5G EARTH DAY COUNTDOWN: The 5G/Smart Meter Shriek-o-Meter

By Patricia Burke

As part of the 5G Earth Day Countdown series, an article and action alert was circulated about legislators in California currently supporting efforts of the wireless industry to take over the state. “One of the best ways for corporations to run rampant over municipalities (and human health) is to have ‘helpful’ legi$lator$ pas$$ bill$ that over-ride community rights and local control. Like the smart meter roll-out, abuses of power are tested in pilot runs in state$ with cooperative public official$, (who receive “gift$$$$$” from the industry). The power abuses then extend like a California wildfire to other states.”

For assistance in justifying actions addressing health and environmental concerns while actually NOT addressing health and the environment, legislators can refer to the shriek-o-meter!!!!

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Russia Threat!!!! Create Jobs!!! Terror!!!! Need to Compete!!!!– These still work!!!!!

Climate!!!! Energy Efficiency!!!!Use with Caution re; Prevailing Politics!!!!!

Martian Invasion!!!! For Future Emergency Use Only!!!!

For example, smart meter!!!!!! Justifications vary according to the politics, but regardless of leadership, the drive to “modernize the grid!!!!!” to integrate renewables!!!!! with surveillance-capable wireless meters and infrastructure proceeded in the majority of states.

How it Works, Stay on Script and Ignore Shrieking of Public

In some states, utilities and regulators focused on outage response as a driving narrative. But it became clear that smart meters in and of themselves did not reduce power restoration times, especially when Maine’s $200M smart grid failed, spectacularly, in an October snowstorm.[i] The industry tag line that storm response depends on “trees, trucks, and training,” refers to the need to trim trees, roll trucks, and to provide adequately-trained manpower.  Maine actually needed chainsaws, and lots of them. So when the storm response narrative failed the sniff test, instead of “reliability!!!!!!” the new catch phrase became “resiliency!!!!!!!” with“robust architecture!!!!!”

Likewise, utility regulators operating under “green” goals!!!!!!!! attached the idea of smart meters to the promise to integrate solar into the grid!!!!!!! Once meters were installed, utilities found ways to prevent the installation of rooftop solar in favor of utility-scale investments, and to rewrite the compensation rules for solar (net metering battles, [ii] and an obscene demand change incurred by solar customers in MA.[iii]) Bait and switch =brilliant!!! Its still in use!!!!!

Whether for or against renewables, neither party pays attention to other issues surrounding smart meters, including cost, privacy, security, billing issues, green-washing,  or health and environmental impacts.  And fires. [iv]  The question of accommodation for health-vulnerable customers was reduced to the question of how much the market would bear for punitive surcharges for opt-out meters, with policies that did not actually protect health-vulnerable customers, for example, from neighboring emissions or exposures in multi-family housing, and from failure to offer analogues.  Masterful!!!!!!!!

At the same time, the utility industry is counting its blessings and earnings as states begin to replace meters[v] that were supposed to have a 20-30 year lifespan – as the meters require a constant replacement cycle that fuels the investor-owned utilities’ pocketbooks, which was one of the goals all along. A Home Run!!!!!

Like the smart meter roll-out, the “playing field” for the deployment of 5G telecommunications and the opposition to 5G varies. New Hampshire legislators, who are not career politicians, issued a concerning 5G report. [vi] But many states, including RI,[vii] have bills proposed that hand the state to the wireless industry on a silver platter.  For example, in MA, a bill serves to present access to 5G as an issue of economic fairness, i.e. that all communities should benefit from 5G.[viii]  (Ignore independent science indicating this would not be unlike passing bills to make certain that all schools should have equal access to mercury in the water fountains and asbestos in the buildings.) New urban myths that 5G is necessary to address the digital divide and the racial divide are in high gear![ix]  Keep playing the fairness and justice card!!!!!!



In South Africa, Nikki Moore has been chronicling covert 5G installation in a blog entitled  ”Off The Record – My Amazing MTN Story.”  Her preamble states,” In this blog I will relate, hopefully in entertaining detail, how I took on the municipality of Durban (the city where I live), and MTN (an international mobile telecom service provider), and – as a result of what some would call an ill-advised campaign against powerful government and corporate interests – became, without any previous preparation, equipment or training, the most miserable journalist in Africa.”[xi]

In Episode 1, she wrote, “…So he told me a fantastical tale about how the Disaster Management Unit in the Ethekwini city council had invented some inflated crime statistics in order to create panic among residents. To counter this ‘crime wave’ they had suggested putting up street cameras for added security, with sophisticated number-plate recognition software that would nail any miscreant immediately. But this whole project was fake, it was a cover for MTN to put up a whole slew of cell masts without going through the required legal processes. And now these illegal, unregulated and ubiquitous cell masts were making him sick.”[xii] (Not unlike FirstNet in the U.S.? the safety ruse?)


Source: https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/local-news/councillor-hits-paranoid-delusional-anti-4918658

As we can see, ridicule and name-calling still work!


 The Center for TerrorAnalyze’s Assessment of the Terrorist Threat to Denmark characterizes 5G opponents as dangerous in a Chapter about Conspiracy Theorists. “Conspiracy theorists are generally characterized by distrust in politicians, media and science along with a fear of losing fundamental rights of freedom. In some European countries, including the UK and the Netherlands, 5G opponents inspired by 5G conspiracy theories have seriously vandalized 5G masts, or masts and plants considered to be 5G.”[xiv]

Seriously!!!!!!!!Excellent new strategy!!!!Very Successful Across Europe without any evidence!!!!!


In addition to “racing” for “5G Dominance in Space”!!! against China and Russia, according the ACLU, in 2017, nearly 20 states had proposed bills restricting the right to protest. [xv] The Shriek-o-meter[xvi] is set, in part, on establishing a new category of danger, the threat of “Domestic Terror.”  According to Wikipedia, (which may not yet have caught up with the times), “Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants.”

The new definition of terrorism is “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”  The United States is defining this new class of terrorist, many of whom are environmental justice advocates!!!!! Citizens are surveilling neighbors with their ring cameras, in collaboration with local police departments. The Biden administration is reportedly adding $111M in funding for Homeland Security. MSN reports, “Just $10 million of the new funding is slated for DHS, part of an overall $131 million that will be used for “research on the root causes of radicalization.” Another $20 million goes toward grants to “build local capacity to prevent targeted violence and all forms of terrorism.””  [xvii]

Author’s Closing Comment (in all seriousness)

The new definition of terrorism -“a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims,”- applies to all those new, intimidating pro-industry decisions.

Here is a hint for Homeland Security, free of charge.  To reduce radicalization and restore trust, stop the false narratives and overrunning of human and community rights, and look at the legitimate, and not the decades of war-gamed[xviii]science. It’s not rocket science.

Corrupt corporate policy pretending to be protection of rights is poppycock.

And speaking of rockets and wargames….Holy Holocaust, Batman!!!!![xix]

Are issues like communications access, international relations, health and environmental concerns legitimate? Perhaps mostly yes. Does that justify rushed, urgent infrastructure investment that is inherently insecure, unsustainable, and unsafe, and violates human rights? No, on all levels.

See Patricia Burke’s article archive for the rest of this 5G Earth Day series.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].


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Additional resource:

‘Bright Green Lies’: Explosive New Documentary Debuts Exposing the Illusions of Green Technology … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dff-_KuhznA

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