Drinking this Herb Infused Water Increased Memory by 15 Percent

Drinking this Herb Infused Water Increased Memory by 15 Percent

By Natural Blaze

LONDON – New research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, has shown that drinking a concentrated rosemary extract drink, No 1 Rosemary Water, can boost cognitive and memory performance by up to 15%.

No 1 Rosemary Water is a brand name for a still and/or sparkling drink that contains rosemary extract. Since it’s the only one commercially available it was used for the test but don’t despair if you’d like to try the benefits of this drink! (See below)

The research conducted by Dr Mark Moss at Northumbria University, is the first piece to be published on the benefit of drinking rosemary extract. The newly published research builds on Dr Moss’ earlier trials showing the benefits of rosemary aroma in boosting memory function.

Dr Mark Moss and the team conducted a series of tests to measure cognitive performance, focusing on memory.

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These tests were designed to assess the participants’ capability to retain and manipulate information. Across a number of tests, the group drinking No1 Rosemary Water saw an improvement in their ability to recall information and complete their cognitive tasks.

The test participants were each given 250ml of concentrated No1 Rosemary Water. 20 minutes after ingesting the shots, the experimental group performed the tasks while having their brain blood flow measured to assess how efficiently the body was extracting energy compared to the control group.

Those drinking No1 Rosemary Water shots saw an average increase of 15% in performance as well as an increase in the levels of deoxygenated red blood cells flowing through their brain. The researchers believe this indicates that the brain is extracting the energy it requires to perform the task more efficiently.

Bullets of findings:

  • Long-term and working memory tasks – 15% average improvement in a series of selected memory tasks in experimental group compared to placebo group. The current study therefore supports the body of evidence that rosemary has the potential for enhancing some memory-based aspects of cognitive functioning.
  • Brain blood flow – statistically significant increased levels of deoxygenated blood in the brain compared to placebo group. The study is the first evidence of a cerebrovascular benefit from the ingestion of rosemary and suggests improved extraction of oxygen in the control group during cognitive tasks.

Dr Mark Moss believes this study adds to the accumulation of studies already carried out suggesting that “rosemary offers a number of interesting possible health promoting applications, from antioxidant and anti-microbial to hepatoprotective and antitumorigenic activity.”

In particular, the team believe the presence of 1,8-cineole and rosmarinic acid, both found in No1 Rosemary Water, may be important in delivering improved cognitive performance.

He went on,

The results of this research show there are statistically reliable improvements in memory function thanks to the ingestion of No1 Rosemary Water. In fact, I’d say that the shots act like a turbo charger for the brain.

No1 Rosemary Water is developed using a unique and secret combination of extraction processes. The team use only fresh rosemary (not dried) and the herb is cold brewed to ensure that all the active compounds found in nature are extracted. This is not a flavor or essence.

History of rosemary

Throughout history, rosemary has been famous for its medicinal properties and its ability to improve memory.

From the alchemists of the past to modern day practitioners of aromatherapy, there is widespread acknowledgement of its power and benefits.

Rosemary has in fact, been associated with memory enhancement since ancient times. Ancient Greek students wore garlands of rosemary in exams and it has been referred to in literature of all kinds, as the herb of remembrance for hundreds of years.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 4: Scene 5:

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.

Today, science may finally be able to prove them right.

Note from Heather Callaghan:

Readers: how cool is it that rosemary was synonymous with remembrance in Shakespeare’s Hamlet! While the makers of the rosemary drink above insist that their drink is not a flavor or essence, you can still experience rosemary’s memory boost by doing the following:

  • Cold brew your own rosemary water by leaving the fresh rosemary in a pitcher of water overnight
  • Steep fresh rosemary like you would tea. Let steep for 15 minutes before adding lemon and/or honey and enjoy!
  • Last but not least: simply dab some rosemary essential oil on your wrists or rub into your hands and lightly breathe in! 

A study on rosemary essential oil showed that it significantly enhanced mental performance for overall memory quality and secondary memory factors as well as boosting the mood.

You can feel free to experiment with your own rosemary water or use rosemary essential oil in a diffuser!

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