UK To Roll Out “Covid Passports” For Sporting And Music Events

By Tyler Durden

As we have reported numerous times, the reality of COVID-19 passports becoming an individual’s “passport to life” seems like a foregone conclusion. The UK intends to roll out “Covid passports” within weeks for high-profile sporting and music events.

Those who are wealthy and/or fortunate enough to get their hands on the vaccine may be able to attend FA Cup semi-finals and final, as well as the League Cup final in football and the World Snooker Championship, along with numerous music events, according to FT.

Pilot tests for “coronavirus-free” mass events will require anyone entering the event to provide digital Covid certificates, including vaccination history or a recent test. The first trial run of the digital Covid passport for the mass gathering will begin this summer. 

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The “digital certification app” will be found inside the National Health Service’s existing app used by patients to book doctor appointments and order prescriptions. COVID passports for mass gatherings may be announced as soon as this week, or early next week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already suggested health passports may be required for entry to pubs and restaurants. This means that citizens will have to produce “papers for the pub” — which could be included as part of recommendations in a report for combating the spread of Covid, which is due out in May.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove examined the legal and ethical issues around COVID passports for pubs, restaurants, and other mass gathering areas.

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COVID passport plans have already been met with fierce opposition from more than 70 members of Parliament across various political parties. 41 Tory backbenchers warned such requirements would erode civil liberties.

One Tory MP said the possible requirements for health passports are “disgusting.”

None of this should be surprising to readers who have understood from our writings vaccination passports will be the new “golden ticket” for global travel, along with the travel and tourism industries and now other forms of mass gatherings such as sporting and music events.

It’s not just European countries that are rolling out COVID passports. The US is already in the process of leveraging apps and smartphones to allow travelers to offer proof that they have been vaccinated or recently tested negative for COVID-19.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a frequent and early GOP critic of former President Trump, called any American who didn’t support vaccine passports “an idiot.” 

The thought is health passports could stimulate an economic recovery as countries prepare to relax public health measures. Still, the trade-off is that people must hand over more and more of their health credentials to governments and corporations.

Source: Zero Hedge


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