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EMF/RF/5G Thanksgiving; Addressing Past Colonialization, Our Militarized Present, and the Future Underwater Internet of Things? Part 3 of 3

By Patricia Burke “Regulatory agencies should apply the Precautionary Principle when making decisions about acoustic activities to be conducted underwater.” In Part 1, we looked at the on-going colonization and exploitation of indigenous lands and peoples by the U.S., including military-occupied Guam. (While the U.S….

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Temperatures In The Pacific Ocean Have Shot Up To Dangerous Levels, And Scientists Are Blaming A “Strange Anomaly”

By Michael Snyder It is being called “the Pacific marine heatwave of 2019”, and officials are warning that it could have very frightening implications if it does not dissipate soon.  Right now, there is a vast expanse of water stretching from northern Alaska all the…

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