacterial infections.

Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, is a Registered Nurse (emeritus) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) with a Master’s-Degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition who maintained a private practice, developed health and weight control programs, nutritional products, and was a featured newspaper columnist for health and nutrition articles. Formerly, a psychiatric Head Nurse, Laraine earned the Huxley Institute Certificate in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice and her successful Orthomolecular treatment of Agoraphobia/Panic Disorder through diet and nutrient supplements, was featured in many magazine articles and books. Laraine is a health activist and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

[①]; NEJM Dec.12, 2019, The Palm Study Group.; See the pdf. supplementary appendix




[⑤]  Books:



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