Big Tech Censoring Educational Videos on Kratom, Labeling Them “Dangerous or Harmful Content”

By John Bush

For years now I have watched YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites ban and censor anti-establishment pages and groups. While many are aware of the attacks on activists and alternative media, countless others are unfamiliar with the fact that Big Tech has also been censoring alternative remedies and plant medicine.

This is important to me as an advocate for free speech but also because of my line of work. I own and operate Brave Botanicals which offers several alternative remedies the FDA is not fond of. (For those free-thinkers out there, that’s usually a good sign!)

One of the more blatant instances of natural health censorship coming from Big Tech is YouTube and Facebook banning educational videos about kratom.

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Kratom is a plant remedy made from the powderized leaves of the kratom evergreen tree. It’s been used for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia as a folk remedy to help with energy while laboring, unwind after a long day, and also to help overcome opium addiction.

The plant medicine has grown increasingly popular in the West as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. With its relative safety and lack of major side effects, it’s no wonder many Americans are turning to this natural remedy for help with chronic pain, stress and anxiety, energy and focus, and even overcoming addiction.

With so many ceasing their use of prescription pills, it’s no wonder Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Tech are coming after kratom.

A recent example of this is the deletion of a video I live streamed recently titled “On Kratom, It’s Many Benefits, and Why the Government Wants to Ban It.” The video was live streamed on the Conscious Resistance YouTube Channel, which has since been deleted entirely by YouTube. (You can still access all the amazing content put out by Derrick Broze and others on the Conscious Resistance LBRY and BitChute channels.)

The video itself was not controversial and was a simple explanation of how kratom helps people along with information about why the government opposes.

The reason YouTube gave for banning the video?

It was deemed “Dangerous or Harmful Content”.

That is the world we live in today. A world where information about plant medicines used for hundreds and hundreds with no problems are being memory-holed by those in power.

You can watch banned video on LBRY if you want to see what the fuss is all about….

Or listen to the podcast version here – On Kratom, It’s Many Benefits, and Why the Government Wants It Banned.

This isn’t the first time the Silicon Valley overlords have banned videos about kratom. YouTube has pulled other kratom videos from my personal YouTube channel; and more recently, I was banned for 30 days from my personal Facebook page for offering people free kratom!

I’ve even had my Facebook advertising account taken away for promoting educational videos and articles about kratom.

But it doesn’t stop with Big Tech censorship.

The federal government has even gone so far as to eliminate the ability of kratom vendors in the US to accept credit and debit cards for their products. Through an Obama-era Department of Justice program called Operation Choke Point, the feds put pressure on the banks who in turn pressure the credit card companies into not doing business with kratom companies.

The program was allegedly created to prevent money laundering with payday lenders, but through mission creep it has since served as a tool for the government to limit card payments for “undesirable” industries such as gun stores, head shops, cannabis and CBD vendors, and adult toy stores. (I don’t know about you but these are some of my favorite industries! 😉 )

Natural products vendors have taken to credit and debit card alternatives such as electronic checks, Zelle, Venmo, and of course cryptocurrency.

With all the censorship and chicanery, kratom companies are having to get creative when it comes to how they educate people about their offerings. To that end, in order to overcome Big Tech’s blackout on kratom, I decided I would just give it away for free!

I set up a special offer where the client simply pays $5 for shipping and handling and I send them an ounce to try for FREE.

So far I have given away over 1,871 free ounces of kratom.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Big Tech and Big Pharma are in collusion to suppress not only anti-establishment activists and alternative media, but also medicines that go against the FDA-approved status quo.

It’s up to each and every one of us, both content creators and content consumers, to join alternative social networks like Flote, MeWe, Hive, and for us to never give up on getting the message of freedom, truth, and natural health out to the world.

Big Tech can censor us all they want, but they will never stop an idea whose time has come.

Self-ownership is that idea.

Whether that leads to voluntaryism as a political philosophy or affirms your right to put what you please in your body, the more people who believe in sovereignty and self-ownership, the more freedom we will all experience.

Stay free friends.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links. Activist Post has partnered with Brave Botanicals through an affiliate relationship. If you click through to Brave Botanicals and make a purchase, Activist Post will earn a commission. Thanks!

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns and operates Brave Botanicals which offers high quality kratom and CBD. In 2014, he founded the Freedom Cell Network which currently has over 5,000 people working together through small groups to secure their sovereignty. He is the host of the Live Free Now Show.

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