Probation Now Includes being Tested for Kratom

Probation Now Includes being Tested for Kratom

By Markab Algedi

It doesn’t seem that many articles have been written anywhere about people on probation in the United States having to test for kratom or its active alkaloid mitragynine. In Skagit County, Washington, a drug court has started to test people for kratom. This should be one of the first articles about people being tested for kratom, and that’s because it is dependent on a first-hand account of a probation officer. If anyone has any information about this, please contact us at [email protected].

In the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, people on probation are now being tested for kratom/mitragynine, the overdose-proof, mild and rather innocuous herb from southeast Asia that the DEA, FDA, CDC and pharma companies hate because it is known to help people quit pharmaceutical drugs and opioids.

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Speaking from the experience of growing up between Central Texas and Houston, a lot of people there are currently on probation or have been in the past, for things that shouldn’t even really be crimes. If you got caught with the smallest amount of cannabis years ago, you might still be on probation in some Texas counties.

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Upon visiting Texas again recently, I realized several of my old friends were on probation for nothing but possession of cannabis, and a probation officer who happens to be my cousin in Houston let it slip that they are now testing for kratom/mitragynine.

The county in the Houston metropolitan area where this is happening, if it isn’t happening in multiple counties or even multiple states in the US, is unknown. However, it’s likely to be happening in several places because ever since the DEA tried and failed miserably to schedule it as a schedule 1 in fall of 2016, the media and all kinds of entities have taken notice.

The state is probably being strongly urged by its corporate sponsors, to ban kratom, but the incredibly formidable response of the people who demand to retain the freedom to use kratom has really put up an obstacle.

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Here at Edge Canopy/Era of Wisdom, we’ve been covering the battle since day one when the DEA made that declaration in 2016. Our response to their attempt to take away our freedom to choose an herb over pharmaceutical opioids for pain management, and that of the incredible people at the American Kratom Association, sites like Natural Blaze, the Free Thought Project, and all the rest, is such a beautiful demonstration of our power as people it can hardly be described.

The battle to preserve our freedom to legally use kratom is such a perfect demonstration of how formidable we can be as people. In America, we really have to be grateful for the culture of freedom some of us still preserve: when you travel to other countries as an American, you really see the difference.

America has to lace the world up with game about how to be free and strong, and in return they can teach us some things.


This article may be freely republished with attribution to the author, and a working link back to this article at Edge Canopy.

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