How to Boost Sex Drive Naturally

With the busy lifestyles and lots of distractions, it is easy for someone to focus less on sex and more on other things – that’s understandable. However, there are instances where one wants to indulge in sexual activity, but they can’t quite have the sex drive as they used to years back – now that’s somewhat stressing.

If you are in that situation – where you are struggling with low sex drive – but are looking to spice up your bedroom, there’s a range of things you can do to help boost your libido. In this article, we shall highlight some ways to boost your sexual drive naturally. We will also give you an alternative approach, in case you want to explore your options further. But first, let’s look at what might be causing your low sex drive.

According to experts, aging can play a role in low sexual drive, but not in all men. If anything, most men are in the normal range: some are in both extremes.

The natural approach

Boost your self-confidence

One of the reasons why you may be having a low sex drive is the lack of self-confidence. Low confidence can be as a result of being overweight, having low self-esteem, among other things. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet can also contribute to poor self-image and can discourage you from having sexual intercourse. If you have confidence issues and you have reason to believe it is interfering with your sexual life, the best thing to do is shift your focus from your attribute flaws. Concentrating on the pleasure experience rather than your image can also enhance your sex drive.

Work on your anxiety and stress

Sex is a great way to blow off some steam and relieve stress; however, the problem is, when you are stressed, you may find it hard to indulge in sex.  It even tends to get worse when you fail to have an erection enough to participate in sex because of too much stress or a condition (like erectile dysfunction). The thought of not being able to fulfil your partner’s sexual desires can cause more anxiety and stress, and as a result, lead to more problems. So, if you are stressed or anxious, it’s a good idea to work out ways to get your life back in order. Participating in meditation, exercises, healthy diets, and so on have been shown to have positive effects on relieving stress.

Get enough sleep

According to a study, a week of having five hours of sleep every night resulted in dropped testosterone levels of up to 10-15%. So, if you are the type to stay up all night, that could be the culprit behind your low sex drive.

Obesity and belly fat

These two are testosterone killers. A study reveals that obese teenage boys have about half less testosterone than their non-obese counterparts. This could be because the fat cells have more aromatase, an enzyme that’s responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. Sadly, low testosterone and obesity work in tandem to cause hormone imbalance and weight gain in men. But the good thing is that you can reverse this by striving to stay trim.

Work on your diet

Little evidence supports the effectiveness of some types of foods and diet, but there is no harm in trying. Bananas, figs, and avocados, for instance, are often considered aphrodisiacs. Again, these foods offer vital vitamins and minerals that can enhance the flow of blood to the genitals and boost healthy sex life. Chocolate is also known to promote the release of serotonin and phenylethylamine into your body, which triggers some mood-lifting and aphrodisiac effects.

Alternative treatment

If your condition is worse and doesn’t seem to get better even after trying different natural remedies, you may want to consult a doctor (well, you should see the doctor even when you choose to resolve to natural remedies alone). Your doctor will not only help uncover the underlying issue but also suggest some strategies to enhance your sexual health. These include making healthy lifestyle choices, communicating with your partner, and addressing the root cause of the problem. If you have erectile dysfunction, for instance, your doctor may recommend getting a penile implant.

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