Is Covid-19 (Coronavirus) A Massive Media Hoax?

By Dr. Scott Graves

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Do you have questions about Covid-19? Do you trust the mainstream media (MSM)? Do you believe everything that you are being told about this plandemic?

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If you have questions, you are not alone.  I have talked to quite a few people in the last few days who aren’t buying the MSM narrative right now. Many people wonder if we are being lied to and manipulated.

This post is meant for you to question those things, to lead you down a journey of exploring these questions and forming your OWN opinions about things, even if you disagree with me or people with differing opinions. My promise in return to you is to try, with all my heart, to love you, without judgment, anger, contempt or shame if you have a differing view.

One of the healthiest things that we could always do is question the narrative surrounding what’s going on in our lives.

Why do I question the narrative? Questioning the narrative started for me about 10 or 11 years ago. At the time, my wife had migraines twice a week, breast tumors, severe attention deficit disorder, life-threatening asthma, and skin rashes. The Western medical narrative was (and still is) that there was no treatment for these issues, only management with drugs. All the drugs she took made certain things better but complicated other things with side effects. Her health issues, which were not her fault, put a heavy strain on our relationship during the first year of our marriage.

I finally decided to question the narrative one day declaring to her that if there was something natural to help her heal that I was going to search the globe to find it. Man did that open my eyes! I read 35 books that first year on natural healing and was fascinated by what I read. Within nine months of trying many things, my wife had healed completely from all her health issues. They were gone.

I decided to question the narrative with regards to my own health issues having been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, at the age of 17. I also suffered from severe depression for 11 long years starting at the age of 21. The depression was linked to and grew out of my struggles with this autoimmune condition. This also put strain on my marriage because I didn’t know how to feel or do any better at the time.

At the age of 17, when I asked the medical doctor why I had this autoimmune condition he told me he didn’t know and then I had to take a drug for the rest of my life. Since then I have healed from this autoimmune condition and have helped many other people heal too. If I wouldn’t have questioned the narrative I wouldn’t be a Chinese medical physician today helping people to heal from things that Western medicine says are not possible to heal from.

If you have worked with me in the clinic, you most likely came to me because you started to question the narrative of your own health as well and what was possible for your own healing.

Our world is falling apart right now because of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) plandemic, and it will only get much worse. I question that narrative on so many levels and I encourage you to do the same. I question the so-called experts out there right now. I question the agenda of the mainstream media (MSM). I question the government. I’m questioning it all and I encourage you to do the same.

If the only source of information you are getting is from the MSM, how do you know that any other views even exist?

So many people in our society are not buying into the narrative about this virus. There are too many questions and not good answers.  Question. Question. Question.

I encourage you to stop looking at the virus (one tree) and start looking at the forest.

Don’t take my word or believe anything I tell you in this post.

Ask your own questions. Come to your own conclusions. This post is about you being encouraged to ask questions, and not so much for me to give you answers (even though I do have my own opinions). But, I beg you, don’t just accept the narrative that is being peddled around by the MSM. Here are my musings and links to things you can further explore yourself in no particular order.

World War III? We now have a “war” on the coronavirus. War is the most costly endeavor across all space and time. Who benefits from war? One doctor, running for the US Senate and the gentleman who invented email in 1978, is exposing how the deep state has planned this war. It is so imperative to answer this question and start asking if those at the top planned this chaos (those beyond the government, the shadow government). I’m not saying they caused the virus, but I strongly question whether the panic was intentionally created. In order to give people something to fight against, we must have an enemy. Why not create an “invisible” enemy and have the whole world buy into this as the next war to fight?

This fascinating interview with David Icke had thousands of views on YouTube before it was forcibly removed? Why? See for yourself. Again, I don’t buy all of it, but it is very interesting information. Come to your own conclusions.

What will be the cost? This isn’t just about money or the economy either. This is about human life, which I am 150% about protecting as a physician. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan have cost us 5.9 TRILLION dollars. We could have ended world hunger with a fraction of that money. We could have done so many other things. Are we really more safe? Or were there many other reasons we invaded those countries? United States General Wesley Clark stated that these invasions into seven nations were PLANNED after 9/11. How to take over a small country in 10 easy steps. Now that we have an “enemy” as a virus, rather than some “terrorist” 4,000 miles away, we brought the fight ultra close to home.

The worst part is that now that this plandemic has started, we can wage a war every year from now on against microscopic viruses that you can’t even see, because they are not ever going away. They have given us a never ending war. The war on drugs failed. The war on terrorism has failed. But this will surely be a war we will win, right?

This war will close countless numbers of small businesses, only to consolidate more business into the hands of already very powerful mammoth corporations. This is a war for consolidation, because a few huge corporations will make things that much easier to control. This war will increase suicide exponentially in those that already were struggling to survive. This war will increase the amount of death in so many ways unrelated to this virus. Do you want your life to be increasingly run by a few giant corporations that monitor and control everything you do?

Why is The Federal Reserve so important? “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

Why is The Federal Reserve so important in understanding what is happening on a macro level in this crisis? This may be the most fundamental aspect to understand in all of this. First, it is a privately owned corporation. It is not a government entity. They print our money, give it to us and then we pay interest to them for printing our OWN money. Who owns The Federal Reserve? Look for yourself.

The shadow government (deep state, cabal) is the banking system (The Federal Reserve) and their goal is the enslavement of humanity through debt, which is happening very successfully right now. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY owned corporation. They literally print money out of thin air, in almost every nation on the planet. Imagine if you had the power to just print money? You would run the world…in secret. Watch this video for an incredible lesson on the shady history of The Federal Reserve. The powerful will always search for a way to become more powerful because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Where will we get the money to bail people out of this? From The Federal Reserve. They just injected 700 billion dollars into the economy and more will come. This destroys and makes our currency (the dollar) worth nothing. If I own a special Rolls Royce worth 1 million dollars and there are only 10 in the world and one day Rolls Royce decides to make 10 more of these, the value of mine just went down by 50%.

You cannot print money and not devalue the currency. They will get the money by creating it out of thin air, which they will require to be repaid with interest (creating more debt). Because no “healthy” bank gives money to people for free. Creating more money instantly makes us all more poor.

Yet, let’s be very clear. This is not about the economy, economics or money for me. It is about the total slavery of mankind.

Don’t believe this? Do your own research, come to your own conclusions. Their goal is to destroy the current system, install one world currency and be the ones that own/manage/run this system. They created this Ponzi scheme and they will be the ones to create and control the new system.

This war on a virus will enslave us all, not only with debt, but even more death (like an aftershock) and with the complete erosion of our freedoms, guaranteed by our Constitution. The sad part is people will willingly go along with it.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” – John Adams (2nd president of the USA). You can control people you enslave. Think of the devastation and debt that will get created out of this fiasco.

The Propaganda Machine – The Media. The media is biased and owned by 6 (now 5) powerful agenda-driven corporations that own most of the movie and television studios as well. They control over 90% of what you see and hear, including most of Hollywood and the movies we watch, subtly programming the minds of society for decades. Corona virus – fact vs fear and the real statistics? Is the MSM just a massive propaganda machine, subtly influencing the beliefs and opinions of the sheeple? One of the pillars of media manipulation is having a common enemy (now, a virus). For example, the media sold us a bill of rotten goods for months that weapons of mass destruction and a tyrannical leader were out to get us in Iraq. All under the deep state’s plan to invade a country, steal their oil and decentralize (militarize) the region. What better way than to siphon 2 trillion dollars of our hard earned money into endless occupation, war, and failure? Venezuela may be next? The propaganda is already rising against Venezuela. They have the most oil of anyone on the planet and the deep state wants control over it.

How did Nazi Germany get formed? Hitler had a minister of propaganda that used the MEDIA to control and influence the minds of those in the country. Are we all just being distracted into the endless democrat and republican distractions while a master puppeteer pulls the strings out of sight of the public, making this deception so much more sinister and harder to see? Do you think the MSM has no knowledge of how to push agendas through propaganda? The MSM is one giant propaganda machine, telling you what to think and believe. I haven’t watched the MSM media in years because it hardly ever reflects love or virtue. It corrupts the mind.

Nothing more than the seasonal flu? On March 26th, Dr. Anthony Fauci, advisor to the president, in the New England Journal of Medicine, even said that this will most likely turn out to be “akin” or similar to that of a severe flu. Do we crash the world economy for the seasonal flu? The media manipulates and creates diversions, exaggerates problems, influences our opinions by gradually putting out information (there must be a threat – West Nile virus, anthrax, zika virus, swine flu, Ebola, etc…) and many other ways. Or even worse, what if they are manipulating the numbers to make it seem like this virus is much worse than it actually is?

Where did Covid-19 really start?

A viral pneumonia or something else? Are there accounts from doctors in NYC that are contradicting the common narrative? Hear this account from Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidel on what he is seeing in NYC about how whatever is happening may not be a viral pneumonia driven phenomenon. Covid-19 had us all fooled?

Is the testing even accurate? Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposes how the testing being done elicits up to 80% false positives and doesn’t even test for the virus itself but for an RNA sequence. Why isn’t this being reported on? Perhaps this virus has never even been properly identified?

Am I selfish and a part of the problem if I don’t “social distance” and do my part to #stayathome? People are being openly shamed in public that if they don’t go along with social distancing and doing their part than that is selfish, not compassionate, stupid and a part of the problem. I have seen people stricken with fear. Fear is the problem, folks. And we have massive amounts of it in the collective of humanity. Anything that is less than an expression of love is a problem. You don’t fight fire with fire. Projecting your contempt and shaming others simply just exposes the parts of you that need love. Stop projecting your own suffering onto others that don’t share the same views as you.  #socialdistanceshaming

Does taking the extreme measures we are seeing in society outweigh the catastrophic effects this will have? The straw man argument is that you are valuing the economy and money over life itself. It is not that simple, is it? We are going to be entering into the greatest depression the world has ever seen, which will claim millions of lives as a consequence. People are so quick to judge and say that not staying at home and social distancing is the only way and if that is not adhered to shame is rained on from above. This is a religious level, puritanical, dogmatic, shame. Stop projecting your suffering on others. I’ve seen it in our grocery stores already. How about you?

Properly prescribed drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA. Shouldn’t we stop prescribing drugs to save those that are dying from the drugs? If millions die in car accidents every year even with seatbelts and airbags, shouldn’t I have compassion for those dying and vow to end the use of cars? 2.8 million people die from obesity every year. We know that sugar, processed food, fried food, and other lifeless foods cause these deaths. Shouldn’t we ban sugar, processed food and other things (or at least make them very expensive) to have compassion on those dying from obesity?

Yes, Scott, but the benefits outweigh the deaths. Ahh. I argue the same for this. We may see no more dead than the average flu season, but yet we are willing to cripple BILLIONS of people’s lives in order to flatten the curve?  I don’t buy it. And this doesn’t mean for a second that I don’t have compassion or value life.

Does social distancing help? 13 studies reveal how social distancing (social isolation) can increase mortality. What about all the abusive people that now are forced to be in isolation with their abusers? What about all of the the cases of suicide that have already increased and will likely skyrocket as a result of job loss, isolation, and not being able to see a way about beyond a one-time check of $1200?

What about the RELIGION and “science” of Western medicine as the only way? Medical martial law coming your way. Think of Western medicine as a religion and how if you question it you are labeled a quack. Every scientist on the planet 500 years ago thought the earth was flat. Medical doctors promoted smoking cigarettes not even 60 year ago. We don’t always have the answer and the establishment is not always right. By the way, this is no way against the many loving wonderful people I know who are doctors, nurses and medical staff. I am not anti-Western medicine either. I just don’t elevate it to religious levels and go along with everything that is said from within the system.

It is estimated that up to 85% of those being treated in China have received Eastern medicine combined with Western medicine. Maybe that is a factor in why China is recovering faster? Why isn’t there an effort to make this more mainstream? Pharmaceutical companies can’t make huge profits with things they can’t patent, can they?

Are there powerful natural options to help people destroy this or any virus? If we work on strengthening the immune system, it will be able to do its job in each individual. This is only possible if people stop consuming GMO sugar, dairy, GMO wheat, GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO canola (fried food), alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and pork. You also have to eat more vegetables and fruits. People are sick and have underlying conditions because they have eaten disease causing foods most of their lives. It is not bad genetics. Stop blaming your genes. This is the real problem, not a virus. Even if you do get sick, something like intravenous vitamin C is a very powerful stimulator of the immune system.  Why is it not used? Because you cannot patent vitamin C and make tons of money off of it. Another thing the medical mafia says is that there is not science to support intravenous vitamin C. This is nonsense. Please refer to these links for more information on megadoses of vitamin C –  Link #1, Link #2.

Fear makes everything 10 times worse. How much has fear potentiated or made much worse the sickness that was already out there in the world? Or how much worse did things become because people are scared to death? Is what is being spread happening because people are very afraid?

Is the number reporting shady? What about The WHO Announcing “Suspected” Cases of COVID-19 Should Be Written As COVID-19 Deaths (No Virus Test Required)? That seems fair, just label suspicion of viral death as covid-19. That’s good hard science and logic.

Divide and conquer. How better to control people than to get them to create problems among themselves and not see the bigger picture? Pitting people against each other, creating sides, republican/democrats – all distraction and entertainment. Opt out, folks.

Do all the “experts” agree? Many experts around the world are not buying this, but you don’t hear those opinions on the MSM, do you? 12 experts questioning the coronavirus panic.

In what kind of gestapo dystopia world do we fine people thousands of dollars for not wearing a mask? Or what about putting GPS tracking bracelets on people who supposedly test positive for this virus? Or what about releasing drones that can detect people coughing and fever? Are we walking into V for Vendetta?

Did Bill Gates prophesy the pandemic or mastermind to create and have the solution (vaccine) for it? Bill Gates did a TED talk a few years ago and the picture in his talk was of a coronavirus. Guess who is leading the charge, funding and will benefit from the sale of vaccines? Bill Gates. He is building an astonishing seven different factories for vaccine production. He has called for mandatory medicine/vaccines, a vaccine certificate for the whole world and a global government.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, in 2017, warned of a coming pandemic this current administration would face. Watch this fascinating video by an investigative journalist.

Why Wuhan? Were there other pollution issues that were already plaguing Wuhan that would easily lead to respiratory issues? In a city like New York, what if pollution was more of an issue, causing more stress on the immune system? Additionally, 5G radiation technology was just rolled out in WuhanFormer Vodafone executive blows whistle on 5G and Coronavirus.

Is 5G technology really safe for people? What about the moratoriums (delays) all over the world are being asked for and lawsuits are being made, but still the rollout continues? New York is one of the areas that have rolled it out. They say it is safe, but where is the real data backing up those claims? Do cell phones and microwaves harm human beings? What about smart meters and kids developing autistic symptoms in kids who are 8 years old? Watch the 5G Trojan Horse documentary.

Have you heard of Q? Here is a Part 1 of a 10 part series exposing those at the top, human child trafficking and how it links to those in power.  I don’t buy into all the parts about Trump, but it is interesting to watch.

Do I believe that people are sick? Yes.

Do I believe people are dying? Yes.

Do I believe some hospitals are overrun? Yes.

Do I believe nurses and healthcare workers are terrified? Yes.

Do I believe that people are terrified and acting irrationally from that fear? Yes.

Do I believe that fear and people being scared to death is making this 10 times worse? Yes.

Do I also believe we are being lied to about a lot by the media, the government and the experts? Yes.

Do I believe they’re lying about the numbers? Yes.

Do I believe the tests are giving massive amounts of false positives and may not even be testing for this virus in particular? Yes.

Do I also believe the media is using this to manipulate people? Yes.

Do I believe this is political or to push a massive agenda? Yes.

Do I believe this is to strip humans of our freedom and liberties? Yes.

Do I believe there’s a bigger picture? Yes.

Do I believe this is more about control than anything else? Yes.

Do I believe this is an opportunity to open space within our own hearts? Yes.

Do I strongly believe in hope, a better world, and change from within so we can create our world anew? Yes.

Do I believe this is a strong wake-up call to the world that our health and that what we put into our bodies must change? Yes.

Do I believe that crisis can serve to help us deal with our own internal forms of suffering? Yes.

Do I believe we as human beings just set the most dangerous precedent for removing our liberties and freedom ever in the history of the world?

Yes…. And I am 1 million times more terrified of that than I could be of any virus.

Because when we make it out of this I don’t ever want to have to tell stories about when life WAS great.

I won’t discount people’s fears even if I find them misguided or irrational.

Please don’t discount my opinions for the same reasons.

Everyone’s freedom is too important and people need to know there are other views about what is happening right now.

With love, Dr. Scott

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