Couple’s DIY Luxury Campervan Conversion Only Cost $12K

By Natural Blaze

Marjolaine and Alex yearned for adventure on the open road. They converted a Ford van into a camper and now they’re spending a year exploring Central America and living simply in their luxury DIY campervan conversion.

The van interior has a clever design which allows for a proper dining table, a toilet, shower, hot water, solar power and lots of storage.

They started with a blank slate Ford Transit van.

The insulation was among the first tasks.

Then came the framing, sub-floor, walls, and cabinet construction.

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Marjolaine and Alex added a full water closet with a shower and toilet.

The completed van conversion is a comfortable, well thought out design perfect for the couple’s adventure.

Check out a video tour of their full DIY conversion below. In the video, they explain that the entire build cost around $12,000.

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