Ocean Refresh Creates Sustainable Sneakers From Ocean Trash

By Mayukh Saha

Ocean Fresh is the brainchild of Bernardo Pedroso. This sustainability startup was founded in 2019, and its target is to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans. The journey started with sustainable flip flops, and sustainable sneakers are the latest endeavor.

How Are The Sustainable Sneakers Made?

Ghost nets from oceans have been recycled to make fabric for the sustainable sneakers. Fishermen collaborate with the company to collect the plastic trash, which is then turned into polyester threads known as SEAQUAL YARN.

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Ocean Fresh Sneakers

Recycled items like rubber for the soles and ocean plastic to make the aglets, and cork and foam for the inserts make the sneakers so sustainable. The company claims to work only with ethical factories. That means zero-waste credentials along with fair working conditions for all employees.

The sneakers are available in black, white, and navy blue.

Often, fishing nets are left back or lost in the ocean. World Animal Protection released a report in 2018 that said a minimum of 705,000 tons of ghost gear is added to our oceans each year. It also mentioned how 45% of all marine creatures on the Red List of Threatened Species had been impacted by such ghost gear. So Ocean Fresh is doing the dirty job of collecting those gears and other plastic items from the ocean to recycle them.

sustainable sneakers

The sustainable sneakers are completely vegan and made in Portugal ethically. The company has pledged to plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold. The OCEANA sneakers incorporate up to 12 plastic bottles and are styled from materials like a vegan woven polyester thread with an air mesh lining made from recycled P.E.T and corn fiber. This makes them highly breathable, durable, and fast-drying. The sneakers carry the Global Recycling Standard certification too.

Ocean Fresh Kickstarter Campaign

Ocean Fresh launched a campaign on 15th October to raise money and spread awareness. They have already reached their goal and are still collecting donations till 11th November.

The sneakers will cost you around $94 if bought through Kickstarter. This is half the expected retail price. The shoes would be delivered before the December holidays, the company claims. And if you get bored of your sustainable sneakers after a while, you can return it to the company too! They will offer you 25% on your next purchase.

Apart from this startup, Adidas and other major shoe brands have also chosen to work with recycled products. Adidas made the Parley’s and Rothy’s made their sneakers and flats from recycled ocean plastic.

Source: Truth Theory

Images Credit: ocean refresh

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