Polarity, Yes … Matter? Not So Sure

By Peter Tocci

Most people know something about polarity—North Pole/South Pole; putting the phone battery in the right way—opposing aspects of one thing. Less people may have considered what Einstein said concerning matter: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

What follows is a theory about the nature of existence, including the nature of human being. It differs from religious and scientific views with the confession that ultimately it’s a great mystery. It will never be totally fathomed mentally, even though there are ideas and concepts that have been and can be expressed about it.

The best we may be able to do is develop/nurture a human capacity given little respect by science and virtually ignored in guiding society’s development(s): Intuition/Wisdom.

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One thing that seems deplorable in any case, however, is routinely taking things for granted. How many people marvel, even occasionally, about the miracle of just being able to blink or wiggle a little finger? Little fish clean the rhinoceros standing under water—and his teeth. This amazes me (glad it’s not my job, though 🙂

Perhaps the oldest philosophy of being (cosmology) is one most of us have heard of: Ancient Chinese Yin/Yang theory. To put it into a bit of perspective, the Chinese were manifesting this model of existence around 3,000 years before the first Egyptian pyramids are said to have been built.

So we can’t attribute it to science as we know it. Barring aliens, it must have come via intuition. And even though it has withstood the test of time as a basis for tried and true healing arts, conventional modern science, a mere zygote in comparison, will still have no truck with it.

Yin/Yang is about balance, or mutual tension, between opposing aspects of a singularity, or zero point. One aspect can’t exist without the other. One implies the other. They correspond to Left/Right; Light/Dark, Negative/Positive (as in a battery), Receive/Give, Female/Male, and so on. It’s called the “duality” of being—a fundamental polarity.

In my little patchwork theory here, when the primordial polarity, or mutual tension, begins to cycle dynamically from one pole to the other (vibrate), crossing the zero point, all other vibration/frequency-based appearances spontaneously and mysteriously arise. They become the electromagnetic spectrum and EM fields that are the foundation and ‘substance’ of existence and life. Our senses send them to the brain, which ‘decodes’ them as material and energetic reality.

Vibrations, such as musical notes for example, have a frequency. This is the number of times per second that the shape of the wave repeats itself and crosses the zero point. The lowest note of a piano is A at 27.5 hertz (cycles per second). The Yin/Yang polarity can be thought of as a ‘static’ or potential vibration underlying existence—at one cycle per Universe.

But what about that zero point? Spiritual traditions qualify universal consciousness as Absolute Stillness. Pure Creative Intelligence. The Intelligent Stillness initiates vibrations that become what we call ’matter.’ One could say then, that the source of vibration is zero vibration. Another polarity in a sense.

Since only alleged things vibrate, it follows that universal consciousness, which does not, is not a thing. No thing. This gives new meaning to the statement, “Nothing matters.”

Science includes mental interpretations of information gathered through the senses (mostly visual) or their extensions. But does limiting ourselves to what the senses and extensions bring have serious limitation, resulting only in information about effects? In other words, science is informed about effects, but has no knowledge of the fundamental cause or nature of them (more below).

Senses and brain can’t begin to grasp, assimilate and coordinate untold numbers of variables attendant to most situations (one reason we have computers). By relying on senses-to-brain, while rejecting intuition/Wisdom, we have made a righteous mess of that complex of miracles that is our source of biological life—and in a nanosecond (one billionth of a second) compared to human time on Earth.

Subtle Energy

In ancient China, Japan, India, and here on Turtle Island, people/cultures have intuited the existence of a subtle-energy system in the body—the chakra system. Models vary a bit, but Yoga posits seven vortices of subtle energy from base of spine to top of head. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet—the rainbow body.

The Green (Heart) level provides the potential for tuning into Creative Intelligence. From this, we get Wisdom. One difference is that brain and science plod while Wisdom is instant. Like gravity. ‘Faster’ than light. In a practical sense, it means there’s a way to proceed without shooting ourselves in the foot to get the message.

I often note the fact that although Native Americans knew about the wheel, they had the Wisdom not to implement it. It’s not hard to make the case that it has nearly destroyed the earth, which they felt was their Mother, to be revered, not taken for granted or abused. To Wisdom-less ‘civilization,’ it’s just a hunk of rock to be raped and poisoned at will—to meet human ’needs.’ Many needs suicidal at that.

“The Earth is our Mother.
Her sacred ground we walk upon with every step we take.”
Cherokee song.

The Matter of Matter

The atom was once considered the basic element of matter. Atom = nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons, with outer orbits or ‘shells’ of electrons. If you ask a scientist, however, what any of these components are made of, he doesn’t know. Never mind what causes them.

But we’ve gone deeper into the atom now. So you’ll get wordage such as, “Neutron is a neutral baryon and as such it is composed of 3 light quarks—2 up and one down. In addition, it contains a lot of gluons keeping these quarks together via strong interaction and in this way contributing to the neutron’s mass.” Glu-ons—gotta love it. But do they really know which way is “up?” What “strong interaction” IS?

Look up “quark” and you’ll get, “a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.” Well, that explains it :-)) Next, what are quarks made of—ad infinitum. And there many other “particles.” A gluon is a type of boson, bosons being one of two classes of particles, the other being fermions. Bosons include mesons like pions and kaons, as well as photons and the noted gluons. Yikes! As convoluted as economics.

Much of this particle gobbledegook is the result of using a device called a “particle accelerator” to blow atomic elements apart to see what comes out. Much like smashing a watch with a sledgehammer and then examining the debris to see what it’s made of and figure out how it works: Glassons, toothons, springons, and dialons?

It becomes apparent that we—including science—don’t know what anything fundamental to existence really IS—such as light, magnetism, gravity, or electricity, although we like to comfort ourselves that we do by collecting alleged facts about them, and by ‘proving’ that we are correct by manipulating them in predictable ways.

Whatever atoms are, though, they’re far from solid. For example, if you lived on the US East Coast and expanded the nucleus of an atom to the size of a ping pong ball, the nearest electron could be in the Rockies or on the West Coast. Even if you don’t expand the nucleus, quantum mechanics says the electron could be on the other side of the galaxy! Probability statistics.

One potential blessing is that quantum physics is where science meets metaphysics (spirituality, politely called “philosophy” in science circles). So there is now talk of the “metaphysical foundations of quantum mechanics.” What? Not the quantum mechanical foundation of metaphysics?! “OMIGOD!” said the Valley girl.

Could we agree it’s too bad science waited so long to begin listening? Although, might it have been manipulated into its myopic, stultified, empirical approach? This possibility suggests that while the principles of the scientific method serve well (within limits and noted exception), its execution resides in human hands. There’s the rub.

Controversies and scandals indicate a scientific/academic community having become as malleable by power as governments. Maybe that’s why conventional, ’scientific’ medicine is such a threat to health? And maybe that’s why we have the highly questionable theory of CO2/GW, covering for other causes? Not to mention a massive web of artificial vibrations of which we haven’t had the Wisdom to be wary: Wireless radiation and other artificial EM fields.

It’s not beyond the pale to speculate, either, that there’s some directed-energy weapon aimed at the poles from space to sell the warming hypothesis in order to push Agenda 21/30—aka total control and enslavement. After all, there had to be some ‘exotic’ weapon used on the Twin Towers to pulverize them into a flowing wave of ‘liquid’ dust. Satellite-mounted?

Another question that might come up: “What if everything is within, and is, Consciousness? And we can’t fathom it mentally or observationally because we ARE what we’re trying to see—we have no place to stand outside and look?”

A very interesting fellow named Christopher Hills, a PhD physicist and Yogi, wrote a book in 1968 on “the physics of Consciousness” called Nuclear Evolution (Second Edition, 1977). Nothing to do with bombs or power generation, but with a nucleus, or seed, or “nux” of consciousness residing at the base of your spine, waiting to be released. But that’s not the subject at hand.

Hills informs, which ancients knew and science (quantum physics) has gotten around to after millennia, that existence is a hologram. Most people have seen a hologram, which is a 3D image projected in space by the intersection of two beams of light.

The image that can’t be seen in either beam alone is contained in both and manifests in 3D when the beams meet. One of its key properties is that any part of it is, or contains, the whole. Stretches the mind a bit.

From Hills’ physics/yoga view, cosmic rays (coherent light) from distant stars outside our galaxy, are “Cosmic Light Consciousness,” whose beams contain, from the “Primordial Imagination,” the patterns or blueprints of all things. It intersects with the scattered light of the sun, creating the holograms we perceive in Consciousness as solid reality—us and the world ‘around’ us.

Hills: “RNA and enzymes ‘know’ how to repair DNA according to the ‘blueprint’ in Consciousness” [the Primordial Imagination]. That we and all ‘things’—the Universe—exist as a Hologram of Consciousness suggests a condition of oneness—a whole with apparently separate parts—the “very persistent” illusion created by the senses (the failed notion underlying conventional medicine, for example).

That all is us and we are all points out the silliness of technology, especially toxic wireless, laying claim to “connecting” a world already one. It also suggests that the creation is ongoing, happening now.

All the foregoing might be why, or part of why, Einstein made his comment about reality. Hills: “Thoughts are as much a form of matter as tables are.”

Since ancients held this knowledge, how can we account for its general disappearance from mass awareness, while it remained in esoteric enclaves seemingly forbidden to the masses. How about the ancient and deep Elite manipulation of human society? What would be the purpose? Could it be that people who don’t know Who (universal consciousness), What (a hologram with a rainbow body—from the white light of the sun), and Where (in Consciousness) they are become much easier to subjugate, control, and exploit?

Instead of walking about in wide-eyed amazement at the wondrousness of it all, the subjugated are conditioned to play havoc with Earth’s Balance and Harmony, appallingly abusing it for convenience and money. A system has been created in which one cannot turn around without contributing to this travesty (normalized insanity) born of alienation from Nature—ignorance, self-importance and arrogance.

Hills also suggests that we can change perception:

The macroscopic double helix … portrays the microcosmic nucleic acid structure of the cell genes, which transmit the pattern of life from one generation to the next. DNA itself does not act as a template, but as a messenger which translates the ‘message’ to other nucleic acids in the protoplasm. … consciousness cannot only change the patterns of protein synthesis, but also enter into the DNA patterns through the controlled actions of Cosmic Light and the enzymes involved. … The ancients believed that the physical proteins of the body took the shape of the guiding mental field in terms of current thoughts and the experiences stored in memory… – Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution

What if science had been allowed to ‘catch on’ early, and thus convey this message in understandable terms so that people knew better who and what they are? How would society have developed? Would we still have brought ourselves to the brink of extinction by turning unspeakable beauty and countless miracles into a waste dump?

Would we have disallowed the notion that our immediate source of life is merely ‘natural resources’ to be technologically raped, plundered and toxified at whim—Wisdom be damned—to be turned into things and cash in a suicidal frenzy called the “developed world”? Would we have had some little hesitation about introducing so many artificial electromagnetic noise with strong potential to upset balance and harmony in the Unified Field?

Or would we have developed, like so many indigenous cultures, with a sense of oneness and intimate communion with the Natural World. What did one 7th grader say, “All the Seven Wonders together can’t match the wonder of a flower.” Wondrous as well, that even under the influence of conventional education innate Wisdom can persist.

The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University says, “What is the nature of Global Consciousness?… Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth,” the operative words being “order” and “subtle.”

The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees, and forests are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a subtle, precious sound, demonstrating and expounding to all people the unsurpassed ultimate truth. —Yuan-Sou

Are we ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’? Or are we fingering toxic wireless devices, talking to our ovary-assaulting Smart ‘hockey puck,’ or otherwise making thinner the thread we’re hanging by?

Elite manipulators specialize in the deliberate creation of chaos in the Field, on which civilization hasn’t gotten to first base, designed to exploit the persistent illusion. Problems or threats cause mental/emotional reactions, which call for solutions, which outcomes they influence to advance their interests. No better example than 9/11. International terrorism, which they create, then pretend to fight, brings on war and the security/surveillance state. Our fears and wallets buy our enslavement.

What has been done to the planet to get the ‘developed world’ where it is today is the best proof that where we are is not a good place to be.

What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her,
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn,
And tied her with fences and dragged her down.
I hear a very lonely sound…
The scream of the butterfly. — Jim Morrison

Maybe we need to consider that we’re so far down the wrong road, not just politically and governmentally, but in our fundamental beliefs and sense of reality—who and what we are—population levels, and overall way of life, that attempting to rescue society—government, economics, finance, education, business, etc.—prior to a remarkable evolution in mass consciousness will be like trying to fix a watch (the one smashed by the sledgehammer) with a pipe wrench.

Preventing spiritual growth is a primary goal of the manipulators. What they fear most is widespread realization that the reality they’ve been selling and nurturing puts us on death row in a (now wireless) mind-prison—even when it has appeared to work properly and been entertaining.

For success/prosperity to become universal safely, it would have to take on new meaning, centered upon harmony with Nature. In other words, society would have to become sane, or at least behave so. A simpler, slower, more harmonious and Earth-loving, less techno-addicted and dependent, less self-obsessed, more agriculturally based (organic), and cottage-industry way of life is strongly indicated. Sustainable being, not ‘sustainable development,’ a psyop of the manipulators.

The reader might want to check out Hills’ Theory of Consciousness: An Interpretation of Nuclear Evolution, by Robert Massey. 140 pages. The original NE is still available, but is nearly 1000 pages (!) I don’t say Hills knows all (how could I? I don’t 🙂 But he does present a challenging and compelling view of life and being. A change in our sense of being might help us do a little better in the “persistent illusion.”

So just for the fun of it once in a while, imagine yourself not as a conglomerate of flesh, blood and bones, but as part of an unimaginably complex weave of Cosmic Light, appearing to yourself and others holographically, mysteriously and spontaneously, from moment to moment out of Nothing.

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression.

© 2019, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved

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