August Harvest, What Has Lack of EMF/RF/5G Regulation Harvested? How to Hold FCC and FDA Accountable? — Free Webinar

Americans for Responsible Technology and BroadBand International Legal Action Network

This webinar will discuss recent landmark cases currently in litigation that raise a common set of legal questions:

What are the consequences for U.S. society when federal agencies themselves act in flagrant defiance of the U.S. Constitution, treaty obligations, federal and state laws, and actively encourage anti-social behavior and other actions by private corporations?

What are the legal rights and practical remedies of consumer, environmental, and human rights organizations, and empowered local communities to challenge and check overreach by our own government?

What are the constraints on government actions allegedly justified during a state of emergency?

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What are the limitations on the regulatory compliance defense?

How is the present 5G/AI/Internet of Things/Satellite Juggernaut similar to, yet far different from previous assaults on public safety and wellbeing—safety belts, cigarettes, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride in drinking water, and Roundup?

What if the Juggernaut becomes irreversible?

What legal tools are available to restore a sane and compassionate balance?


Julian Gresser, Of Counsel, Swankin & Turner, Co-Founder Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) and The BALANCE Group

James S. Turner, Founder Swankin & Turner, Co-Founder, The BALANCE Group

Ben Levi, Co-Founder BBILAN and The BALANCE Group

Register for the August 11 Webinar Here

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