4 vitamins that can keep you younger for longer

Until scientists launch a magical pill that can help us roll back the years on a whim, we’ll be forever looking for methods to help us stay young.

Of course, there have been some developments. It might be through the likes of surgery, with breast augmentation being one type that has become increasingly popular, or through more natural methods. As the title of today’s post might have already given away, we’re going to focus on the latter as we take a look at some of the best vitamins you can tap into in a bid to keep you that little bit younger as your advancing years approach.

Vitamin A

As we all know, wrinkles are the primary reason that we start looking older. It’s one of the reasons why anti-wrinkle creams have seemingly been on the market since the beginning of time.

If we turn to the vitamin’s scene, Vitamin A is the one that you should be tapping into in a bid to help smooth out your skin. The vitamin works by increasing the number of cells that are turned over, with the result being that all those blemishes and wrinkles start to slowly disappear.

Vitamin K

Another tell-tale sign that the years are catching up with you are those dreaded dark circles that can start to appear under your eyes. This is where vitamin K enters the picture. This is a vitamin which is able to control how your blood clots when you get a cut, so from a general health perspective it’s pretty important as well! Of course, this clotting is something that can reduce those big bagged-circles that can accumulate under your eyes, so from an age-defying perspective it can also work wonders.

Quite interestingly, vitamin A was historically used in a lot of acne creams. This was because it is able to hinder the production of oil in the body, by limiting the sebaceous glands. Since the emergence of isotretinoin, this now isn’t as common, but the qualities of vitamin K still shouldn’t be ignored and it is a crucial weapon in your arsenal if you are looking to stay young the natural way.

Vitamin E

While dry skin isn’t necessarily synonymous with the aging process, few would disagree that it still contributes to the whole “looking older” image.

This is where we introduce the next natural aid; vitamin E. Over the years, scientists have found that this is able to prevent lipids from oxidizing. The plain-English consequence to this is that your skin is able to keep all of the natural moisturizers that we are born with. Unsurprisingly, as the years progress, these are things that we actually tend to lose so this vitamin can be a crucial component in aging gracefully.

Vitamin B3

On the subject of hydration, here’s another aid. Vitamin B3 will help your skin create more fatty acids and ceramides. Why is this important? Put simply, these are both able to protect your skin. The fact that countless exfoliating products contain this should speak volumes.

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