The Variant Ruse

Op-Ed by Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

All life adapts to its environment. All life adapts to survive. Humans adapt to variations in space, time, temperature, pressure, fear, and intimidation.  We are variants.

So, too, are our microbes. Humans are more microbe than human, 10:1.

Variant: Having or exhibiting variation

Vaccine science has shown that viruses mutate to cause variants, and vaccines create variants.

This fact was shown with Bordetella pertussis, a bacterium blamed for whooping cough, which adapted itself to survive the vaccine. According to the February 7, 2013 New England Journal of Medicine study, the authors concluded that adaptation of B. pertussis was “in response to vaccine selection pressure.”

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Image by FrankundFrei

Variants are vaccine side effects, also called breakthrough infections by the scientific community. The cure is the cause. When vaccines fail, infections break through.

The one thing the experts know is that 21 COVID variants are coming down the pipeline. Here is one list showing their Greek names and birthdates/release dates between June 2021 (Delta) and February 2023 (Omega).

Variant Name Birthdate
A Delta Jun 2021
E Epsilon Jul 2021
Z Zeta Aug 2021
H Eta Sept 2021
θ Theta Oct 2021
I Iota Nov 2021
K Kappa Dec 2021
λ Lambda Jan 2022
M Mu Feb 2022
N Nu Mar 2022
Ξ Ksi April 2022
O Omicron May 2022
Π Pi June 2022
P Rho July 2022
Σ Sigma Aug 2022
T Tao Sept 2022
Y Upsilon Oct 2022
Φ Phi Nov 2022
X Chi Dec 2022
Ψ Psi Jan 2023
Ω Omega Feb 2023

Yet still, no one knows the true costs to health from injected spike proteins and nanotechnology inherent in COVID vaccines. No time for research. And no clinical trial vaccine data is available for people to analyze for themselves before making a choice whether to inject, or not to inject, because clinical trials continue, live, in the population. And experimental vaccines are being deployed by chosen vaccine makers who have never produced this type of medical product before.

No responsible party for negative consequences. Vaccine makers are not liable for damages from their experimental products. Doctors are not responsible for reporting any adverse reactions from the COVID vaccines to authorities, even though the CDC-authority has a reporting system called The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS collects less than 1% of adverse events reports from medical doctors who fail to report them. See the latest results for COVID vaccine reactions here.

The PCR Ruse

Meanwhile, the PCR test that drives the numbers of reported cases up, along with deaths, surges, and fear, has been deemed invalid by the CDC. The CDC has quietly withdrawn its request to use the PCR test to identify COVID vs. Flu  This means that no valid tracking test exists for the virus, that was never isolated, and that shut down the world, eliminated jobs, and caused suicide, hardship and regret for neglecting elderly family members who died alone.

If no valid test exists to track the coronavirus [one word], then what does that say about coronavirus itself? Is it real? Is it corona virus? Or is it just a word masquerading as a virus? Is it a bacterium? A figment of someone’s imagination? What does it say about the power of “the experts” and their mandates who attempt to track a figment?

SARS-COV Patents, 2007

What does it say that the CDC has owned the patent on the SARS-CoV virus since 2007?

Even though the coronavirus has never been isolated, the entire gene sequence for what became sars coronavirus [SARS-COV2] are found in patents #7220852, #46592703p , and #776521. These patents are violation of 35 US code section 101– because you cannot patent a naturally occurring substance.

Image by Pete Linforth

What does it say that 120 patents for a number of bacterial and viral pathogens were filed from NIH, NIAID, US armed services infectious disease program, and the international agencies that collaborated with them?

Coronavirus is seen as a potential vector of disease, a synthetic pathogen to cause illness. The vaccine technology has also been considered as a potential biological weapon candidate. For more of the story, see Coronavirus Is Not Novel. The same is true of the 5G Technology which is considered a weapon in national defense. What is the purpose of implanting synthetic technology into human bodies other than to create synthetic human hybrids? For more details, see The Transhumanist Agenda: Loss of Identity.

A pandemic of fear has morphed into a pandemic of illness. Yet still, there are over 500,000 adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines since injections began. See the updated COVID adverse reactions reported to VAERS.

Transmuting The Transhumanist Agenda

There are no consequences for those who take part in modifying the genetics of the whole population. Under conditioning through the media, social engineers are taking advantage of human ignorance, by modifying human behavior right along with the genome. As long as the population consents to the biologic invasion, humanity becomes a farm of genetic material, ripe for DNA harvesting.

Yet, each human has free will and the power to say NO.

Image by Gerd Altmann

You have the power to not consent to biologic invasion and takeover of your humanity. Simply do not consent to anything that comes from fear. Declare out loud. “I Do Not Consent to manipulation of my biologic identity.” I Do Not Consent to harvesting of my property. I Do Not Consent. Say it out loud and know it because no one has the right to violate your property, your body, your DNA, your mind, or your free will.

Under mind manipulation, whether through the media, through government dictates, through frequencies emitted from towers or devices, or through intimidation by others, it is important to maintain a strong mind and your willpower. Mind over matter has never been more critical. The Corona-agenda was never about a runaway virus or Greek covariants. The agenda is about creating a Transhuman variant out of humanity via conditioning to be controlled. Know your mind.

Do you consent?

These are history-making times and you are part of it, here to do your part to liberate yourself and humanity from synthetic slavery.  No one else saves humanity, just as no one else can heal you.  We each save ourselves. We each heal ourselves.

See also the article, The Variant and The Vaccine

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopath, Herbalist, writer, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Consult with her remotely at Listen to her archived podcasts at Subscribe to receive blog posts via email using the form at the bottom of this page.

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